I admit it, the reason for this post has partially to do with the fact that I jast finished watching Notting Hill, the 1999 film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant as Anna Scott, a famous American movie star, and William Thacker, an unsuccessful book shop owner in Notting Hill, London, respectively.

In the film, a hapless and dorky, but quirky and kind book shop owner somehow manages to get the world famous gorgeous “Oscar” winning American actress to fall in love with him. Most people who watched this film probably thought it was a nice fantasy, romantic, but nothing to do with reality. In most people’s minds, I’d guess that a beautiful, talented and “Oscar” winning actress would never fall for a “common” person, let alone a owner of a failing bookshop. And, certainly she’d never beg and say, “… and don’t forget I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to lover her.”

But the reality is that virtually any girl can be with any boy and any boy can be with any girl. But there is one catch: You have to have Six Pillars of the highest standards. First, jast for review I’m going to go over what the Six Pillars are: Morals, Values, Ethics, Integrity, Honor and Honesty. Next the definitions of each:

Morals: That which one believes to be right or wrong

Values: That which one places value in

Ethics: The physical manifestation of one’s morals and values

Integrity: The preservation and consistency in one’s morals and values

Honor: The physical manifestation of integrity

Honesty: The belief that all and any lies are bad and immoral, that honesty is always the best policy, and possessing the trust, belief and faith in oneself to always tell the truth

So, let’s start with what makes you, you. If I ask you, “who are you?” the vast majority of you are likely to start with where you were born, where you grew up, where you went to school, your relationships, your first love, what you do for a living, your relationship status, your family status, what your hobbies are, what you are passionate about, your favorite [fill in the blank], pet peeves, what kind of relationship you want, what kind of person you want to be in a relationship (which is essentially the same criteria that you would use to describe who you are), sense of humor, etc.

However, virtually none of these things really tells me who you are, because almost everything you talk about in terms of your likes and dislikes, and what you value, want, desire, and appreciate can be traced backed to your Six Pillars. In other words, what defines you as you are your Six Pillars, and there is nothing beyond your Six Pillars, nothing more basic than your Six Pillars, and nothing more fundamental than your Six Pillars that defines who you are.

And, as you may have already surmised, your Six Pillars have nothing to do with where you were born, what you do for a living, how much money you have, what your skin color is, what your ancestry is, whether you’re a man or a woman, and whether or not you are physically disabled, but it does depend, quite heavily, on your religious beliefs because your religious beliefs define a very large part of your Six Pillars.

As an aside this is why so many wars and conflicts are based on religious grounds and why one religious faction denounces all others as evil.

Getting back to the post, what defines you, what drives you, what makes you tick, what makes you choose, what makes you act, what makes you think in a certain way, what drives your ambitions, what makes you desire things, what makes you like something or someone, what makes you love, and more can all be traced back to one or more things within your Six Pillars.

So then in looking for that special someone all you have to do is figure out your Six Pillars and find which set of Six Pillars in another best matches yours. Simple isn’t it? But figuring out what your Six Pillars are composed of is the difficult part. But once you figure this out then your perfect match is that someone who reflects those same Six Pillars as you. Notice that none of this has to do with how you look, what your skin color is, what your ethnicity, ancestry, sexual orientation, where you live, how much money you have, what you do for a living, or what kind of an education you have.

So, as crazy as it may seem to most people, there is no reason why someone like an Anna Scott cannot fall in love with the likes of a William Thacker, and there is no reason why someone like a William Thacker cannot win over someone like an Anna Scott. What makes these two work is that they are somewhat like ice cream and a cone, one fits nicely into the other, i.e., they were made for each other. What Anna likes about William is far more understandable than the other way so I’ll explain that attraction first. Anna has a volatile personality, so she values someone that is even keeled. She’s fawned-over, drooled-over, lusted-over, and sexually objectified everyday. William on the other hand treats Anna not only with dignity and respect as a human being , but also, and more importantly, he treats her like a friend and is genuinely concerned for her well-being. On top of all that, he’s level-headed, humorous, supportive, and is a great conversationalist. He cares for Anna’s well-being, her future and career, and puts her needs first. Additionally, William is honorable, has integrity, his sense of right and wrong coincide with hers, his honest to a fault and he conducts himself with the utmost decorum.

So, it’s easy to see why Anna values William, but the harder question to answer is why would William find Anna so desirable. Most of you are thinking, “isn’t it obvious?” No, it isn’t. Looks are fleeting, and can only take someone so far, and though most people think that he is way out of her league, in actuality, if you think carefully, he’s way out of her league; jast read the previous paragraph. It isn’t hard to discern why she desires him so much.So, again, why does William want Anna? In the beginning, it is obviously due to her physical beauty and her fame; there’s no question about it. And, if that’s all there is then William would soon be bored of Anna and be rid of her, which is why on the surface he’s way out of her league. But then with the passage of time, it becomes obvious that Anna is more than jast her physical beauty and her fame. Yes, she has a volatile temper, but she’s also considerate, knows when she’s wrong, apologizes for her faults, makes an effort to make those around her comfortable, which shows her kindness, she’s thoughtful, generous, caring, funny, grounded, and vulnerable. And this last point is what William really falls for, hard. At the heart of all her fame, fortune, and beauty, she’s “… jast another girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” And the fact that she’s loaded doesn’t really seem to play a role. Last but not least, she realizes that he values her for her and not her fame, fortune, or jast her beauty, which is new and refreshing for her, since all she’s ever known are men who want her because of her physical beauty and couldn’t be bothered to see what’s underneath that physical marker.

So, it is actually Anna that is out of William’s league, which Anna realizes and wants to capitalize on. Therefore, even though physically Anna is by far the more attractive, which would indicate to the masses that William is way, way out of Anna’s league, in fact, in reality, it’s the opposite because what matters at the end of the day isn’t how beautiful or ugly someone is, but who they are and how they match up with each other.

Therefore, if you have the proper Six Pillars there isn’t a single person that is out of reach, no matter their profession, wealth, social status, educational accomplishment, income status, family history, ethnicity, ancestry, and geographical location. But you must remember that which is important and that which is not. Fame, money, profession, educational accomplishment, and certainly looks matter little, and those that judge compatibility based on those superficial and pretentious characteristics are of little worth. And, anyone who has the proper Six Pillars would be able to easily reject those that aren’t grounded and know only the superficial and pretentious.

Therefore, what does it matter if one is famous, wealthy, physically beautiful, or otherwise superficially well endowed? And, if you have the proper Six Pillars, what does it matter that another is famous, wealthy, physically beautiful, or otherwise superficially well endowed. So, if one has the proper Six Pillars that person becomes exceptionally desirable and attractive and anyone would be lucky to have them. This means that wealth, fame, physical endowment, educational accomplishment, social status or any other superficial marker is meaningless, which means that anyone can be with anyone else as long as their Six Pillars match. So, there’s no such thing as someone being out of another’s league.

Believe in yourself, your Six Pillars, the importance of matching your Six Pillars to another, and you will find that no one is unattainable, out of your league, or impossible. But, be certain that your Six Pillars don’t lead you to the wrong conclusion or force you to chase after that which is superficial, pretentious, and meaningless. But most of all, be true to yourself and your Six Pillars.

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