I know the title sounds crazy, but I believe that the separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom (UK) will be important to the long-term establishment of world peace. Simply put, the Scottish will have to settle a lot of issues such as sharing of revenue from the North Sea’s hydrocarbon bounty, writing a new constitution, establishing a new Justice/court system, declaring inalienable rights and freedoms, and, in general, finding a way to become a peaceful, harmonious and independent nation. Executed correctly, I believe that Scottish independence could serve as a role-model for settling many disputes, including those between Israel and Palestine, among the feuding groups in Iraq and others that either want independence or are attempting to consolidate their new found independence such as in Afghanistan. The success of the Scots could even serve as a model for North Korea when its people finally overthrow the shackles of oppression.

Therefore, though independence may not be good for the Scots nor for the UK, I believe it is essential in serving as a precedent for other future nations to come. And, for this reason alone, if for no other reason, we, Americans, should be interested in and support Scottish independence. Of course, the underlying assumption is that the transition will not only be peaceful, but also that the Scottish people will find rational and Just solutions to all of the problems that they face once they become independent. Anyone who knows Scotland and their inhabitants know that this is a very tall order indeed, given their fiery temperament, deep soul-searching nature, strong opinions, fractious clan-like mentality, and overwhelming tendency to be pessimistic. However, I believe that through it all, the Scots will prevail and show us that their perseverance, tenacity, deep feelings for each other and their desire to have the best for each other will succeed in producing not only an everlasting peace and harmony with England, Wales, and Ireland (including Northern Ireland), but also with the rest of the world and set the standard for how nation-building ought to work and how to go about accomplishing this enormous task in a peaceable manner.

Regardless, we wish Scotland and the Scots the very best of everything. And, through it all, please don’t forget to tend to your cashmere products and your scotch whiskey, both of which this and many families in this country and elsewhere dearly cherish. Good luck.

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