This may seem such an odd thing to say, but there are certain times when a person’s character is truly revealed. There are typically four things that bring out a person’s real character: 1) when someone gets drunk, 2) when people gamble, 3) when people interact with others that does not matter to them, and 4) when sports are involved, either playing or watching. It is the watching part that I want to use as a very good indicator of what most Americans are like.

How often do you see a fan — short for fanatic — from an opposing team cheer when one of the star players on the team that you favor gets injured and is taken out of the game? Actually, the more appropriate questions is when do you not see them cheer? How about never?! It seems that most Americans will revel in the prospect that their team’s chance of winning goes up with the opposing team’s star player removed from the pitch due to an injury. And, how often do you see a fan from an opposing team marvel and applaud at a great play that a player from the team that you favor executes? If you ask them, “why aren’t you applauding the great play?” what kind of a reaction would you get?

Think about how small-minded people are to not appreciate a great play, regardless of who executes it. Think about the idiotic mindset that would drive a fan to cheer the injury of another human being, potentially even a career ending injury or even a life ending injury. What kind of a human being would revel in such pathetic, short-sighted, idiotic, stupid, detrimentally self-destructive, childish behavior? This is the mindset of the vast majority of average Americans. How can such people be the driving force of greatness of our country? It cannot be.

Another example can be found in basketball. Most fans routinely think — or not — that when “their” team is down a few points that they should foul, i.e., break the rules, so that “their” team can get the ball back and hope that in the meantime the opposing team misses both of their foul shots. So, to these people there is nothing wrong with routinely being dishonorable. Even some of the most intelligent people think this way and think it is fine to do so.

As an aside, I think that the rules should be changed so that if a player fouls then the opposing team should be awarded two-points or three-points immediately, depending on where the foul occurred, and the opposing team should get two or three foul shots, again depending on where the foul occurred.

Getting back to the main point, if people routinely think that acting dishonorably in one situation is the right thing to do then why not in other situations? Also, what’s with all the distraction when the opposing team is trying to make free throws? Again, it shows that people believe that cheating or skewing the playing field, i.e., acting dishonorably, is perfectly fine. This type of behavior is very illustrative of people’s mindset, and it doesn’t say very many flattering things about average Americans.

The only bright spot used to be golf where a player’s honor meant as much as their score or play. However, this seems to be changing and not for the better. Granted there are certain golf rules that do go too far, but this is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about things like moving one’s ball instead of playing as it lies or other matters of honor and fairness. This only goes to show that even the last bastion of honor is being assailed for lack of vision, thinking and for convenience. This is unacceptable.

Only when average Americans can rise above such pettiness, can we even begin to talk about the contributions of average Americans to the progress and development of American prosperity and contributions to its future. Until then, average Americans cannot be a contributing factor to the greatness of America. BTW, when I talk about average Americans, I don’t mean from an income perspective or socio-economic status. I mean the way people think and their Six Pillars (morals, values, integrity, ethics, honor and honesty).

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