Let’s just say that jesus actually existed, and he did sacrifice himself to wash away our sins. So what?! Did I ask him to do that? Did you? Did anyone currently living? For that matter, did anyone in the last 2,000 years ask jesus to sacrifice himself for our sins? Never mind what those unspecified sins are that needed to be washed away. No one asked him to do that for anyone. Yet, christians will say that that is the reason why we should worship jesus and be good christians. Really?

So, if someone saves yours and your family’s life then turns around with their last dying breath and says that you must, “kill the president and all American military personnel you can find to repay the debt that you owe me,” would you do so? Of course not! Even if you did ask for the person’s help to save yours and your family’s life at the expense of the person’s own life, this does not necessitate that you do whatever that person requires you to do. Why? Because you have to judge the merits of every action in light of the moral/ethical implication/consequence of each action. Put it another way: You should not have to pay for the sins of your ancestors. Meaning, if one of your ancestors committed a murder, you shouldn’t have to pay for their sins — unless you’re in North Korea.

The fact of the matter is, you don’t need to worship jesus or be a christian even if it were true that jesus existed AND sacrificed himself on the cross for our supposed sins. If you are going to believe in jesus and the christian religion, do so because of the merits of the teachings of jesus and the christian god not because of an act which you had no control over, had no influence over, and didn’t asked to be done. Judge the merits of the christian philosophy based on its own value, and properly analyze the benevolence or malevolence of the philosophy then come to the conclusion that the christian philosophy is good for you before you start believing in it and living your life according to its principles. Only then can you truly justify your belief and faith in the christian religion or any religion or philosophy for that matter.

The problem is is that the christian philosophy is woefully lacking in benevolence, Justice, rational thought, morality and other principles that any rational human being would want to see in a productive, moral and Just philosophy. As an example, the philosophy of “love thy neighbor” is extremely poisonous and dangerous to every individual and the society as a whole — please see a previous post for a detailed explanation (https://undertheconstitutionwithlibertyandjusticeforall.com/2013/02/17/love-thy-neighbor-is-a-stupid-and-unjust-philosophy/). And, in this regard, the christian philosophy falls vastly short of meriting our worship and adherence. Regardless, if anyone wants to believe in the christian religion and follow jesus/god’s preaching then they should do so because they have thought about the philosophy and believe it to be Just and moral, not because some alleged figure “sacrificed” himself for our supposed benefit over 2,000 years ago, of which you had no say or control over.

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