The argument that people make that are opposed to gambling is that it is a corrupting influence and, therefore, it should not be allowed to establish its evil ways in the community that decent people live-in. Their argument is: “Why should we have to tolerate a negative influence in our community?!” They say these things with such indignation that one can only wonder if they are insane, completely stupid/brain-damaged, joking or just plain obnoxious.  Regardless, to these people, what they are saying is so self-evident and true they feel highly compelled to take a self-righteous attitude towards the subject. Oh, brother!

So, in my usual way, I can’t help but needle these people some. My first question to them is: Have you ever seen a slot machine, a black jack table or a roulette wheel talk to people to beckon them to the casino? Typically, their reaction is, “What?! That’s stupid!” My response to them is, “Then, how do you propose that casinos corrupt people? If these inanimate objects don’t talk to people to entice them to gamble then how are casinos a corrupting influence?” Silence is typically a reaction. But then some say things like, “Casinos run marketing programs to target people, they give some people free rooms and other incentives to entice them, and casinos take money from people whether they can afford to lose the money or not.” “And, how is it the casinos’ fault that people lose money?”

The thing of it is is that these people are the same ones who go around saying things like, “we need to get rid of guns to get rid of violent crimes,” or “money is the root of all evil,” “everything is relative,” “you shouldn’t generalize,” or some other such nonsense. They don’t understand cause and effect. The reality of the matter is is that casinos absolute provide incentives for people to gamble, but, ultimately, people are the ones who make the bets and these people make bets because of who they are and what their nature is. What this means is that people go to casinos and gamble because they want to and have a desire to do so, not because casinos necessarily market to them, force them to do so or other wise corrupt them into doing so. Additionally, there are far more responsible gamblers that no their limitations than gamblers who do irresponsible things with their money.

Therefore, it is not up to the uptight citizenry to tell the rest of us what to do with our money let alone our lives. And, no one is forcing these uptight citizens to go to the casino let alone to gamble in them. Also, if there are casinos around then at least we all have a choice and no one is forcing anyone else. However, if there are no casinos then some people are losing the ability to make decisions because others deem it wrong to make that choice. And, this is patently wrong! No one has the right to tell anyone else what to do with their time, their money, what to believe in, what to disavow, what is moral, immoral, right or wrong. Everyone must have the right to exercise their individual freedoms and choices. Yet, these uptight individuals think that they are superior, they know better, they have better judgment, and want to tell the rest of us what to do, how to think, how to behavior and tell us not only that we’re all wrong, but also immoral people. Who amongst us should tolerate this ridiculous, absurd and insulting behavior? Yet, many do! How ridiculous is that?!

Also, don’t think that the ban on on-line poker is/was about money-laundering, wire fraud, financial/banking fraud. Hell no! It is about money, pure and simple, period, full-stop, the end! Who’s money? Major casino operators, and federal tax receipts. The major casino operators were not getting a dime from on-line poker/gaming. So, rather than lose out, they lobbied to shut them down, so that they could buy time to arrange their own on-line gaming operations and kill the competition all in one fell swoop. From the federal government’s point of view, they were not collecting any taxes from on-line gaming. So, they are in cahoots with the casinos to make sure that the federal government can tax gaming profits, when the major casinos are ready to launch their own on-line operations. So, when the major casinos are ready then the federal government will legalize on-line poker as a starting point. This is likely to happen within the next couple of years.

Regardless of the details of my argument, the concept is very simple: No one has the right to enforce their beliefs on others. This is true for philosophical (including religious) beliefs, morality, values, and other important concepts such as individual rights, freedoms and choices. Yet, it happens all the time and few, if any, even realize that this is going on, let alone taking action to correct this. However, in today’s society, there is no more urgent matter than this, and it must be corrected expeditiously.

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