Have you ever gotten a ticket for speeding or making a right turn without fully stopping or not fully stopping at a stop sign before proceeding? Did you do so safely? In the case of speeding: Road conditions weren’t bad, you weren’t weaving in and out of traffic, and keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you, etc. And, in the case of the stop sign: There were no cars coming, you saw this before you came to a full stop and then proceeded accordingly. Now, have you tried arguing to the municipal court judge that you were being safe and therefore there is no reason to penalize you in any way, shape or form? What was the result? I’m guessing the municipal court judge said: “Regardless, you did not stop,” or “regardless you were speeding and the law clearly says that you cannot do either. Therefore, you will be fined and penalized!” Why is that, if the laws were designed to enforce safety? Because traffic laws are not about safety, it’s about tax revenue.

What makes it even worse is that municipal court judges are completely corrupted and indisputably compromised because they get paid, at least partially, from the fines and penalties that are levied on their victims. In any other part of our justice system or life in general if any citizen were to be subjugated to such “due process,” it would be overturned with extreme prejudice in an expedited manner. Yet, when it comes to municipal courts, our justice system tolerates this duplicitous practice. This is no different than Wall Street analysts putting a buy rating on a stock because the analyst wants to help their bankers get business or to reward the companies for giving their bankers business. Although such practice still goes on in Wall Street — according to friends who work in the business — if any firm were found to do this, the law would come down so hard on that firm that it may drive it into bankruptcy. Yet, again, in municipal courts such duplicitous behavior is routinely allowed and not challenged. This is ridiculous!

If you’re not angry and outraged by now, I’m going to add fuel to the fire and if you are angry, disgusted and outraged then you’re going to absolutely blow your top.  Insurance companies absolutely don’t want this duplicitous, so called “municipal Justice” system to change. Because the more points you have on your license, the more money they can charge you for insurance for absolutely no reason. Think about it. Despite the fact that you have had no accidents in the last ten years, may be for twenty or more years, you’re married with two children and a great career, you would pay more than double if you had 6 or more points on your license. Why?! So, it’s a scam that the insurance companies don’t want to ever change. Pretty neat isn’t it?! If you get into a lot of accidents, you pay through your nose and that’s fair, but if you don’t why should you have to pay through your nose? It’s free money to the insurance companies, it’s that simple.

The fact of the matter is is that municipal court judges are seriously compromised and should not be allowed to pronounce judgment on any matters where the revenue of the jurisdiction they work for could be affected in any way. This is grossly unjust, yet no one wants to or sees the need to do anything about it. What should happen is that all municipal court officers should be paid from taxes collected at the federal level and traffic laws should be enforced based on a safety standard, not on the letter of the law itself. As long as the driver acted in a safe manner, there should be no repercussions to one’s actions on the road.

Moreover, insurance companies should not be allowed to charge premiums based on driving records, but based on accident records. Also, if an insured person pays for the cost of their vehicle and reasonable liabilities, their insurance premiums should be cut to no more than the cost of administering the driver’s insurance premiums. Lastly, insurance companies should not be allowed to make a profit and any profit left over in a given period should be refunded to their policy holders.

One last point: If speeding is such a danger to the public, why doesn’t Congress pass a law that prohibits manufacturers from producing cars that don’t go over 70 miles per hour? Technologically, this is absolutely possible. Why allow car manufacturers to produce cars that can go up to 160 miles per hour or more? Because, it’s not about safety — most “public servants” couldn’t give a damn about your safety or mine — but about tax revenues. Think about it.

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