How often do we hear, “the government should do something about it!” This is the refrain of the ignorant, the lazy and the thoughtless. Never mind the fact that in our country we are the government, depending on central authority to deal with problems, especially subtle ones is not a great idea. Central authorities tend to be very, very blunt instruments and tend to be very good at taking a wrecking ball to things, but where a problem requires something substantially less — even a jack hammer, let alone a scalpel — central authorities tend to be very highly ineffective at handling problems. Yet most Americans routinely think that the government should be the solution to their problems. This is a most egregious error of thought and wish.

The reason why people want Rules (to include laws, regulations, rules, etc.) is simple. It’s easier to live by Rules than to think for oneself and act accordingly. It is easier to just do as one’s told rather than have to think for oneself and act on one’s own judgment. It also provides “clarity” in people’s minds, because Rules not only spell out what one can and cannot do, but also it tells people the consequences. However, the proliferation of Rules is not only getting out of hand, but also creating more inconsistencies and contradictions that hamper the carriage of justice rather than help it. Just one simple example: During the California energy crisis a decade ago, a power company was fined for providing power in a desperate situation, because the state asked it to do so due to the nature of the emergency, but then the company was penalized by the state for exceeding its pollution allowance. This was a no-win situation, but the company did the right thing for the people anyway, because it was the lesser of the two evils. No one, no company, no organization should ever be put into such a ridiculous situation. It is bad for the individual, company or organization and it is bad for the country as a whole.

Regardless of these ridiculous situations, people want more and more Rules. This would be somewhat acceptable, if people bothered to remember why the Rules were created to begin with, yet they don’t. Also, if Rules were at least partially effective, we could consider the endless proliferation of them, but Rules are not very effective in trying to achieve the end objectives in the long-run. The fact that people don’t remember the reason for Rules and the ineffective long-term nature of them means that the proliferation of Rules leads to antiquated, contradictory, nonsensical Rules that hinder more than help. Classic examples of such laws include ban on gay marriages, jay-walking laws, ban on assisted suicides, statutory rape laws, restrictions on gambling among others. The funny thing is that most people don’t know why, for example, jay-walking laws were created. The fact that this law is obsolete in modern society has been lost on the vast majority of people because they don’t know the origination of the law and couldn’t be bothered to find out. This then creates the problem of Rules upon Rules piling one on top of another, which often leads to ridiculous situations like we had in California during the energy crisis.

Therefore, we have to stop the proliferation of Rules, eliminate a large number of existing Rules and educate people on why certain rules exist, so that they know when these rules become obsolete and useless. We must also teach people to think rationally so that they don’t have to rely on Rules and, in general, become better citizens of the US, since they can make better decisions in the long-term. However, when I talk about thinking, I don’t mean the kind of pretentious crap that the people do today. These people go around saying such nonsensical and ridiculously stupid things like: You shouldn’t generalize, the world is gray, logic isn’t everything, in the long-run we’re going to die anyway, etc. What I mean by thinking is rational thought based on logical assumptions with the focus on long-term gain and certainly not based on some discredited philosophy or based on the supposed word of some invented character; no. Real thinking has to be based on rational assumptions, inalienable human rights, Justice, individual freedoms, and it must not seek to restrict, suppress, limit or revoke, inalienable rights and individual freedoms in anyway or of anyone.

If our country can get to a point where our citizens can achieve such level of thinking and develop a moral philosophy to match the new sophisticated and rational way of thinking then we could eliminate many Rules, unnecessary and otherwise. Simply, we wouldn’t need them anymore. Also, once we achieve this level of higher moral thinking, we would eliminate irrational and immoral government policies such as the so called social programs, progressive taxes, racial quotas, among others.

The development of a new philosophy based on Justice, rational thoughts and assumptions and inalienable rights and individual freedoms  is the next imperative revolution that America needs to go through. However, the road to achieving this new paradigm and shaking off the antiquated, obsolete and irrational philosophy and thinking that currently dominate our country will be wrought with peril, dangers and ridicule. History has always demonstrated this. The entrenched, old guard make it extremely difficult for the new philosophy to grow, burgeon and thrive. This is no surprise as the old guard have a lot to lose. History has also shown that the old guard will use whatever means necessary to discredit the new philosophy whether they be lies, distortions, humiliation, censorship, imprisonment or murder. However, history has also shown that with patience, hard work, perseverance, honesty and steadfastness, rational, moral and Just thoughts cannot be suppressed and, eventually, they win over the masses and destroy the old guard. I look forward to the day this happens again in America.

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