Whether it’s the Israeli-Palestinian issue, 1960s civil rights fight in the US, Hindu-Muslim conflict in the Indian subcontinent, British civil war or any other minorities living in fear and fighting for Justice, the Ukrainian crisis is rooted in injustice and fear of being made to exist as second class citizens. Meaning, the excuse that Putin and Russia are using to invade Ukraine and annex the Crimea, and possibly eastern Ukraine, is that they are protecting the rights of the Russian minority in Ukraine. And, judging by the support that Russian troops are getting in the Crimea and pro-Russia demonstrations in eastern Ukraine, what appeared to be an excuse for a straight land-grab doesn’t seem like it’s a vague and flimsy excuse after all: It would appear to me that Russians living in Ukraine (Russainians) are genuinely fearful of something.

The most likely explanation for why the Russainians are afraid is that they are most likely fearful of being treated as 2nd-class citizens, and where real Justice is illusive. This means that Russainians are likely fearful of losing their property, businesses, voting rights, their way of life, and even their lives, and are afraid of religious persecution as well. In light of these fears, it should be no surprise that the Russainians embrace an invading force into their country much like the people in the Rhinelands, Sudatenlands, and Austria welcomed the Germans into their territories in the 1930s. The Russainians believe that the Russian military will protect them from their fellow Ukrainians. This, of course, is a fallacy. However, regardless of what the reasons are for the Russians invading Ukraine, the reason why the Russainians welcome them is driven by their fears, real or imagined.

Therefore, if the Ukrainian government wants to end the Russainians’ support of the Russian military and, thereby end the occupation of Crimea by the Russian military, the Ukrainian government’s job (with the full support of the Ukrainian citizenry — ALL Ukrainians) is very simple. They have to outline, in detail, what inalienable rights and individual freedoms EVERY Ukrainians have, how the intend to support these rights for EVERY Ukrainian, GUARANTEE JUSTICE for everyone and how they intend to enforce these rights and freedoms. In a previous post, I have outlined what I believe are the inalienable rights and individual freedoms that are appropriate for every American, so I won’ go into it here; however, needless to say, the key to peace and sovereign integrity in Ukraine isn’t the rights and freedoms per se, but the EQUAL treatment of EVERY Ukrainian under the law and Justice system without prejudice and discrimination.

If the Ukrainian government — and, ultimately, its people — can not only convince the Russainians that these rights and freedoms will indeed be applied equally and fairly, but also GUARANTEE that the adjudication of any conflicts will be fairly and Justly prosecuted then the Russainians are likely to withdraw their support of the Russian military, thereby, making it difficult for the Russians to remain in Ukraine. This isn’t rocket science, but the devil, like always, will be in the details. For example, how should the legislative branch of government be formed? Should there be a guaranteed number of seats for Russainian legislators in proportion to the population? Should it be left up to voters to decide through direct elections? What about the judicial branch of the government? Should every court case have two judges and two juries when a Russainian and a non-Russainian Ukrainian are pleading their case? How should deadlocks be settled? Should Ukraine have international judges that cast a deciding vote? What about the executive branch? Should there be two presidents? Perhaps, one president that conducts foreign affairs and two prime ministers, one representing the Russainians and one non-Russainians. These are very difficult questions that the Ukrainian government has to grapple with. Regardless, the key to peace in Ukraine is to convince ALL Ukrainians that EVERY Ukrainian is equal under the blind eyes of Justice in Ukraine.

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