There is so much hypocrisy surrounding hate, I can’t tolerate it anymore; everyday, I feel like gagging over so much hypocrisy!

Everyone says they want the hatred to end, yet they don’t view their own hatred as hatred, but something akin to a moral imperative:

  • Christians talk about “gay choice,” and a sin against god, but this is nothing but a thin-veiled excuse for hatred;
  • Blacks talk about cops targeting them and they use this as an excuse to hate the police and target them in return, but let me ask you these questions:
    • Who’s more likely to get shot when approached by the police:
      • The person who says, “Wat tue want piiiiig?!,” or
      • The person who says, “Yes, officer, how may I help you?”
    • In which situation is a police officer going to be more relaxed and less likely to reach for his or her weapon:
      • Where the community values the services of the police and welcome their presence, or
      • A community that views the presence of police officers as an occupying force?
    • In which situation is a police officer going to feel more threatened:
      • A community that cooperates with the police to reduce crime and put away criminals, or
      • A community that prides itself in viewing those that cooperate with the police as “rats,” and perpetuate — even view as righteous — violence against those that cooperate with the police?
    • In which situation is an individual likely to get hurt during an encounter with a police officer:
      • A person who obeys the police officer’s instructions and commands, or
      • Someone who argues with the police officer or even resists arrest?
    • In which situation is a police officer going to feel more threatened and embattled, necessitating cloaking themselves in survival mode – like being in combat – and resorting to violence, even at the minimal level of provocation:
      • Working in a community that targets police officers for violence and resisting police efforts at every turn, or
      • Working in a community that wants and values police protection?
  • Liberals and progressives talk about fighting hatred then they themselves perpetuate hatred and violence against those that have a differentiated view — and those that they target don’t necessarily even have to have an extreme view. Not only that these liberals and progressives want to take away THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of those that they oppose! WTF?!
  • Political hate is also pretty useless. Why do so many people hate Donald J. Trump? What do these people think he’s going to do? The worst thing that he could do is to privatize all social programs and reduce the function of the US government to jast three things: 1) Defense (including such things as the CIA, FBI, NSA, State Department, etc.), 2) Infrastructure (including such things as the courts, prison system, and Interior, and Treasury Departments, the Federal Reserve, etc.), and 3) Education. How bad do the libs/socs/progs/dems think this going to be for the US? The reality is that such a program may be bad in the short-term, but by the time our grandchildren become our age, such a policy would prove to be the best thing that happened to this country since its foundation. Regardless, once elected, it is part of the sacred duty of all Americans and being an American to give the new incoming president, in this case DJT, an opportunity to govern instead of being jast haters and obstructionists. Let go of the hate, let DJT have an opportunity like the country gave BHO, despite the fact that BHO’s policies were and continue to be a disaster. Work towards a productive goal.
  • Then there are the so called advocates for the poor who perpetuate hatred for the rich by spinning lies about the rich and how they conspire to keep the poor in their place and use that as an excuse to steal more and more money through so called progressive taxes.
  • Then there are the so called feminists, who perpetuate lies, and manipulate statistics to push an agenda of female equality that resembles male hatred
  • There’s also the Christian and Jewish hatred of Muslims, and Muslims’ hatred of Christians and Jews, who oddly enough seem to all pray to the same god. Then there’s the Shia Muslims hatred of Sunni Muslims and vice-versa. And, so on and so on, and so on. In fact, there are so many religious-based hatred of one group or another that it would be impossible to list them all here.
  • Laughably, and most stupidly, there are sports-team oriented hatred as well: Yankees vs. Red Sox fans; Warriors vs. Cavalier fans; Alabama vs. Oklahoma fans; Redwings vs. Oilers fans, Manchester United vs. Liverpool fans, Paris Saint-Germain vs. Olympique de Marseille fans, India vs. Pakistan cricket fans, Australia vs. New Zealand rugby fans, etc.
  • However, the politicians are just about the ABSOLUTE WORST, because they will pretend to love all, whilst subtly perpetuating hatred for the sole purpose of getting and holding on to political power. They will perpetuate hate on every level at every turn, and lie, tell half-truths, manipulate, distort, misrepresent, and cheat to get what they want. As an aside, this is one reason why I like and support Trump. Not only are his policies pro-America, pro-growth, and good for ALL, but also he’s unvarnished, tells it like it is — other than his idiotic exaggerations — and says what he means and means what he says. There’s no mistaking his objective and agenda. Anyway, going back to my main point: The most egregious example is the half-truth, and deliberate misrepresentation that Wall Street was responsible for the mortgage melt-down, fueling hatred for Wall Street and using that to perpetuate more regulations, empowering and enriching politicians’ buddies in the legal and accounting professions, not to mention their lobbyists buddies and future employers.

Yet, when asked individually, “do you condone hatred of ___________________? (other than the thing that the person being asked hates)?” practically no one will say yes, and most would be emphatically against such hatred, even insulted that they would even be asked. How can such hypocrisy exist you may ask? But is it really that impossible to understand? Is it so difficult to understand that hatred starts from within?

So, the solution to hatred is simple: If you can’t understand and don’t know the cause for yours or others’ hatred then just tolerate. Don’t think about it, don’t act on it, don’t perpetuate it, don’t listen to it, and don’t speak about it. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

However, if you can, give up your hatred. This doesn’t mean that you should love that which you hated one minute ago, but it does mean that you stop hating and tolerate the existence of that which you hate.

If you’re thinking, “what if it is something that you should hate, such as the murderer of your family or terrorists that eviscerated your loved ones?” In this example, no one would necessarily blame you for such convictions, feelings, or sentiment. However, there are many instances where victims of such horrific crimes have forgiven the perpetrators of their misery. This is not to say that everyone should follow in their path; however, it does mean that most people’s petty hatreds pale in comparison. Therefore, if the people who suffered such unspeakable tragedies can bring themselves to stop hating then for most people who’s hatred is petty, insignificant, or misplaced the act of not even forgiving, but tolerating shouldn’t present much of a problem, shouldn’t.

Regardless, some may not be able to decide what is a petty and insignificant hatred or one that is significant. First, all sports based hatreds are petty, period, full-stop, the end. Being prevented from winning a game or even a championship is no reason to hate, NONE! As for other hatreds, ask yourself this question: Is there a significant number of people who don’t hate what you hate? If there are then there are no reasons to hate, so such hatreds should be dropped and looked upon as trite, misplaced, destructive, useless, unproductive, and ultimately fuel for further hatred. Here are some examples of hatred that are dangerous, but are deep-rooted, and cause unnecessary misery and more hatred:

  • LGBTQIA love: There are so many people that are Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Inter-sexual, or Asexual/Allied (LGBTQIA), especially those of us that identify as allied with this community, i.e., we support their rights, their life-styles, and recognize that theirs is NOT A CHOICE but a deep-rooted and fundamental instinct that is coded into their DNA. With so many in this situation and with so much evidence that this is a natural phenomena (i.e., there are many documented cases of homosexuality in the animal kingdom), why would anyone hate these people? Because it is an affront to god? Is hatred not an affront to god? If all are god’s creation then no one has the right to hate these people, let alone judge them. So, the question becomes is this or is this not a choice? With so many people hating on these people, why would anyone make the choice to be gay, if it were truly a choice. Also, if it is a choice for these people then it should be a choice for all of us, and if it isn’t a choice then, again, it is god’s will. If it is a choice then we all should have made that choice? So, how many heterosexuals made a choice? Does any true heterosexual think about being gay? And, if this is truly a choice, we all should be relatively agnostic about having sexual experiences with either sex. However, I don’t know about the rest of the people in the world, but for me even the thought of having same sex encounters disgusts me, and literally makes me want to throw-up. And, I’m pretty darned certain that it is the same for most, if not all well defined heterosexuals. So, if this is the case then our sexual-orientation CANNOT BE A CHOICE, but more of a deeply-ingrained instinct; one that is DEEPLY INGRAINED in our DNA. So, stop hatred for homosexuals, in particular and the broader LGBTQIA community. It does no one any good, and can only perpetuate further hatred, resentment, fear, anger, violence/retaliation, desperation, and other negative thoughts and acts, which then leads to more hatred, resentment, fear, anger, violence/retaliation, desperation, and other negative thoughts and acts, so on and so forth, in an endlessly destructive cycle. So, help stop the hatred; be the one to stand up and say, “I will hate no more!”
  • Black hatred for the police: Yes, in the past, police were used as an occupying/oppressive force against the blacks, specifically, and minorities, generally, particularly during the so called reconstruction-era and the heroic Civil Rights era. However, it’s been over 50 years since LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on July 2, 1964. So, let’s get some perspective on this. In 50 years, our hated enemies during WW2, Japan and Germany, became some of our staunchest allies, China went from being one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the most powerful economies in the world, the once thought of as the invincible Soviet Union fell, east and west Germany united, America has become the world’s largest producer of crude oil, we have not only wireless communications (cell phones), but also more powerful computers in our hands than the most secret government computing facilities 30 years ago, the internet has become d’rigeur, eating raw fish (sashimi and sushi) has become a norm, even desirable, and we’ve had a black president for an extremely painful and interminably-long two terms, among other incredible and seemingly miraculous changes. Yet, so many blacks cling-on to the notion that police officers, even black police officers, are violent perpetrators of black oppression that it seems almost surreal. However, what gets me in the crow is how the black community refuses to take responsibility for its part in violent encounters with the police that end-up in a black person getting hurt or dying. From what I’ve seen, many of these avoidable situations occur because it starts with the black person mouthing-off to the police, resisting arrest, running away, or taking a course of action that could be interpreted as a dangerous act against the police officer or looking like he/she is attempting to run-away from Justice. So, until and unless the black community takes responsibility for its part, I can say without malice that the black community’s hatred for the police is not only misplaced, but also dangerous for the black community. Personally, I’d like to ask responsible leaders in the black community one question: When the black community, as a whole, fight the police, refuse to cooperate with the police, and even pride themselves in doing so, who do you think benefits and who do you think suffers? Is it any wonder that crime rates in the black communities are the highest, as are the murder rates and unsolved crime rates? Wake up; drop the hate for your own sake!
  • Religion-based hatred: This is perhaps the most destructive and insidious of all hatreds in the history of mankind, and continues to be at the center of mankind’s deepest suffering. The simplest solution is for every religious person to give-up their belief in their god and look to one another as humans that have inalienable equal rights and irrevocable equal individual freedoms as they do. However, I know this to be an ideal that isn’t likely to be achieved for centuries to come. Despite this, the next best solution would be to view each other with dignity and stop hating each other on religious grounds. From what I know, no religion’s creed is based on hate; on the contrary, it’s typically based on love or some form of inner reflection. Yet, there are parts of each religion that preach the destruction of those that do not adhere to their version of god and their god’s words — Buddhism seems to be the exception. And, here in lies the “rub.” A few people throughout history have used these passages as justification and called for the termination of all that do not conform to their view of god. However, there were and are nefarious reasons why these passages were manipulated and much of these nefarious reasons had to do with the accumulation of wealth or power or both. However, people being naive, then and now, they only heard and believed in the religious reasons given for the hatred and took/take righteous pride in killing anyone and everyone that was designated as an enemy of their god. Moreover, these people did so without knowing or seeing that their god is/was not the only god that has meaning, mattered, or held sway over our fellow humans, and, most importantly, was neither superior nor inferior to their “enemies'” god. In fact, it has been clearly argued, and I believe correctly, that the Jewish Torah, the Muslim Koran and the old testament of the Christian Bible are one in the same book. And, yet, people choose to remain in ignorance and believe that theirs is the only righteous and moral god. Regardless, if one is a thinking person, the superiority or inferiority of one’s god over another should not matter, and killing anyone (other than in self-defense), let alone in the name of their god, should never hold sway nor have any justification in anyone’s mind, if they truly believe that their god is a benevolent god and is the creator of all. Therefore, again, religion-based hate should never have a reason to exist. So, again, give up hatred based on religion, it is not only irrational and against the will of one’s god, but also a disgrace to one’s religion, a blight on humanity, and the main reason for the continuation of the most destructive force against all mankind in our history. As an aside, and as an amusing thought, if we were ever to be in a position to travel the stars, and we wanted to destroy a society, planting different ideas of god in different areas of a planet would almost guarantee the destruction of that planet. Either that or the planet would evolve into something akin to Vulcan — a supremely logic-based society — after much turmoil, suffering, and death.
  • Appearance-based hatred: Of all of the hatreds, one based on appearance is the most ridiculous, inane, moronic, irrational, and insane hatred that exists, and, therefore, the most aggravating hatred that exists among humans that I can think of. What is with people hating each other based on the color of their skin, their hair style, clothes, shape of their eyes, nose, mouth, weight, height, etc. What does any of those things have to do with who the person is?! The only thing that we need know to judge others is to know what their Six Pillars (i.e., morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor and honesty) are, because ones Six Pillars are the only thing that makes us who we are. The good news is that appearance-based hatred ought to be the easiest to eliminate because it is the most trite. But, for the same reason, it is most likely the easiest hatred to revive. Therefore, we must be constantly vigilant to make sure it does not rear its ugly head, even if we were to be successful in initially eliminating appearance-based hatred.

The bottom-line is that if one thinks about the root causes of hatred in a society or within a single individual’s mind, it is based on a lot of irrational positions and misunderstood philosophies, much of it religion-based. Therefore, in a rational society and in rational individuals, the abandonment of hatred, particularly religion-based hatred, should be an easy thing to accomplish, yet, it has not been. I believe this points to the power of indoctrination, ignorance, and inability to think for oneself. Therefore, I believe that teaching our children to think is far above and beyond the most important thing we can do not only to help our children, but also to protect our future.

Also, when in doubt: STOP THE HATE, TOLERATE!

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