Marcus Luttrell, an American military hero, was saved by an Afghan villager named Mohammad Gulab who hails from the village of Sabray in Afghanistan. Mr Gulab did so because of an ironclad tribal tradition called Pashtunwali, which states that no matter who it is, if they ask to be protected from their enemy a Pashtun must oblige no matter the cost. As Anderson Cooper admitted to in an interview, it would be very, very difficult for someone in this country — himself included — to do what Mr. Gulab did for Marcus Luttrell. Admittedly, I’m not sure that I could either.

After Marcus Luttrell’s rescue, the US promised a few things to the villagers of Sabray: A generator, a school for both boys and girls, a seven kilometer road, and an irrigation and drinking water system. However, after more than 8 years, EIGHT YEARS, none of these promises have been kept. It is unconscionable and unforgivable that we have broken our promises to the village, but more than that we have left the village of Sabray in danger. And, to add insult to injury, we detained and incarcerated Mr. Gulab and an elder of the village not more than a year after thier rescue of Marcus Luttrell.  This is outrageous, unforgivable and extremely dishonorable! If it takes the entire budget of the US government to make the promises we made to Sabray a reality, we should do so. No others deserve more.

More to the point, our honor is at stake, and it is extremely important that we demonstrate to everyone in the world that our words have meaning, that we live up to our obligations, and that we protect and help our friends. Therefore, and additionally, we must help to secure the village from future danger, even if it means relocating the entire village back to the US at our expense (taxpayer expense) and providing the villagers with means to earn a good living in the US.

From a macro perspective, we pulled out of Iraq too early and now we’re planning to do the same in Afghanistan. This is a huge mistake and the sacrifices made by the men and women in the services will have been made for naught.  So, instead of solidifying the basis of our invasion and war in Afghanistan, we’re going to lay to waste everything that our brave military personnel fought for and sacrificed. This is absolutely a huge mistake. Look at what’s happening to Iraq! It is starting to disintegrate, because we left Iraq prematurely. Regardless of what the citizens in this country think is right or wrong, a leader with a strong vision, true leadership qualities, and backbone would not have withdrawn from anything prematurely. Yet, here we are: Iraq in disarray and Afghanistan about to be turned into bloody baby food! All because our president doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing with foreign policy and doesn’t understand global leadership.

I guess this is what we get for electing someone that has no perspective, no deep insights, no worthy conviction, no vision, and is only concerned about what looks and sounds good in front of his electorate! What could have been the basis of world peace will now be turned into a world nightmare, because of the short-sightedness of a president that doesn’t know the meaning of leadership. What a waste!

In case, we forgot, the whole point of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is to deny a home to terrorist organizations. Granted, Iraq was orchestrated as an issue of WMD, but realistically, shortly after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, it quickly turned into a war to prevent terrorists from taking root and creating an extremist government that would harbor our enemies — enemies of all humanity, actually. To accomplish this, we needed to make sure that not only a truly democratic government reigned in Baghdad, but also peace reigned throughout the country. Did we accomplish this? Hell no! Not even close! Why? Because our president has no idea what he’s doing with foreign policy, doesn’t care and wants to only cater to populist sentiment to protect his party’s re-election chances.

And now, he’s proposing to make the same mistake in Afghanistan, even after witnessing the disaster he has created in Iraq. So, now, he will leave it up to future generations to clean up his mess, which means that it will cost way more in lives and resources than to finish the job in the first place. I don’t know what his idea of doing the right thing is, but I don’t think wasting the sacrifices made by our finest is doing the right thing. More to the point, sacrificing more lives than necessary is not my idea of good leadership let alone good military strategy.

Getting back to Mr. Gulab and Sabray, at the very least, we need to protect Sabray and, in particular, Mr. Gulab and his entire extended family — anyone that may be a target of the Taliban. At least this will send a clear and strong message to the rest of the world: America takes care of its friends and those that help us will be helped. To borrow from Game of Thrones: “The US always pays its debt” has to be absolute in the minds of all of our allies and friends. And, if the government is afraid of setting a precedent, well, good! I hope that we do. If it means that our helping the village of Sabray helps to protect and rescue even one American military service personnel in the future then it will all have been worth it.

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