Most liberals and socialists (libs/socs) in this country are going, “What the f— are you talking about?! You’re such an idiot! That kind of thing can never happen in this country!” Unfortunately, having the last laugh isn’t going to be a laughing matter. For me, it’s one of those situations where it’s damned if I do and damned if I don’t. However, I hope I am wrong; dead wrong! Unfortunately, all of the pieces of the puzzle is there to make mandatory exercise, weigh-ins and dietary monitoring by the government a reality.

Instead of thinking about how we — as a country — would get from today to the nightmare scenario I’ve just proposed, which could get very confusing, think about what kind of precedents we would need to make such a law feasible, and how you would monitor and enforce it. Monitoring and enforcement is easy: At work and at the doctors offices they’d be weigh-ins and monitoring of all vitals signs such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, urine, blood and stool. This will be required once every six months — more frequently, if found to be in violation. So, that’s the easy part.

The more challenging part is how Congress would make such a law constitutional. Already, many cities and states have bans and curves on smoking, trans-fat, and sugary drinks, all in the name of our health and protection. Presumably, we are too stupid and irresponsible to police and monitor this on our own. Second, Obamacare not only requires everyone in the country to have health insurance, but also, it allows for subsidies for poor people and penalties for those who violate the laws.

The rest of it is simple deductive reasoning. If we can ban certain substances and habits for people’s own good then why can’t we tell people how much each individual should weigh and what kind of biological metrics everyone of us should have for our own benefit? Especially, for those that have subsidized health insurance, why should the rest of us pay for the largesse of the subsidized people. Oh, but wait, in our country, we can’t single out jast one group for prejudicial treatment (except when in comes to so called “progressive taxes”), so then we have to apply the Standardized Health Act to everyone. This way, we can minimize health costs, which lowers subsidies, and make health insurance cheaper for everyone! Yeah!

Not only that, the fewer obese and fat people we have the more productive our work force, because of fewer absences, and longer lives! Also, everyone looks better, and we all know how important looks are in our society, right?! And, if the fat, obese and generally unhealthy people won’t get in line then by goodness we should force them to get in line! So, tax the sh– out of them! In fact, the tax should be in proportion to how far from healthy a person is deemed to be. Absolutely, make them pay for their laziness and largesse! Who the f–k cares about rights?! It’s for their own good, not to mention for the good of the society!

Up until Obamacare passed, I would have said that such a law would be impossible in our country, even with all of the bans on smoking, sugary drinks, trans-fats and other items (whatever they may be, if any). However, Obamacare made such a law very possible, and likely probable in 50-100 years. What makes Obamacare so offensive to the US Constitution and our sacred inalienable rights and individual freedoms is that it tells us not only how and where to spend our money for “our sakes,” but also, for the sake of “society” as a whole, and provides for subsidies to the poor and penalties for none compliance.

So, in principle, Obamacare has already enshrined the basic concepts needed for such a fu–ed-up law to exist. Think about it: If health insurance is required for our own good and for the betterment of society then the next obvious step is to require that we have good health, for our own good and for the betterment of society. It’s only logical. Also, this way, health insurance premiums can be lowered, reducing the burden on the poor people, which then reduces the required subsidies from the financial middle- and upper- classes. However, as stated before, since we cannot prejudice one group over another (except for when it comes to so called “progressive taxes”), we have to require compliance with such a law for everyone.

Not only that, we then have to set blanket standards for every age group as to what is deemed health vs. unhealthy, so we can know who’s in compliance and who’s not, how much further progress we can make on reducing healthcare premiums, and, since it is good for individuals to be in good health, we have to have enforceable standards, so the unhealthy ones can shape up or pay higher taxes. Otherwise, they’d be a drag on the rest of society, and we can’t have that, can we? Right now, Obamacare “taxes” those that don’t comply with the individual mandate. The reason for this tax is to reduce the burden on other tax payers when the uninsured show-up at the emergency room with no insurance demanding medical care. The natural extension to this “reasoning” is to tax those that are deemed to be unhealthy, because the reasoning behind such a law would be identical to the penalty provisions for individuals in Obamacare, i.e., if you are unhealthy then you are a burden to society and, therefore, you should be penalized for being such a burden.

So, the question is, how are you a burden, if you are unhealthy? Well, according to Obamacare, health insurance premiums must ignore all prior conditions, which means whether you are healthy or not, if you belong in the same group then your health insurance premiums must be the same price. Therefore, if there are a very large number of unhealthy individuals in one group then the insurance premiums would go up for everyone in that group, since the insurance companies have to cover everyone equally. Well, obviously, this is unfavorable — not to mention, highly unfair — to healthy individuals who have to subsidies the unhealthy ones. Therefore, to help lower insurance premiums on everyone, it would not be a long stretch of the imagination to require minimum health standards and subsequent penalties for non-compliance. In the beginning, I imagine a health standard that the overwhelmingly vast majority of Americans can comply with without any necessary changes to their dietary intake and physical activity schedule. But then slowly but surely, I suspect Congress will continue to up the standards, because it is a new source of taxes that they can tap into to make them more eligible for re-election. Of course, I suspect that the standards would be adopted such that more than 50% of all voters can comply, which increases the chances for politicians to get re-elected. Then as more and more people begin to comply and the percentage of voters that can meet the standards increase, Congress will tighten the standards some more so they can collect more taxes, etc.

I hope I don’t have to prove to anyone, why such a law would be fu–ed-up. Regardless, the point of this post is to amply demonstrate how Obamacare has laid the foundation for such a screwed-up law to exist, and I’ve achieved that goal. But the other objective is more subtle, and that is to demonstrate why principles matter and why the Supreme Court made such a hugh mistake in allowing Obamacare to exist. The biggest problem with Obamacare isn’t the law itself, but the violation of bedrock principles that cannot and must never be violated: The government must not and should not be allowed to dictate how we live our lives, and any forced interconnections between one individual to another should also never be allowed. What I’m saying is that any violations of any of our inalienable rights and individual freedoms, including forced charity of any kind, subsidies, and forced responsibilities for each other must never be allowed.

The funny thing is that the Supreme Court has been extremely diligent about protecting our 1st Amendment rights, but recently, they have slowly but surely allowed other protected inalienable rights and individual freedoms to be eroded, including our 2nd Amendment rights, among others. And, more than anything else, this trend is very, very worrisome. The Supreme Court should have been unanimous in rejecting Obamacare; even from a novice judiciary’s point of view, this is obvious. Yet Obamacare exists; it is greatly concerning!

Also, any libs/socs reading this post would think that I was crazy, because they don’t want to admit that their precious Obamacare has laid the foundation for such a fu–ed-up law to exist, but the fact of the matter is is that the building blocks for such a ridiculous law to exist were laid with the passage of Obamacare and with the blessing of the US Supreme Court to boot, no less. And, what’s more troubling is that few, if any, Americans have correctly recognized the reasons for why the passage of Obamacare carries with it such great significance and importance. Because, this post is not meant in jest or jast to make fun of libs/socs and Obamacare. This post was written to raise the alarm: The alarm to make Americans aware that the first truly egregious violation of our inalienable rights and individual freedoms has occurred. And, in my mind, this is no laughing matter nor a subject that can be taken lightly.

Our society, as a whole, is so focused on the minutia that we have lost sight of the forest, and, very regrettably, so has the US Supreme Court, it would seem. Both of these points cannot be made strongly enough, and the importance cannot be emphasized enough. I jast hope that people wake up to the reality of what Obamacare really means for them: We no longer have inalienable rights and individual freedoms. All of our supposed inalienable rights are vulnerable to attack in the name of society and the betterment of it and our individual freedoms are now subject to bargaining against societal rights.

Jast to make it clear, I have never felt such trepidation in the past and always believed that our inalienable rights and individual freedoms were bedrock foundations of our country, and principles that would never be violated, but Obamacare has destroyed that bedrock belief and foundation. The exasperating thing is that it will take decades for “practical” proof of what I’m saying to actually show up, and my bet is that it will be something to do with healthcare, and most likely to do with a health standard. The reason why I don’t think it will be something to do with the 2nd Amendment is because the 2nd Amendment is a bedrock principle in the US Constitution and to completely overturn it would take a lot longer than a few decades, particularly in view of the language imbedded in the 2nd Amendment itself, i.e., “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED.” That is both powerful and absolute language. However, there is nothing in the US Constitution that would now stop Obamacare from leading to a health standard for every individual in the US.

Sadly, Obamacare is another piece of evidence that shows how the vast majority of Americans don’t know how to think and don’t have the capacity to think. And, so, perhaps, because of our inability to think, we deserve Obamacare and more. I jast wonder, how long it will take for Americans to realize that they have been violated in the worst way possible, if ever, to take any kind of meaningful action. For our sake, and the sake of our future generations, I hope it is sooner rather than later. Because, Obamacare has opened the door to many more violations of our inalienable rights and individual freedoms, not to mention numerous other taxes, more so called “social spending,” larger and larger budget deficits and much higher tax burdens all around. Once again, good intentions have sent us down the road to hell! When will we ever learn!

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