First, let me say that I think Pitch Perfect (PP) is one of my favorite movies of all time, and Anna Kendricks was awesome in that movie; incredibly musically talented and a great actress. In fact, she’s so musically talented that she could’ve been a multi-Grammy Award winning singer, no question. Also, I believe that Anna Kendricks, given the right role, will be an Academy Award winner. As an aside, I’ve correctly predicted the Academy Award for Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway before there nominations. My other picks for an Academy Award, with the right roles, are Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams. Sadly, no real outstanding male actors that inspire confidence in me to pick the next potential Academy Award winner.

Anyway, getting back to the blog post, it may seem highly odd that I’m using PP to illustrate America’s economic greatness to date, but what else is new! So, how does PP relate to America and the rest of the world economically? The Barden Bellas. Specifically, the Barden Bellas before (BBB) Anna Kendricks’ character’s leadership and the Barden Bellas after (BBA). The before is the rest of the world, specifically countries like France, Germany, Japan, Korea and China, while the after is us.

If each of the BBB were to get up on stage individually and sing their part of their performance, I’m sure that most people all over the world would listen to them and appreciate their strong musical talents and show appropriate feedback. However, if each member of the BBA would do the same, most would say, “what the hell?” Most people would say that the BBA members were not only not singing the same song, but also in different keys, are undisciplined, incongruous, asynchronous, cacophonous, and may be even obnoxious, pretentious and completely unaware.

Then let each group sing as a group and the level of appreciation would hardly change for the BBB. Most would say that they are as good as their individual performance and that they did not disappoint, especially if they were to go before the BBA. Then imagine bringing the BBA on stage as a group. The audience is likely to be squirming in their chair, may be even booing or hissing and generally unappreciative of the group. Then the BBAs open up their mouths and start singing. What would the reaction of the audience be: Stunned silence, embarrassment, jubilation, giddiness, or perhaps an explosion of celebration? So, even though we, Americans, are diverse and unique in many ways, as a whole, like the BBA, we are very successful. And, the important thing to note is that we are successful because of our diversity, not in spite of it.

The diversity that I’m talking about isn’t just racial or cultural although that is definitely a part of it. But, I’m specifically addressing the diversity of our interests, abilities, expertise, experience, and the freedom to pursue those activities. In addition, it isn’t just the ability to pursue our dreams, it is also the encouragement provided by those around us to do so. Finally, we have a society that accepts this diversity, embraces it, encourages it and wants it, at least for now. This freedom to pursue our interests, dreams and talents combined with the encouragement to do so by our family, our friends, our teachers, and our society, this is what makes us economically strong and will protect us from the competitive world trying to tear us down.

However, I am not without concerns. More and more, I’m hearing about our children’s standardized scores being too low, equalizing everything and everyone, and taking away more and more resources away from education to subsidize the useless, the wasteful, the inept, the immoral, the unjust, the abyss. We must stop this progression and propensity towards copying the rest of the world. Look what the rest of the world is doing to itself!

Does anyone remember the 1980s when people were talking about the greatness of Japan and how we should be more like Japan? Look where the Japanese are now! The same can be said about the Koreans and most definitely the Europeans. The Europeans are drowning themselves in social programs that have created an economic stagnation from which they cannot recover without massive pain due to great reforms that are necessary to right the wrong. Some have pointed to the pain that reform will cause as an indication that the reforms are wrong. That’s like saying that the pain from resetting a broken bone is an indication that resetting the broken bone is wrong. In reality, the pain is an indication of how decrepit the social policies of Europe have been. Obviously, this means that the greater the pain that reform supposedly have/will cause(d), the greater the decrepit nature of the social policies that reforms had-to/will correct. So, why the hell do we want to even go near the path that the Europeans have gone down already? Don’t we know where we’ll end up, if we emulate them? I really don’t understand how the majority of Americans can be so blind and ignorant!

As for the Chinese — and Asians in general — that is another disaster waiting to happen. First, it was the Japanese; soon it will be the Koreans, if they’re not there already. But the next really big economic disaster will be China. Of course, the Chinese will go through massive economic growth and reach a certain level of prosperity before they go through economic morass (what an appropriate word), but they will eventually end up in the position that the Japanese are in today, and the Koreans will be within 15 years (the Koreans may already be there). The problem with the Japanese, the Koreans and eventually the Chinese is ironically illustrated by one of Japanese’s favorite quote, “a nail that sticks out will get hammered down.” The Asian cultures prize uniformity, conformity, harmony, rigid hierarchy, order, and consistency: When average citizens play tennis, they prize long rallies; when they play golf, they play to save face and don’t take risks, try to make fancy shots or go for the gusto; when planning their economic future, they chose to perfect the art of adaptation versus the art of creation, i.e., they live off the innovation and creation of other countries, like America; when they marry, they stick to their own social class; they think of racial harmony as the cornerstone to their identity; any rebels of any sorts in any sphere of their society is beaten down, literally or otherwise; and the list can go on and on. But let me point out one very indicative clue as to why their societies can never get pass the morass that the Japanese find themselves in today, where the Koreans will be in the near future and where the Chinese are headed. There are very few left-handed people in any of those three countries. This is not by accident. This is because parents will not allow their children to be left handed. As soon as they find out that their child is left handed, they will do everything they can to force the child to become right handed. Their cultures view left-handed people as they view physically handicapped people: Losers and less than deserving of anything, sometimes even life. Parents will go to great lengths to suppress their child’s left-handed tendencies, even resorting to severe corporal punishment, if necessary.

The bottom-line is that what makes us great is the variety and diversity of our human resources at least at the top 1%; this compares to the uniformity that other cultures prize. Yet, many ignorant, myopic, and historically blind people that happen to also be influential, powerful or wealthy are trying to influence our society towards becoming more uniform. This is not what we need nor what is desirable. No one will win at playing another person’s game, especially according to their rules. Asians have had many thousands of years to perfect their culture, society and thinking based on uniformity, consistency and rigid hierarchy. So, even if their society is superior to ours, we cannot try to adopt it, because we will lose. In any event, their society is — thankfully — not what we need to maintain economic leadership.

The key to economic leadership is innovation and creativity. We have that, at least for now, and we must strive to keep it. Forcing our children towards uniformity and consistency is only going to weaken, not strengthen our economic future. Think of it from a distribution curve perspective. Asian cultures have a narrow range with a very high peak that has an average that is greater than both the Europeans and us. The Europeans have a broader range than the Asians, but a  lower peak that has an average value just below the Asians. On the other hand, America has a very broad range with a peak that is fairly low and an average that is significantly below that of the Europeans and substantially below that of Asians. This wide distribution in our range of people means that we have some of the most stupid, idiotic and pathetic people around, but also some of the brightest, most creative, and unbelievably talented people around as well. It is this second group that made us great and keeps us great, for now. If we don’t keep on working to create more and more of these people than we will lose the mantle of our economic leadership to China or India or Brazil, or a whole slew of other wannabes. Yet, liberals and socialists in our country continue to pursue policies that will only result in destroying the creative genius that our economy needs to thrive and prosper.

Think of it another way: If we try to raise the average and succeed, we will also end up eliminating the extremes, both extremes. This is not good for our country. As much as the bleeding heart liberals think that we can have our cake and eat it too, it will never happen, no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we try to deceive, ourselves and others, and no matter how many illusions we create. Therefore, we must abandon attempts to sterilize, homogenize and pasteurize our children and encourage diversity. We must encourage our children’s growth and development at the speed that each child can and wants to handle, but also provide rational and Just guidance and support to maximize our children’s efforts to achieve their ambitions. Inevitably, through this process, there will be those that get left behind, but this cannot be helped, because this is the nature of nature. Is it sad that some will be left out of the American dream? Hell yes! Is it unfortunate? Absolutely! Should we try to do something about it? Hell no, at least not at the societal level. As individuals, everyone is free to choose how to spend their time and money. So, if someone would like to spend their time and money to help those that inevitably will get left behind that is entirely up to each individual to decide and do so. However, by no means should the rest of us be FORCED to help these unfortunate people like the liberals/socialists are forcing us through political processes such as the implementation of so called “progressive taxes.”

The bottom-line is that there is a major difference between us and the rest of the world. As chaotic and undisciplined as we may seem to the rest of the world — and I hear this all the time when I travel around the world — there is a method to our madness that the rest of the world will never understand. The creativity, innovation, technical ingenuity, and talent that the elite of our society posses (and by elite, I don’t mean the wealthy, powerful or the famous; I mean the geniuses, the creative talents, the innovators, and the technical revolutionaries) is no match for the rest of the world, at least up to now. However, there are forces at play in our own country that is trying — deliberately or otherwise — to destroy that which is our most valuable asset, e.g., those that can’t see beyond standardized test scores, those that want to standardize, homogenize, pasteurize and unify our education system, and those that believe that the so called “progressive taxes” are Just. However, to maintain our economic leadership well into the future and guarantee the economic veracity of our future progenies, it is critical that we resist the temptation to only see what’s in front of us and also critical to ignore those blind fools who can only push an agenda that isn’t effective beyond a nanosecond.

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