Is anyone perfect? Is anyone capable of changing? I think it’s safe to say that no one is perfect and people are capable of changing. Both Trump and Clinton are deeply flawed candidates for president. Regardless, one of these two will become president, so who do you want: Someone who’s bad behavior seems to have stopped and has a record of hiring and promoting women or someone who’d say anything, hide and deny everything, manipulate, lie, destroy, and wouldn’t hesitate to destroy anyone, including all of the women that were abused and sexually assaulted by her husband, just so she could have a run at being president?

This is not to say that what Trump said and did isn’t disgusting, it is. No excuse. He has no excuse, but unlike Clinton, who lied to us about the emails, about Benghazi, about the DNC helping her against Bernie, about her being secretary of state when Obama drew the line in the sand on Syria, and who knows what else, at least Trump apologized for his bad behavior. And, it would seem that he stopped doing these reprehensible things about a decade ago.

Also, did you know that Clinton was thrown off the Watergate sub-committee for improper and immoral conduct? So, what has she changed about her behavior? She hasn’t stopped lying, manipulating, deceiving, destroying, denying, and deflecting, and goodness knows what else.

Even when it comes to her policies, she is constantly lying! Her biggest lie when it comes to policy: The rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes.

Here’s a laundry list of policy lies that Clinton tells which tells me she’s continuing to lie to get what she wants or is just the dumbest presidential candidate we’ve every had, either way, she shouldn’t be president:

  • We can shut-down all coal-fired generation and replace it all with wind and solar
  • $15/hour minimum wage will help the poor but won’t hurt jobs and the economy
  • Taxing the rich at 64% rate will help the poor and reduce the deficit but won’t hurt the economy
  • Free tuition for all is good policy and can be paid for, if we tax the rich more
  • We can bring in refugees from Syria without causing chaos and putting national security in jeopardy (we know she contradicted her self in private talks already)
  • We can solve the Mid-east problems with diplomacy only
  • Trickle-down economics doesn’t work
  • Obamacare can be fixed for the better; Obamacare is good for the country
  • Increased federal spending on infrastructure helps to grow the economy
  • Breaking-up the banks will help stabilize the economy and help the poor (something we know she’s contradicted in private)

The whole notion that Trump is unelectable is a joke. And, anyone who says that Clinton’s moral character is better than Trump’s is someone who doesn’t know how to think or is a blind supporter of Clinton.

There is no question that both have lied, but the fact is that the magnitude and the seriousness of Clinton’s lies make Trump’s lies look like a six year old lying about having taken cookies from the cookie jar without permission. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but messing with national security and then lying about it is far more serious than anything Trump has lied about or did.

Finally, let’s face it: If you supported Bill Clinton who raped, sexually assaulted and had affairs and still thought he was a good president then you’re a hypocrite for not supporting Trump. Also, when Trump said about a 10 year old girl, “in 10 years I’m going to date that girl,” what does that reveal other than it was a distasteful backhanded compliment about that child’s good looks. So did he? It’s so ridiculous that Clinton supporters don’t have any problems with her lying about her emails, or about how she and her husband used their foundation to enrich themselves but a distasteful comment by Trump is the end of the world. Seriously?

I don’t know but when a presidential candidate has such little judgment as to do the things she did and then not only denies it then gets caught red-handed but continues to lie, distort, dodge and weave, I think that is a far more serious character flaw than Trump’s judgment when it comes to women.

As for his bankruptcies, if you don’t understand what he did and why what he did is perfectly fine then you have no business expressing any views on the economy and businesses. Chapter 11 – what many refer to as bankruptcies – is a way to restructure debt burdens that were too high, but this doesn’t mean he was a bad businessman. As I understand it, based on his Chapter 11 filings, he took advantage of a hot debt market to pull out a very large portion of his investment money, which he is entitled to do. At that time, these debt investors were more than eager to take his Atlantic casino debt offerings. Again, as I recollect, the original debt offerings were “up sized” due to heavy demand. This was smart on Trump’s part and stupid on the debt investors’ part. And, given that these investors are supposed to be sophisticated financial people, all was and is fair. So, all this shows is that Trump was smart and the investors were less than intelligent. So, what’s wrong with what Trump did?

Then there’s the income tax issue. Clinton makes it sound like he deliberately gamed the system to avoid paying income taxes when she knows (or should know) perfectly well that he used past losses to offset current income, which is not only perfectly legal, but also good for the economy and businesses. If she doesn’t know this then she’s unqualified to be president, but otherwise she’s lying and distorting just so she can get voted president. Otherwise, based on what she said, we’d have to assume that she would seek to change the tax laws to void such deductions, which would be incredibly damaging to businesses and our economy. So, again, either way, she is not qualified to be president.

So, please, get some perspective, think about the issues in context and think about what is really dangerous and what is really bad policy. The last thing that this country needs is someone who plays partisan politics, is controlled by special interest groups and foreign governments, and driven by only personal gain, while lying, manipulating, hiding, deceiving, destroying, distorting, and obfuscating in public to get elected to be our president.

So, please, get some perspective! I am fully aware that both presidential candidates are distasteful, but if you really sit down and think about it what Trump did, as gross, distasteful and reprehensible as they were, it comes down to having very, very poor judgment when it comes to beautiful women. But, Clinton’s actions have put our national security at risk, she’s lied to us, she engaged in pay-for-play through the Clinton Foundation, and she has said things in private speeches that directly contradicts her public stance and policies.

If you understand and realize this, your choice for president should be obvious, though not easy, and still distasteful. So, again, please, get some perspective! Thank you!

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