It astonishes me that most people spend their entire lives trying to fit in, i.e., be normal. But what the hell is it about being normal that is so desirable? Let me set the record straight: I am not now nor ever was and never will be normal, i.e., I’m very, very proud of being completely abnormal.

Let me tell you what normal means in this country. Normal people don’t know who the Vice President of our country is, cannot name even one Supreme Court justice, can’t name a single Medal of Honor recipient, yet talk about how freedom and individual rights are important, demand that others give them their rights and honor their freedoms, but don’t know/won’t/are incapable of reciprocating, has only about 2 years of post-high school education, has an IQ of about 100, which is a mere step above stupid, doesn’t know how our government functions, and don’t care, typically doesn’t vote, doesn’t have a clue as to the history of our country, can’t name who our 1st president is, is a big fan of at least one sports team, thinks knowing what the latest fashion trend is is highly important, but pretend it isn’t, is full of contradictions in what they profess to believe in, focus on the superficial and pretentious and are easily impressed with the superficial and pretentious, easily razzle-dazzled, is extremely short-sighted, is afraid of being different, is insecure, insincere, mostly dishonest (at least believes in white lies as a good thing), and dishonorable, is highly parochial, nonsensical, have a lottery mentality, blame everyone else for their problems and wants the government to fix all of their problems, can’t/won’t/don’t take responsibility, hate accountability, view themselves as winners, are highly focused on being “fashionable”, “likable”, “popular”, “funny”, athletic (or try to be) and otherwise focus on being “cool,” admire and desire fame for fame sake, and covet wealth without having to make an effort to obtain it.

Many may wonder, “so what? Why is this a problem or an issue?” The problem is that normal people are incapable of thinking, making good judgments and decisions, in fact, are downright afraid of failure more than reveling in success and making right decisions, are insecure, follow the herd, act irresponsibly, can’t/don’t/won’t make decisions or judgments, and believe that the universe is gray; actually want and hope that the universe is gray, so that nothing they do is wrong or immoral. Yet, these people have the power to determine my financial future, force me to abide by what they are told is right and think they believe is right without actually knowing, and make such poor decisions that they affect the long-term fortunes of not jast my life but that of my progenies for generations to come. So, why are people so proud of being normal and crave being normal?

This is not to say that abnormal is all good. Absolutely not; it depends on whether the person is abnormal in the negative sense or the positive sense. If a person is abnormal in the negative sense (extreme examples would be Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, John Wayne Gasy, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc.) then this is obviously equally bad and possibly worse than being normal. On the other hand, if one is positively abnormal (some extreme examples would be Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, George Washington, Leroy Petry, Clint Romesha, Dakota Meyer, Malcom X, among others), this would be something to be proud of. These rare few are the ones that can and sometimes do make a difference for everyone else and set examples of how we should conduct ourselves as part of a civilized society. However, one does not have to be accomplished in a field of endeavor or be a moral leader to be positively abnormal (PAN). In fact, wealth, career, social position, education level, family/economic background have nothing to do with whether one is PAN or not. A great example of this would be politicians. Many of them are leaders, have good socio-economic backgrounds, good education, and occupy, by definition, a position of importance in our society, but with little to no exception, I would view the lot of them as hugely negatively abnormal (NAN). I would say that many celebrities would also fall into this category.

Simply put, to be PAN in a meaningful way, one doesn’t have to be famous, wealthy, from a good family, or even that educated or intelligent, per se. Of course, if one is intelligent and have the education to enhance that intelligence then that is the ultimate background necessary to have the greatest chance at being PAN. However, it is not a prerequisite. To be PAN, one must have the proper Six Pillars (morals, values, integrity, ethics, honor and honesty), know how to think for oneself, formulate opinions and learn to express them appropriately, know when one is right and when one is wrong, and fix that which is wrong, develop good judgment, and learn to judge properly, carry oneself with pride, treat those that are making a sincere effort at becoming PAN with respect, dignity and honor, while treating those that are NAN or don’t bother to try and become PAN with nothing but scorn and disdain, be true to oneself, constantly strive to be better, more knowledgeable, and proficient, know reality from fantasy, good from evil, right from wrong, strip bare all that is superficial and pretentious, and always be the voice of Justice, and rational thought. And, never forget that the universe is truly “black and white” and logic is truly everything and perception is truly illusory in the long-run.

If you can achieve these goals and truly become a PAN person and you can influence the people around you to become the same then I will guarantee you that we will end up with a better world, not jast for us, but for all of our future generations as well. Don’t forget that most things wrong in this world start with people screwing things up. So, by definition, if we want to make things right, we have to start with fixing people’s Six Pillars then teach them how to think, act and develop.

So, next time you see someone being proud of being normal, striving to be normal or making fun of those that are not normal think about how idiotic and stupid they really are. This is particularly true when it comes to children and bullies. In many instances, bullies feed on their victims’ insecurity and fear of not “fitting-in” or not being normal. If we can teach our children that being normal is nothing to be proud of and “fitting-in” with the masses is actually akin to being a loser, I think we will find that bullies lose their edge very quickly. I remember once when I was a child, I was living in a foreign country and they made fun of me for not fitting-in. I simply asked them why they thought they were such winners and me such a loser, and what I found is that their reasoning for why they were winners and me a loser was nothing short of idiotic. It rested on things like the way I looked, the way I dressed, the way I spoke, what I didn’t know about their favorite sports, celebrities, and culture. So, I simply started to tear their argument apart bit by bit. Needless to say, they didn’t like it and got mad, but luckily I knew/know how to defend myself — being a black belt in a marshal art definitely helped living in many different countries as a child. I was never really bullied after that.

Bottom-line, being normal sucks! It’s terrible and we should all stop trying to be normal. To put it simply, we should always strive to be better, instead of striving not to be different. Because, by definition, when one is better than others, we are different and should be damn proud of it. And, please, spare me the idiotic argument that  “… no one is better than anyone else, because we’re all born equal.” While it is true that we are all born equal, we certainly don’t die as equals, and we all develop as individuals. Therefore, by definition, as individuals, we cannot be the same nor equal. Some of us are truly better than others. This is not arrogance, this is not hubris, this is not elitism, this is not prejudice or sexist, this is not anti-anything, this is merely a fact of life and 100% reality. This means that we can work to be better than others and should do so constantly.

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