To many, this statement is as offensive as anything a human being could utter to another, and I have to admit that my first reaction to his statement was, “What an asshole!” Then I got to thinking about what he meant by this and realized that our refrain that it is our leaders that make the decisions, and we have nothing to do with those decisions ring very hollow. Simply put, we vote into office those that make the decisions that end up causing distress to people in other countries. Of course, this is distress in their eyes, but to them that is the only perspective that matters. Regardless, the point is that, in our country — as in any democracy — we choose our leaders. Therefore, we are responsible for their actions; at the very least, partially. The other part of the argument that the former terrorist makes that is invalid is the fact that children don’t vote.

Regardless, I got to thinking about the democratic process and the government that we end up with, and I came to the realization that we deserve the government we are stuck with, and, more to the point, the politicians that we are stuck with. And, whether you are a lib/soc or a conservative, my guess is that no one is satisfied with the current crop of politicians. I know this because the approval ratings of both the president and Congress is at an all time low. So, why do we keep on electing these assholes, why don’t any good people run, and what can we do about this utterly unsatisfactory situation? The answer is simple: We deserve the government we have. Therefore, to change the government we have, we have to change ourselves first.

So, what does the fact that our current crop of politicians are complete and utter losers say about us, Americans, in general? It’s very, very unflattering to say the least. The best that we can say about the situation is that most Americans are gullible, naive and easily fooled into electing immoral, valueless, incompetent, dishonest and dishonorable people, and that to get elected into office one has to have the moral fortitude of the worst kind of criminal, and even that may be an insult to criminals! So then, what can we say at the worst? We, Americans, are attracted to these rotten people, because we can identify with them and, therefore, elect them into offices because they are most like us! Therefore, it should not be surprising that morally upstanding individuals that have a strong value system, good ethics, unshakeable integrity, honor and honesty, don’t/can’t/won’t run for public office anymore. And so, it should surprise no one that this is the sad state of affairs that we, the American people, find ourselves in today.

The fact of the matter is is that Americans, in general, have no real standards anymore. We no longer believe in a strong system or standard of Six Pillars — morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor and honesty — that we can use to measure the worth of another human being. This is vastly different from the 1950s and before, when, despite the faults and deficiencies in the Six Pillars of Americans, at the very least, we strongly identified with the philosophy and concepts imbedded in the Six Pillars that governed Americans before the 1960s. So, what changed? An enormous amount of the Six Pillars of Americans from the 1950s and before have proven to be highly immoral, valueless, unethical, lacking integrity, dishonorable, and outright false. Some examples that I can site are as follows: Blacks are not inferior, women don’t have to be stay at home wives/mothers, everyone truly does have the right to vote, many of the principles imbedded in Christianity have proven to be less than unshakeable truths (we are not the center of the universe, Christians are not the only worthy people, science has laid false many of the Christian “truths”, we don’t have to be religious to be good people, etc.), Americans are not always the good guys, America isn’t even the center of earth anymore, pre-marital sex is not a sin, it’s perfectly fine to be homosexual, your position in society doesn’t make you a better/good person, having an abortion isn’t a sin, etc.

As some of the core beliefs of Americans proved to be less than honorable, righteous, moral, ethical, and truthful, we, as a society, began to lose our sense of self. Thus, it should not surprise anyone that by the 1980s, America seemed to turn more towards the superficial and pretentious — as marked by the materialistic yuppie movement — as the only gauge of self worth. Therefore, things like personal wealth, social status, fame, and other superficial and pretentious indicators became the standard bearers and representations of our Six Pillars, because these were the only things that could be measured, compared, and properly valued by anyone and everyone. In short, in the absence of an alternative and superior moral philosophy to replace that which we held so dearly prior to the 1960s, people turned to what is easiest and self-evident, because those were the only thing that made sense to people anymore.

Also, as the culture of pretense and superficiality took hold many other things changed with it, some in linear fashion, and others in conjunction with the development of the new philosophy. One of the critical attributes that changed in Americans is that we no longer believed in thinking and acting for the long-term. It is because the new philosophy does not require it, and, in many ways, long-term thinking is counter-productive to achieving the goals and objectives that are deemed valuable according to the new philosophy.

All these changes, which started to take hold starting in the 1960s, have completely changed the landscape of American thinking and behavior, and, in many ways, these changes are being reflected in who we elect as our leaders. Particularly, when voters don’t have core fundamentals that they believe in then they’re going to go with what sounds good and with who they think to be a good person. And, how an individual determines another to be a good person has to do with not necessarily what they say, in today’s society, but how they say it. It also depends on what the individual perceives as sounding good, not actually what is good. Again, this obviously happens because people don’t have the right set of Six Pillars that they can use to judge what is being said, so they have no choice, but to go with that which sounds good.

All these changes have led to the inevitability of the politicians and the political systems that we have today. Therefore, now, most politicians are more actors than leaders, they are superficial and pretentious, they love to stand on ceremony and revere the trappings of their office, demand respect based on their political position rather than based on their abilities and their Six Pillars, make decisions based on short-term thinking because America only understands short-term thinking, are more interested in being elected/re-elected than doing the right thing, like to follow the path of least resistance rightly or wrongly, and have no compunction of saying whatever they need to to get elected/re-elected. The funny thing is that if you really think about this situation, you can’t blame the politicians. They’re only doing what we want them to do, because that is all we, as a society, are capable of understanding and appreciating.

Therefore, the conclusion to this post should be self-evident. If we want to escape the quagmire — more like quicksand — that we’ve trapped ourselves into, we have to change the way we think. This new way of thinking has to be based on Justice, and long-term gain; it must eschew short-term achievements. It must also not only imbue us with a rational and Just set of moral principles and strong values, but also hold us to an incorruptible ethical standards as well as showing us why integrity matters. Finally, this new philosophy must give us a clear sense of honor and instill us with the belief that honesty is really best policy. In short, this new philosophy must provide everyone with the most logical, rational and sensible Six Pillars that is based on Justice — and only Justice — and common inalienable rights, while preserving individual freedoms to the utmost possible level.

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