Frankly, I’m more confused and puzzled than I’m angry at being called a bigot. And, what is this so called “social Justice?” Isn’t Justice, Justice? Silly me, I thought Justice came in only one flavor: Right vs. wrong, moral vs. immoral, good vs. evil, regardless of the circumstances surrounding a particular issue of Justice. So, I think it is understandable that I don’t see what the difference is between Justice and so called “social Justice.”

It seems to me a lot of pundits, liberals, socialists, progressives (libs/socs/progs) use this phrase to justify all manner of ills perpetrated by all manner of bad people, especially in the minority community, and, in particular, the black community. Why? It appears to me that many libs/socs/progs try to justify poor behavior from some of these minority groups as being justified because of a lack of so called “social justice.”

Now, as far as I can understand it this so called “social justice” is about the perception that somehow the black community isn’t getting what it is entitled to or rightly deserves. However, what these entitlements and what these deserved things are seem to be inexplicable, since no one can come up with a rational, logical and sensible argument and description of what these things are let alone being able to justify why blacks may deserve these considerations.

As far as I can tell what it comes down to is free money to the black community in general, and specifically to the poor. And, the unwritten and unspoken justification for this seems to be that most blacks in this country were forced to be here, i.e., their ancestors were brought here by force as slaves. This implies that they are here not by choice but by force, and it is the fault of white America that they are here so white America along with the rest of non-black America must make restitution/payment to these unfortunate people.

Openly, this is not what is said, of course. Instead, what is said is that blacks have little to no opportunities, that they face systemic racism, and, generally, are being oppressed by our society. And, this is the reason why blacks need special consideration and “support,” code for never-ending charitable contributions in the form of all kinds of federal programs funded with stolen money from the rich through so called “progressive taxes.”

The story goes on: “They don’t have access to good education,” “they lack the opportunities,” “they face many social obstacles,” “they have to fight prejudice and bigotry everyday,” “it’s not the same for them,” “many of them grow up in families that are not supportive,” or “live in an environment that is not conducive to success,” et cetera.

I’m sick of all of this crap! It’s all BS and nonsense! I can destroy all of these idiotic arguments with one sentence: How did Asians, in general, and Chinese and Koreans specifically, go from the poorest of the poor living out of cars, facing equal if not worst prejudice from everyone, including blacks, speaking little or no English, having no money, no credentials, no education, no opportunities, and no support, government or otherwise, and become one of the most affluent and successful group of immigrants  in ONE GENERATION?! If these people, in ONE GENERATION, can go from the bottom-of-the-barrel and rise to the top of the financial and social ladder, what is the excuse for blacks, some of whom that have been here for 400 years?

Why is it that Asians have succeeded where blacks have not? Are blacks intellectually inferior? If so, that, of course, would explain it, but neither I nor many others believe that, especially since I personally know one of the most successful doctors in a global city that also happens to be black. So, if it isn’t intellect then it must be something else.

For the explanation, I believe we have to go back to what defines and drives every person: Their Six Pillars (morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor and honest). Specifically, I suspect that values play a key role in determining the outcome of a group’s success or failure in our country. So, since Asians have succeeded, let’s start with the real or perceived value system that they possess.

I’ve spoken to many Asians, and I’ve found that there are some key shared value traits that flow through almost every Asian culture, but the top two that seems to drive the success of Asians are: 1) Unwavering commitment to education, and 2) willingness to sacrifice EVERYTHING for the future of their children’s education! Based on these two values, Asians have achieved financial success, attained the respect of the rest of the country, and have greatly  overcome the prejudice and bigotry, although there remains an underlying and lingering bigotry among some segments of our society. However, nothing that I know of this underlying bigotry is based on a blind racial divide, but more along the lines of resentment. Resentment that Asians are financially successful, resentment that they get into the best schools, resentment that they get the best grades, or the best jobs, or the best girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband. Asians also face stereotypes both positive and negative. “Positive” stereotypes include “smart,” “intelligent,” “analytical,” “hard-working,” “studious,” “ambitious,” “driven,” “focused,” and “resourceful.” Negative stereotypes include “introverted,” “devious,” “self-serving,” “socially-awkward,” “lacking presentation skills,” “poor written communications skills,” “financially-motivated,” and “lacks passion.”

What’s interesting about the Asian stereotypes is that much of it is based in reality, albeit some of it is outdated reality. If this is the case then what does this say about the stereotypes for blacks? Is it also based in reality?

What we also know about the success of Asians in this country is that they value education and sacrifice for their children above all else. So, every penny that Asian parents make is put towards the betterment of their children. I’ve witnessed and heard of Asian parents skimping and saving every dollar and penny so that they could send their kids to the best private-schools or after-school academies that teach advanced math, English, science, or other subjects. Even moving to the best public school districts even though they can’t afford rent without extreme measures.

I’ve heard stories about Asian kids who lived on one meal a day from a fast food establishment where they work and still manage to pull-off straight-As, a lot of these kinds of stories. I know of one who lived out of a car because his father abandoned them, and now he’s a self-made millionaire having gone to college and business school on full scholarships. I also know of a woman who lived on nothing but dry bagels and water for months on end, so she could afford her books and supplies. And now she has a successful career in consulting. These kind of stories are endless in the Asian community; almost routine.

Contrast the Asian communities’ value system and their dedication to education to that of the black communities, and we have to wonder why there is any guilt or empathy towards the poor in the black communities, especially since Asians aren’t protesting for anything, in general. Certainly not for further entitlements and deeper access to other people’s money.

Then there’s this issue of police discrimination against blacks. This is hilarious given that in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s prejudice towards Asians were even worse due to memories of and from World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Yet, today, police prejudice towards Asians is no different than police prejudice towards Caucasians. So, how is it that Asians have overcome police prejudice in less than 50 years, while blacks still haven’t, if it even exists. Why is that?

So, to find some answers, I’ve asked this question to a few black people – mostly random strangers that I shared a moment with – and the conclusion was quite relatively uniform. The conclusion that almost everyone drew is that there is no answer, but how they get to this conclusion isn’t at all uniform. Most talk about the inherent prejudice in this country, something that they describe as lurking in the underbelly of American culture or something similar.

But, then they can’t answer why Asian immigrants have largely overcome these prejudices given that prejudice against Asians in this country is almost as deep rooted as prejudice against blacks – Chinese immigrant labor was used to build the railroad system in this country as early as 1849 with the California gold rush and then in 1882, the US Congress passed a law prohibiting immigration of all Chinese to the US. Talk about prejudice, it doesn’t get much worse than that.

These people also can’t answer why the Asian immigrants, coming from at least as worse living conditions as blacks have largely not only achieved financial success, but also earned the respect and admiration of the rest of America, and most of them within one generation.

Finally, there is the issue of environment or family support. Asians have lived in some decrepit conditions, at least as bad as some black communities. Some even lived out of cars or public bathrooms to try and make ends meet. So, what does the black community have to complain about? Random shootings, gang violence, high crime rates, in general? This is all a function of the black communities’ involvement with the very things that are causing the problems, like illicit drugs. If the black communities want an environment that is safe and sheltered from gangs and violence, I suggest they stop using drugs, stop supporting other illicit activities and, generally, deny the gangs access to the money that supports their activities and give reason and cause for them to fight over.

But most importantly, the black communities have to radically change their value system. They have to stop spending money on fancy manicures, hair-dos, jewelry/trinkets, and fancy/luxury anything. Stick to the very basics. Second, blacks have to abhor anything to do with illicit activities and stop participating in them, supporting them, and admiring those that participate in them. Third, they should not only give the police 100% of their cooperation in every matter, they should organize to actively help the police. Who do you think benefits from the “police hate the blacks” agenda? The black community, or the gangs and criminals that don’t want the black community from turning them in? The black community is being hustled, not by whites, not by the police, but by their own. When are they going to realize this? Fourth, instead of aspiring to be a rapper, athlete, gang leader, entertainer, actor, or other incredibly low-probability-for-success career, blacks should rewire their thinking and value system to aspire to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, bankers, educators, and other far higher-probability-for-success career tracks. Fifth, blacks should prioritize education and the attainment of a great education not only for themselves, but especially for their children their top priority, perhaps their sole priority, even an obsession. Just like the Asian community. Sixth, in support of this new priority on education, the black communities should protect their schools, help to recruit the best teachers, and imbue their children with the utmost respect for and deference for their teachers, just like the Asian communities. In fact, the black community should form protective details for all teachers and administrators, escort teachers and administrators to and from work, guard their schools and homes 24/7, and help schools get rid of trouble-makers and gang members. Seven, all current and unreformed past gang members should be completely and utterly ostracized from the black community.

So, what gives me the right to dictate to the black community? They take my stolen money through so called progressive taxes. So, since they take my money, my stolen money, I believe I have the right to dictate to them how they should change their life-style, their priorities, and their value system. And, if they actually listen to what I say, I think it would greatly help them, which means that even if so called progressive taxes stand the test of time, it would be greatly minimized to me.

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