What is it about this principle do people not understand?! So often I find that mediocre people love to live by the violation of this principle. Whether they get promotions by sucking up to the boss and speaking poorly about their better rivals, finding ways to obfuscate, confuse and distract other people from achieving their objectives then discrediting them for their failure behind their backs, pretending to be helpful to colleagues while in reality working against them, spreading lies, making excuses or blaming others way too many people think that pulling people down the ladder is the same thing as one climbing the ladder. And, people use the relative comparison as a “rational” excuse to legitimize their unconscionable behavior. Meaning, that people actually think that winning by default is just as honorable, prestigious and rewarding as winning through fair competition. This is of course absurd!

These people convince themselves that once they get to the top that they will set things straight and play fair; make sure that the really good ones succeed and the bad ones get left behind. The thing is that the people around the person who does “make it” by cheating saw how that individual “made it.” So, when this person tries to “set things straight” the call of hypocrisy and resentment becomes so great that the “boss” becomes highly ineffective, the group becomes even more discombobulated, and trust, whatever was left, is completely evaporated. The office then disintegrates into chaos, suspicion, confusion and, ultimately, disaster ensues. The boss then has no choice but to gather his/her allies around her/him. Inevitably, the kind of person that the new boss can associate with and can relate to are those that are just like her/him. So, you end up with a disenfranchised workforce with a politically motivated asshole/bitch as a boss. This then leads to capable people leaving and the dregs of the workforce remaining.

In this environment, honesty cannot flourish, especially with incompetent and politically motivated bosses. It doesn’t even matter that truth is important in and of itself, necessarily; what is important is that truth is the building block to success. For example, let suppose that several people, who aren’t as competent as they’d like to think decide that a competent colleague is saying too many things that are bringing their abilities into question. What should the boss do? The competent boss should fire the marginal workers, no matter how many of them there are, and replace them with competent workers. The incompetent boss wouldn’t do that because it is too “politically” difficult. What the incompetent boss will do is to try to “mediate” the situation. Then when this inevitably fails, they will fire the competent individual, because it’s one versus many and replacing one “troublemaker” is easier, especially with bosses to the boss that are politically motivated more than business oriented. This is the reason why so many companies end up with layers and layers of idiotic bureaucracy that has no real benefit to the company, its shareholders and stakeholders, including the employees themselves. The other negative is that you end up with the politically savvy, above-average competent individuals that become leaders of companies, instead of the cream of the crop. This is a loss to everyone, not just in the company, but, repeated often, to the whole society.

If you are in a position of power, don’t tolerate the politically-motivated. Don’t give the fun, ass-kisser the time of day. Get rid of these people and replace them with the honest, open, and truly intelligent people. In the short-run, this will cause major disruption in your work force and your bosses will question your sanity, but then with time — typically about a year — you will find that productivity goes up, morale goes up, and you become the star of your company. This will buy you both friends and enemies. However, it will be well worth it. And, you can count on it. So, time to make some changes.

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