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About Me

I am the most rational person in the world. This isn’t an empty boast nor is it arrogance, and certainly not cockiness. It is jast an ordinary fact based on everything I’ve ever read and heard. And, no, I don’t believe in humility because the root of humility is based on one of two atrociously bad human characteristics: Ignorance or pretense. Think about it, and you’ll realize humility cannot be born from anything else. Anyway, this is the blog site for Alex H. Ahmedinejahd. I am NOT Muslim, and I’m NOT of Middle-Eastern decent; not that I have anything against either. The name is a pseudonym and is designed to emphasize that the superficial is meaningless and the acronym spells, “AHA!” I am the author of “… Under the Constitution with Liberty and Justice for ALL,” which you can buy at http://www.CreateSpace.com/3978962 and is also available on Kindle and “The New Constitution for Modern America,” which you can buy at http://www.CreateSpace.com/4281897 and is also available on Kindle. If you’d like to reach me, have a conversation about my philosophy or just give me feed back on my books, you can reach me by email at AlexAhmedinejahd@yahoo.com, tweet me at @Ahmedinejahd or friend me on Facebook. Most importantly, I stand for Justice and truth, think rationally, and know that the only things that matter when interacting with people and that which defines everyone of us are our Six Pillars — morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor and honesty. My morals are based on Justice, honesty, and truth, my values are based on reality and solid principles, ethics are not about convenience, integrity is not fluid, honor is a way of life, and honesty IS best policy. My favorite quote is, “Equality isn’t always Just, but Justice applied equally is always fair.” I know that communism is not even a childish dream, liberalism/progressivism are not only about everyone ELSE determining what to do with MY money, but also putting chains on the rich and trying to convince them that it’s jewelry, and socialism is nothing more than mutually agreed and assured suicide. I believe that judaism/christianity is a creation of man, created with benevolence in mind to give the few the authority to bring order and civility to society, but that which is now proven to be detrimental to society. I believe that being American is about believing in Americanism — a philosophy based on inalienable individual rights and freedoms, Justice and our Constitution — and it is impossible for one to be both a true American and a good christian/jew (e.g., real Americans believe in freedom of speech and religion, but christians/jews don’t; e.g., if one is christian/jew one cannot blaspheme or use god’s name in vain, which would be a violation of the freedom of speech; e.g., for christians/jews god’s words trump the Constitution and “god’s laws” trump rational thought and “man’s laws,” and the Constitution, which then prohibits equality for gays, abortions, use of contraceptives, assisted suicide, among others). I believe that the Federal government should provide for only three things: Self-defense, infrastructure and education and ALL social programs should be turned into private charities, because that’s what those are, charities. I believe that everyone has the right to marry whom they please, believe in and practice any philosophy (including any religion) — as long as it doesn’t violates anyone else’s rights — the right to choose when the end of one’s life will be, the right to choose when and how to start a family, the right to bear arms, and I believe that we have the right to all of our assets, wealth and income. But, I believe no one has the right to initiate the use of force, or force others to practice what they believe. I believe that innovation, invention and creativity are the key to not only our future, but our survival. And, I believe that affordability as the standard of human interaction is equal to death, while Justice as the standard of human interaction is equal to life. There is no such thing as social Justice, Justice is Justice, and Justice must be Just, not blind equality, i.e., Justice means that there must be a time for equality (e.g., rights and freedoms), but also a time for inequality (e.g., all human endeavors, income, wealth and competitions). I assume all politicians are corrupt and about retention of power not service, humility is a lie, sacrifice is a very selfish act, there’s no place for racists, sexists, homophobia, criminals, rapists, child molesters and predators, non-thinkers, the blindly religious, superficial, pretentious, insecure, so called progressives, liberals, and socialists in my heart or our society. No amount of thanks can be heaped on our military that match their service.

If you enjoyed reading any of my posts and found them interesting and stimulating, please buy my books, “… Under the Constitution with Liberty and Justice for ALL,” available on Kindle and at http://www.CreateSpace.com/3978962 and “The New Constitution for Modern America,” also available on Kindle and at http://www.CreateSpace.com/4281897. Thank you in advance for purchasing my books, and thanks for visiting my blog. Also, any ratings on any of my posts, feedback, or comments are highly valued and welcomed. Comments and feedback can be left on this blog, on Facebook, or at AlexAhmedinejahd@Yahoo.com. Have a fun, safe, and awesome day! Take care!

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