Are you kidding me!? Both Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner are leading their respective political races for City Comptroller and Mayor of New York, respectively. If New Yorkers vote these disgraced, immoral and dishonorable assholes into office it speaks volumes about New Yorkers’ Six Pillars, and not in a good way.

To some degree holding political office is about honor, moral character and trust. Citizens who elect people into office are trusting them to do the right things on behalf of the electorate. So, given Spitzer’s and Weiner’s (S&W) known moral character — dishonorable, immoral, unethical, lacking integrity, lackluster and insidious — what can one expect from these people? Lies, deceit, fraud, corruption, and back-room dealings are likely to be standard operating procedure, and no one should be surprised if murder, bribery, embezzlement, blackmail or other major crimes are part of S&W’s SOP. Why should this surprise anyone?

However, more importantly, what are people doing voting for these despicable examples of the human species?! This tells me that people who vote for S&W don’t care about S&W’s Six Pillars, are naive and gullible, or are themselves decrepit beings. Whatever the reason may be, none of these qualities are attractive in any human. So, if S&W get elected this speaks very ill for the character of New Yorkers.

Also, why should S&W get a second chance? Their past behavior clearly dictates that they are immoral and completely unqualified to man the local lemonade stand let alone hold public office. They not only broke their public oaths, they broke their private oaths and have proved to be completely and utterly untrustworthy, dishonorable, unethical and lacking integrity. Not only that they completely thumbed their nose at the electorate and not only flaunted decency and morality, but also treated their public office as a launching pad for their own private playground. And, there is no reason to think that these two butt-holes and poor examples of human beings deserve a second chance let alone have changed for the better. These clowns should have been completely and utterly ostracized and removed from polite and civilized society, yet they roam free among us and are poised to be leaders in our society yet again! So, how is this Just, moral or right?! If S&W had any amount of moral fiber left in their body they should quit the race.

The fact of the matter is is that the fact that S&W both chose to run for public office proves that they have not changed one iota. If they had any conscience and decency, they should have both crawled under a rock under the weight of their own shame never to be seen in public ever again. But did they? No. They had the gall to enter another election seeking public office! If they thought New Yorkers were upstanding people with the Six Pillars to match, they know they would’ve been laughed off the stage. But the fact that they decided to run means that they think New Yorkers are extremely naive and gullible, don’t give a crap about anyone’s Six Pillars or are just like them. How else does S&W think they can get re-elected? How insulting is this to New Yorkers. Or, are they really naive, gullible, unscrupulous or bitches/assholes? I have friends that are from New York or live in New York, and they are not naive, gullible, unscrupulous nor bitches/assholes. So this must mean that S&W think they can pull the wool over New Yorkers’ eyes. New Yorkers are you really going to let this happen?!

If S&W get elected to their office, what will this teach our children? That they can be immoral, dishonorable, unethical, flaunt integrity and be completely unscrupulous and it doesn’t matter? Really, is this what New Yorkers want to teach their children? I hope not.

So, I would strongly advise New Yorkers to shun these demonstrated immoral jerk-offs and give others who have not held higher public office a chance. Especially those that are of good character and have strong Six Pillars. Obviously, judging who does and who doesn’t have strong Six Pillars is the trick to electing the right people to office. Regardless, if you are a New Yorker, please don’t vote for S&W and please encourage everyone else not to as well.

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