What is it with these egotistical, self-absorbed, whinny, mentally-impaired bone-heads?! Why do these unthinking automatons always believe that when you lean back your seat on an airplane, bus or train that you are invading their personal space?

Listen people, my space ends at the point where my seat back is fully reclined, so the space that you get to have TEMPORARILY while the plane (I will use plane as an example, but this post also applies to bus and train seats) is at the terminal, taxiing, and taking-off or landing is jast that, it’s TEMPORARY, until I DECIDE to reclaim it!

This then applies to you too. Your space ends at the point where your seat back is fully reclined as well.

So, when you ask — or worse, tell — the person, especially in a nasty tone, to not recline, you are not only being rude, obnoxious, and self-absorbed, but also you’re expressing how ignorant, unthinking, and childish you are. So, stop asking everyone else to sacrifice their comfort for yours!

And, if you can’t or don’t understand what it is that I’m saying then jast shut-up, stop whining, and take it from me, you’re stupid! If you do understand, but you don’t or won’t agree then you’re a self-absorbed, self-important, selfish brat who thinks that by not leaning back your seat that you are somehow being considerate and kind, and, therefore, you should be recognized as being a good person and treated as such by having others sacrifice themselves at the alter of your greatness by abandoning their own comfort! Wake-up and smell the coffee, you’re jast a moron with grandiose delusions of yourself; nothing more, nothing less!

And, it hasn’t even occurred to the unthinking automatons that airlines are taking advantage of their idiotic views. If no one leans back then by definition the space that each person gets can be reduced, but if everyone leans back then more space is required between seats. Airlines have reduced space/seat for profit reasons since the 1970s, and the reason why they can get away with it is because of idiots who think that leaning back their seat back is rude and inconsiderate, and, thus, refuse to do so. And, since these assholes make such a stink, others are afraid to do so, since they are unthinking automatons who don’t see the error in the other person’s argument.

Think of it this way, when you are standing in line at a grocery store to checkout, does your personal space end at your back? In other words, is your personal space a semi-circle that extends in front of you only or is it a circle that goes all the way around? If you understand why it is that your personal space extends around you in a 360-degree zone, why can’t you understand that your personal space on an airplane extends behind you to the degree that that seat back is allowed to lean back?

Another way to look at is this: Who has control over the seat back? You or the person sitting in the seat? The control of the seat back is with the person sitting in the seat, therefore, the space behind the seat back belongs to the person who controls the seat back to the point where the seat back can move back. Period.

So, if you want to complain about the lack of leg room, don’t argue with the person in front of you or ask them to sacrifice their comfort for yours. Complain to the airlines!

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