If sexuality is a choice for everyone that implies that everyone had to make a choice. That means that at some point everyone would have had to consider being homosexual to reject it and that it doesn’t make one gag to be homosexual but chose to be heterosexual. But I would bet my life savings that the thought of engaging in homosexual behavior for the vast majority of heterosexual males would make them sick to their stomach. And, for most females, it would gross them out. This means that sexuality isn’t a choice but a compulsion. Look at it from your own point of view, if you’re heterosexual: Do you think about having sex with another male if you’re a man or do you think about having sex with your girlfriend, wife, favorite female model or female celebrity. And, if you’re a heterosexual woman, do you get turned on by the thought of having intimate relations with another woman or with your husband, boyfriend, favorite male model or favorite male celebrity? So, if sexuality is not a choice for you and is a compulsion, what makes you think it is any different for homosexuals? Choice like picking chocolate or vanilla ice cream is very different than compulsion like eating, breathing or drinking water to survive. You can choose to not eat, not breath and not drink anything, but if you do then you no longer exist.

That sexuality is a choice for everyone is a lie. It was created to try to perfectly fit a square peg into a round hole. Meaning, the argument that sexuality is a choice was created to get around the belief that the so called god is responsible for all creation, yet the bible forbids homosexuality, which makes the two beliefs inconsistent thus making one or both arguments wrong. This then makes the religious belief that homosexuality is wrong and “against god” an untenable position. This is why the argument that homosexuality is a choice was created; to try and reconcile the beliefs that all things are created by the so called god and that god says that homosexuality is wrong. It is nothing more than a way to justify an untenable religious belief.

And, those that “choose” to “give-up” their homosexuality didn’t really give it up, but gave into social pressures to do so, because sexuality isn’t a choice, but a compulsion. And, like eating, breathing and drinking water, one can “give-up” being homosexual, but is that person actually living? Can they ever be happy giving up everything that is screaming in their head that says that what they want is what they want and it shouldn’t be wrong to want it? If those that supposedly “gave-up” being homosexual were truly honest with themselves, they’d admit that they are still homosexual, deep down inside. Also, it is not a coincidence that the vast majority of people who “give-up” being homosexual come from deeply religious families or live in an area or region of the country that has deep rooted religious beliefs.

Again, sexuality is not a choice for anyone; it is a compulsion. If it were a choice it shouldn’t gross people out to be with either a man or a woman and the percentage of homosexuals vs. heterosexuals should be far closer to 50%/50%, not 10%/90%. Think about it!

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