It is amazing and extremely rare in human history to have revolutions rooted in the people. Military coup-d’etats are not that uncommon, throughout history, but revolutions caused by a grass roots movement are very rare indeed. The good news is that these revolutions are becoming more common place, which is good, because they are rooted in overthrowing injustice. The bad news is that these revolutions don’t always lead to a just government for its people. For example, Egypt. When the people of Egypt overthrew Hosni Mubarak, everyone, including those in Egypt, thought that it would be the end of a dictatorial regime and injustice; however, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood proved otherwise and showed that the democratic process isn’t always democratic and doesn’t always lead to democratic outcomes.

As an aside, this is a crucial lesson that everyone around the world must learn, most of all Americans.

However, what is remarkable about Egypt, its people and its true democratic leaders is that they caused a SECOND CONSECUTIVE REVOLUTION OF THE PEOPLE! This type of consecutive overthrow of dictatorial regimes in short order (one year since the election of Morsi) has never occurred in human history that I know of. IT IS A REMARKABLE ACCOMPLISHMENT! This coming from a country that has never experienced democracy in its history until the last year or so! WOW!

So, what was the reason for the latest revolution? Injustice. The Muslim Brotherhood used democratic processes to circumvent justice and install a dictatorial regime that would force everyone in Egypt to abide by Muslim law, instead of democratic law and justice, and eliminate democracy, democratic processes and justice. In short, it exchanged one dictatorship with another and justified it through the election of its leaders. If you think about it, this is little different than what the Nazis did in Germany in 1933. This is not to say that the Muslim Brotherhood is the same as the Nazis; not at all. But, without understanding the historical context of their action, the Muslim Brotherhood inadvertently copied the Nazi party’s path to power. Again, this is not to say that the Muslim Brotherhood is evil or like the Nazis. Absolutely not. What it means is that the Muslim Brotherhood seeks/sought to impose Islamic law on everyone in Egypt whether people wanted to abide by it or not. They did this because they truly believe that Islamic law is good for everyone. However, what they neglect/neglected to understand is that whether they think/believe that it is good for people or not, the choice to abide by Islamic law is not up to the Muslim Brotherhood or any government to impose on the entire populace, because there are christians, jews, buddhist, among others in Egypt that don’t/won’t believe in Islam.

Even if everyone in Egypt were Muslim and believed in Islam, there must be a separation of state and religion, unless one believes that those that don’t believe in Islam or don’t want to abide strictly by Islamic law have no rights at all. I’m sure this is not what anyone in Egypt is saying, implying, thinking or trying to impose. This separation is necessary because even if all are Muslim in Egypt some are Sunni, some Shiite, and some are believers of other sects of Islam. Therefore, to impose one Islam on everyone would be to violate and negate the existence of other sects and this is intolerance, the fuel that feeds hatred, discourse, and injustice.

I strongly believe — from listening to the news coverage and the street interviews — that Egyptians are once again fighting for the noble cause of justice and to establish once and for all a just, benevolent, inclusive, and tolerant government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is absolutely extraordinary and unprecedented and the people of Egypt are to be strongly praised and congratulated for making the effort to find justice for all.

If the people of Egypt want to properly end what they started then I’d recommend looking at the US Constitution as the basis for the Constitution of Egypt. The US Constitution and Declaration of Independence introduce the concept of inalienable human rights and individual freedoms unlike any other document in previous history. And, I do not believe that the French revolution is the precedent of the American revolution, but this is not the time for that debate. Anyway, upon studying the magnificent — in its scope and simplicity — US Constitution, I believe that the Egyptians will correctly conclude that as phenomenal as the original US Constitution may be, there are flaws that need to be addressed and rectified. In this regard, I believe that my edit of the US Constitution that is found in my book, “The New Constitution for Modern America” will help Egyptians construct a Constitution that is suitable for their country, demographics and history.

And, one of the most important issues that need to be settled by Egyptians will be: What makes someone an Egyptian? What makes an American, an American is their philosophical underpinning — please read my previous post on this matter for more details. However, in most rest of the world, a person is defined by their ancestry or genetic makeup. However, many problems arise because of migration of human species. For example, if a Tunisian couple emigrates to France and have children, are the children Tunisian or French. The French have been struggling to figure this problem out for decades, and they are starting to realize that being French is more than the genetic makeup of a person. It is about the culture, language, self-identification, belief in French traditions, norms, mores, and its people, the respect for and understanding of its history, and pride in everything French. And, what the French are starting to realize more and more is that genetic makeup is becoming less and less meaningful or more saliently it is irrelevant. More to the point, identifying a Frenchman as a caucasian with ancestry that stretches back hundreds of years, if not thousands, creates massive inequities, prejudices, intolerances, and bigotry, which then leads to massive injustices.

No peaceful government, no Just government can, will and should tolerate such injustice perpetrated on anyone, let alone someone that the government recognizes to be or identifies as a Citizen of the government’s country. For Egypt, this is going to be the key to a Constitution that everyone can accept, live by, support and fight for: What defines an Egyptian, and what inalienable rights, and absolute individual freedoms should an Egyptian be endowed with? If Egypt can properly and Justly define this then the rest of it — writing a universal Constitution that everyone can agree to, forming a government of, by and for the people, and establishing Justice, etc. — should be relatively an easy task as all of these things should naturally flow from the answer to the previous question. In this regard, I strongly believe that both my books will help to answer some of these questions.

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