Why should I pay for someone else’s healthcare? More to the point, why should I be forced to do so? If someone cannot afford their healthcare cost it should not be made into my problem or the problem of the healthcare establishment. If an individual, hospitals, doctors or insurance companies WANT to make it their concern, problem or responsibility to voluntarily pay for other people’s healthcare costs, that’s one thing, but to be forced to do so is completely another matter.

But getting back to the main point about Justice Roberts’ position on the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA or Obamacare), which is that it is a tax: This is an immensely stupid position for Justice Roberts to have taken and one that greatly surprises me. A jurist of such prominence and stature should know that the position that AHA is a tax and therefore justifiable is not only stupid, but also wholly irrelevant. The reason for my conclusion is that before we can even debate about how to justify the existence of Obamacare, we must decide whether Obamacare itself is warranted or Justified, and, by extension, Just or unjust. And, from this perspective, it should be clear to all that Obamacare is, if nothing else, completely unconstitutional. The government does not have the right to tell us what to do with our money and how we should provide for our healthcare needs, if we choose to provide for it at all. Second, just because the government has the right to levy taxes, it doesn’t mean that any and all taxes are moral or Just, e.g., so called progressive taxes are extremely immoral — see previous posts for an explanation, if you don’t understand why.

So, even before we need to justify the existence of AHA, we know that it is immoral. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that it’s a tax, it should not exist. Second, because it is an immoral policy/act, it doesn’t matter that it can be justified as a tax, and, therefore, Chief Justice Roberts should have ruled against it. Third, not all taxes are moral and Just — e.g., poll taxes — therefore, even if Obamacare could be justified as a tax, it wouldn’t make it a moral and Just policy/act. And, the fact that Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. of the Supreme Court of the USA does not know this, is a travesty and a mockery of Justice, which then makes the august Supreme Court of the USA a ridiculous government entity, and this is the true shame of Mr. Roberts’ decision.

As a very important aside, everyone must know and understand that just because something is a law, it doesn’t make it moral — e.g., slavery, lack of universal suffrage, separate but equal, etc. — and just because something was voted on, it doesn’t make it moral — e.g., if we voted to bring back slavery, who would argue that slavery is moral or use the vote to justify owning slaves!?

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