I don’t get this. So many people I know think that giving children whatever they want, especially freebies, isn’t a good parenting policy, yet these same people turn around and want to give other peoples’ hard earned money for free to the poor, by force if necessary! Why?! Can someone explain this to me? It makes no sense what so ever! What did the poor do to earn other peoples’ hard earned money?!

Teachers, infrastructure workers, and even the military get paid for what they do, don’t they? Also, the poor benefit at least as much from these folks as the rich, so why do the libs/socs use this as an excuse to force the rich into giving freebies to the poor? This makes no sense what so ever!

Also, why won’t the libs/socs see what’s going on in Europe and not understand that so called “social programs” hurt everyone, especially the poor in the long-run. Don’t they know that creating dependency is an abyss? Why can’t libs/socs learn from what others do?

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