Liberals and socialists — by the very definition of what they stand for — are very thoughtless, short-sighted and irrational human beings. They love to say idiotic things like: “It’s the law!,” “That’s democracy!,” “We voted on it, so who are you to say that it’s wrong!,” etc.

What these jackasses are saying is that slavery should never have been abolished, women should never have been given the vote, prohibition should never have been ended, Jim Crow laws should never have been challenged, etc. Of course, when you confront these dummies with the reality of what they are saying, their reaction is typical: “What!? I never said that!,” “You’re putting words in my mouth!,” “What’s that got to do with anything?!,” etc. Pathetic, aren’t they?!

The fact that these people go around saying stupid crap and don’t even understand the full meaning of what they’re saying is in and of itself flabbergasting, but that they can’t/don’t admit that they are wrong when confronted with their folly is just beyond obnoxious, irritating and ridiculous!

Just because something is the law, it doesn’t make the law automatically righteous nor moral. So, for example, if legalization of human slavery was brought back, who amongst us would say that slavery was righteous or that it is moral — other than the few racist fucks (in my defense, to call those individuals “racist fucks” is a very appropriate use of the word fuck)? So, again, jast because something is the law it doesn’t mean that it is righteous nor moral.

Identically, just because we vote on something, it doesn’t mean that it is moral. So, if we voted to end universal suffrage or bring back “separate-but-equal,” who amongst us would say that those things would be moral? So, again, jast because we vote on something, it doesn’t mean that it is moral nor righteous.

Yet, libs/socs throw around both to defend the impossible such as the so called “progressive tax” system, which is anything but progressive, so called “social programs,” and such policies as redistribution of wealth! This is obviously ridiculous to say the least!

Therefore, when determining that which is moral and righteous, we must look at the root philosophy or principle of a particular action. So, though it can be said that helping the poor is a good thing, using force to confiscated money from the rich and giving it to the poor is nothing but theft, period, full-stop, the end. Put it another way, if a so called mafia “godfather” gives away his entire fortune to worthy causes towards the end of his life, this benevolence doesn’t begin to mitigate nor justify the fact that the mafia “don” murdered, extorted and otherwise engaged in violent acts to accumulate said wealth, nor can the benevolent acts be viewed as moral.

Yet, most Americans believe that the use of violence and force to extort money from the wealthier segments of our country is not only justified, but also view it as a moral imperative. This is absolutely insane! Jast to be perfectly clear, so called “progressive taxes” are an act of extortion (i.e., give us your hard-earned money or go to jail), backed-up by the use of force (i.e., if you don’t pay, we will take it from you by force then throw you in jail and ruin the rest of your life). How is this Just and moral?!

Many Americans then turn around and would say stupid things like, “well you didn’t make your money on your own!” What a dumb statement! I have another post on this matter, so I won’t delve into it too deeply here, but simply put: 1) If the rich didn’t make their money on their own why aren’t the rich in jail for possession of stolen money, 2) how is it that the rich didn’t make their money on their own, but the poor did?, 3) didn’t the people that supposedly help the rich make their money get paid for doing so?, 4) did the rich force these people to help them make their money? In fact, did the rich have any control over what these helpers do with their lives?, and 5) how much of the money obtained through so called “progressive taxes” actually go into the pockets of these helpers?

It is beyond retarded that most Americans can’t think beyond the tip of their nose or see through the veil of deceit that politicians weave to get elected. The simple fact of the matter is is that politicians, like Obama, promise to give “free” money to the poorer segments of our society so that they can get elected, and they do so assuming the mantle of morality and benevolence when in fact what they are doing is incredibly immoral, unjust and violent. And, they manipulate the fact that there are way more “poorer” people than “wealthier” ones and that everyone likes free money. Regardless, so called “progressive taxes” is wrong. Moreover, it is worse, and very scary if people like Obama don’t understand what it is that they are doing and why it is wrong, because this says that they don’t understand moral principles, reasoning, cause and effect and severely lack a sense of Justice.

This is not to say that the plight of the poor is anything but unfortunate and painful. However, two “wrongs” don’t make a right — assuming that one can even say that poverty itself is a wrong. And, though it may seem like voluntary acts of charity and forced acts of charity have much in common and appear to have few, if any, differences, in reality and, most importantly, in moral principle, they are a world apart from each other. Voluntary acts of charity can be categorized as benevolent and moral, but forced acts of charity, i.e., so called “social programs” funded through so called “progressive taxes” are evil and highly immoral.

The main difference is that with voluntary acts of charity, the individual that earned the money and accumulated the wealth legally and morally is in control and is making their own choice with their own money, while forced acts of charity not only takes choice away from the individual that earned the money and accumulated the wealth, but also the money is taken from the individual by the use of force or the threat of the use of force. While the former respects individual freedom and inalienable rights — the basis of the founding of our country and Americanism — the latter is nothing but an extortion racket. And, it doesn’t matter whether or not the policy was voted on and is the law or that the government is organizing such activities. The moral principle behind so called “progressive taxes” is immoral and unjust.

This lunacy has to stop. And, what is most galling is the fact that we jast have to look at the history of Europe, Latin America and many others to know where the lunacy of so called “social programs” will end up. Yet, most Americans either ignore these valuable lessons or don’t even know that such examples of folly exist for us to study.

The problem is is that we don’t have much time left and this last great recession was likely our last warning or one of only a small handful of warnings left. If we don’t correct our problems very soon, the end is obvious and in sight: We will become the next Greece or Spain. And, if you think this last recession was painful, it will feel like a little paper cut or pinprick compared to what happens if we end up in the position that Greece or Spain found itself in a few years back.

The simple solution for what we need to do can be summed up quickly: 1) We must pare down government spending to the most fundamental levels: Self-defense, infrastructure and education, 2) we must dramatically reduce government debt, and 3) we must set-up an economic system that maximizes creativity and innovation through maximum free market incentives and benefits. This is the only way. Our own economic history is a great example and template for what we can achieve when we exercise these three simple principles.

Lastly, the success and failure of government policy and the economy cannot and should not be measured by the number of poor or the poverty line, but by the standard of living for average Americans. And, we must understand, appreciate and accept the fact that capitalism and free markets will never eradicate poverty nor is it designed to do so. What capitalism and free markets are designed to do is to raise the average living standards of ALL Americans by maximizing opportunities, innovation, creativity and, therefore, jobs. And, everyone must appreciate the fact that the wealth gap between the rich and poor will increase with a capitalist system and that that is a sign that the economy is working, healthy and doing well. However, along with an increasing wealth gap, we should also see the average standard of living grow as well for a true capitalist system to be functioning at its peak levels.

It is not a coincidence that the wealth gap has been increasing, while the average standard of living has been stagnating over the last 30 years or so. This is because the wealthier segments of our society still have ways to make money (though this too is diminishing), while the suffering of the poor continue under more and more socialism and less and less capitalism. Think about the expansion of social programs over the last 30 years and the proliferation of restrictions, regulations, rules, interference, and legislation designed to take more and more income and wealth from the more prosperous segments of our society in the name of “helping” the poor. Also, look at the portion of government spending relative to the total GDP. It is practically the only thing that has grown steadily over the last 30 years.

What this means is that, despite the bull that is being fed to the American people, we have not had a true capitalist economic system in at least 30 years and socialism has been the only thing that has been growing in that same time period.

If we continue on this trend, government spending will choke the life out of our economic system, which will then lead to fewer and fewer investment opportunities, which will then further restrict job opportunities, which will then further stagnate living standards for the average American. Then, in the eyes of average Americans, the stagnation in living standards will compel them to demand that the “government” carry more and more of the burden of “providing” for the poorer segments of our society, which will then necessitate the expansion of so called “social programs,” which will then necessitate higher and higher taxes, which will then further restrict investment opportunities, which then further restrict job opportunities, which then further stagnates living standards for the average American, eventually turning us into the next Greece or Spain.

The problem is that due to the size and wealth of our economic system, it could take a few more decades for people to realize that expanding so called “social programs” have had exactly the opposite effect that people expected. However, by then, the necessary reversal of these idiotic policies will be incredibly torturous, extremely costly and the precipitous drop in living standards will make the great recession and the great depression look like a little paper cut or a small pinprick compared to the calamity that will have to be faced by EVERYONE when the US economy finally dies. And it will die, if we maintain our current course.

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