Most people don’t have a clue what it means to be an American, so I’m going to give you my definition of what I think it means to be an American. An American has nothing to do with where one was born, what one’s skin color is, what one’s religious belief is, what one’s ancestry, heritage, creed, sexual-orientation, gender, or any other superficial differentiation may or may not be. Being an American has to do with one’s philosophical understanding, beliefs, and practices. So, then what is the proper philosophy that defines an American? I have written another post detailing with what I believe this is, so I will only briefly review in this post.

An American believes in inalienable rights, individual freedoms, minimalist interference from any source (e.g., government, other organizations, other individuals, etc.), capitalism, democracy, and the Constitution of the US. This includes believing in the freedom of speech and press, freedom of religion, freedom to assembly, right to bear arms, democracy, equal rights for all Americans (men, women, LGBT, whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, etc.), among other specifics. However, if you examine the bible, there is no mention of freedom of speech and press as being an important right of humans, freedom of religion is absolutely forbidden, equal rights, particularly between man and woman is a non-starter, and democracy is totally anathema to the christian philosophy and hierarchy (for goodness sakes the leader of the catholic church is a pope and the catholic church have cardinals, arch bishops, bishops and other trappings of a dictatorial regime, not unlike a communist or other dictatorship). It can be also argued that the right to bear arms is not supported in the bible and certainly LGBT people are scum. Glaringly, the bible does not directly denounce slavery. No where does it say that humans should not own other humans as property, at least not that I’ve read.

Therefore, the bible and the US Constitution are at deep odds with each other. So, if you are an American, which should you believe in, espouse and practice? There is no doubt in my mind that true Americans will espouse, believe in and practice the philosophy and tenants represented by the US Constitution. This is not rocket science. The core philosophical tenants embedded in the US Constitution such as the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) are without doubt that which defines us and our philosophy as American, and without doubt some of the most noble philosophical underpinnings ever created by anyone — any god or otherwise — and philosophical tenants that many have sacrificed and died for protecting, expanding and guaranteeing.

In contrast, christianity directly opposes many of these core philosophical pillars that make up “Americanism.” For example, instead of having independent thought, christians are told to obey. Instead of voicing one’s own opinion and moral code, christians are taught to espouse the teachings of a dictator (god/jesus/pope/clergy, etc.) without real thought, while christians are told to love one another and be tolerant of one another, they are also taught directly and indirectly to hate LGBT people and deny them their fair and just rights — the irony and contradiction of this situation should be more than enough for any intelligent, thinking, logical human to distance oneself from christian teachings and philosophy — christians are taught to be monotheist and intolerant of other religions and certainly cannot worship another deity, etc.

Given these absolute contradictions between christianity and “Americanism,” how can anyone claim to be both a good American and a good christian without being completely stupid/ignorant, absolutely thoughtless, completely schizophrenic or an absolute hypocrite? It is an absolute impossibility. Yet, many in this country claim that they are not only both, but that being both is consistent and congruous! This is absolutely ridiculous!

So, the most important question that needs to be asked from this post is: If we are not christians and don’t believe in the christian philosophy, what should we believe in, espouse and practice? I’ve written many posts regarding this issue, so I won’t go to it in much detail, but how about we start with believing in, practicing and spreading the philosophy imbedded in the US Constitution — even with some of the flaws that are present in the current version of the Constitution, it is far better than any other philosophy that has been created by anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Simply put, the key philosophical cornerstones of a Just and fair philosophy for all must imbed some key concepts, which include: Justice, inalienable rights and individual freedoms. Without these key concepts to govern every human on earth, we will only end-up fighting each other until we destroy everyone and everything for all eternity.

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