One of the most stunningly stupid and incredulous facts about christians and christianity is that they believe Adam and Eve were cast from the garden of eden by god and were the sole ancestors of all mankind. Before reading on, make-up your mind as to whether or not you believe this to be true or not. Have you made-up your mind? If so, let’s continue.

So, if you believe that Adam and Eve were our sole ancestors then answer me this: How come we’re not all — or at least a huge part of the human population — retarded or physically handicapped or both? Think about it. If Adam and Eve were our sole ancestors then we should all be retarded or physically handicapped or both — perhaps the vast majority of you are and that’s why you believe in such idiocy?

Let’s say that Adam and Eve were our sole ancestors and furthermore let’s say they had 10 children — they didn’t, but let’s just say. Furthermore, let’s say that they had five sons and five daughters. Then what? According to christians the only way the human population grew would have been for these five sons and five daughters to have sex with each other and have children who then in turn would have sex with each other to have grandchildren, and so on and so forth.

Let’s forget for the moment even the bible forbids brothers and sisters from having sexual relations with each other. Looking at this from a scientific point of view, when brothers and sisters have sex with each other for conception, not only are birth rates extremely low, the vast majority of children born from siblings would be either severely retarded or physically handicapped or both. Therefore, the likelihood of the human race surviving would be dismally low, if not actually zero after Adam and Eve’s children run the course of their natural lives.

Also, keep in mind that are genetic-code, our DNA, are different from one family to the next, unless we were related. If Adam and Eve were our sole ancestors, our DNA COULD NOT BE different from one family to another. And, given the diversity and array of DNA differences, it is IMPOSSIBLE that we were descendants of a single couple. So, again, the story of Adam and EVE is a lie. Yet another key pillar of the Bible that collapses under the scrutiny of science and truth.

Regardless, even if the human race did somehow manage to survive the incestuous relationships, we would almost certainly be a race of people that are extremely retarded, highly physically-handicapped or both. Yet, we are not. Also, even if by some miracle Adam and Eve’s children did somehow manage to produce normal progenies and they were also able to produce normal progenies, it would take way more than 5,000 years for us to genetically modify ourselves so that we could with stand incestuous sex and produce normal individuals.

Not only that, for the human race to go from 2 people to 7,000,000,000 in 5,000 years would mean that the growth rate of the human population would had to have been about 0.44% per year. This sounds very plausible, but for the fact that this implies that no one died in 5,000 years!  Taking into consideration extremely low life expectancy (well under 20-years old) deaths from all sources including wars, pestilence, illnesses, and famine, the actual birth rate would had to have been exponentially higher than 0.44%. To get an understanding of how much greater, we can reference the Population Reference Bureau’s (PRB) analysis of human population. According to the PRB, a total of 108 billion people had to have been born over the last 50,000 years for our population to go from 2 to 7 billion. Using their study as a basis and using linear extrapolation, from about 5,000 years ago, the human race would have to have created some 90 billion lives for us to go from 2 people to 7 billion in 5,000 years. This means that birth rates had to have been close to about 500 per 1,000 people. What this means is that ALL living females would have to give birth every year and have those babies survive to normal life spans. Obviously, this is impossible given that children, infants, babies and the elderly could not have given birth. Also, given that the highest birthrates in modern society is about 50 per 1,000 in African and Middle-eastern countries, the idea that we could have had 500 births per 1,000 people on earth is, again, completely ludicrous. Furthermore, if we take into consideration that birth rates were closer to 30-40 per 1,000 for the last 500 years (better records were kept than the previous 4,500 years) then the first 4,500 years would had to have seen birth rates that are far higher than 500 births per 1,000 lives to get to 7 billion people today from 2 5,000 years ago. Obviously, this is impossibly ludicrous!

Therefore, the idea that Adam and Eve were the sole ancestors to all mankind is, simply, impossible. Not improbable, not unlikely, not implausible, but outright impossible! So, why is it that christians still cling to the belief that Adam and Eve are the only ancestors to all of mankind? Because they were told to believe it. This is obviously ridiculous. Once again, this issue illustrates how little people actually think. This type of blind faith and belief is dangerous. And, history is replete with examples of the dangers of blind faith. Yet, people don’t learn. Once again proving that people not only don’t think, but also blindly follow rules and word of mouth “truths.” This is dangerous and malevolent and leads to calamities and disasters. To avoid many unnecessary future calamities and disasters, people must wake-up and start learning facts then learn to think and finally to learn to judge with Justice and logic as the only standard yard sticks.

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