It’s funny. When you ask people, “Should anyone be allowed to force others to live by the Six Pillars of another?” and inevitably the vast majority of people take great umbrage to such a statement. They talk about how offensive it is; even the thought of it alone is extremely repulsive to most. Then when you tell people that they do that all the time to others, this is when the fireworks really start! People get so offended that I think that they would force others to live by what they believe to be right and wrong that they not only lose their temper, but also think that I’m totally crazy, to say the least! The awful thing is that most people are so upset that they won’t even listen to my reasoning, because they think I’m totally out of my mind and insane, but those very few that do give me a chance to explain myself can’t help but feel a queazy pit growing in their stomach, and they become squirmy and start shifting in their seat. So, what makes people squirm? It’s the assumptions and logic behind the argument that I make that becomes so irrefutable that people can’t help but feel that they have been wrong all their lives. So, what is my reasoning and argument?

We all have the right to vote, but if the majority of us voted to bring back slaves, would that be right? Would it be moral? Of course not. So, voting in and of itself is not a moral act. It is what we vote for that makes our vote a moral or immoral act. Then let us examine what it is that we do or don’t vote for, because this is what is more crucial to the argument than anything else. Here are some of the more common issues that people vote for or against, among others:

  • Right to life vs. right to choose
  • Gay marriage
  • School prayers
  • Social programs
  • Assisted suicide

Most, if not all, of these issues are driven by religious values in one way or another. Therefore, if you’re for right to life, are against gay marriage, support school prayers, and are against assisted suicide then you are voting to impose your religious values on those that don’t agree with you or your religious beliefs. And, if you should win the day then you are forcing your religious values on everyone else. On the other hand, if you take the opposite view and you should win the day then you are forcing religious people to abandon their religious values. Either position is wrong because it imposes one-side’s moral/value system on everyone else. Yet, people try to do this all the time, because many vote based on the politician’s view on these issues.

What some people, particularly those that are religious, don’t seem to understand is that their view of the world isn’t shared by everyone, nor will it ever be shared by everyone, and what they believe to be absolute truth may be a pure fantasy to some, a fairy tale to others, superstition to many, a lie — white or otherwise — to a lot, just plain stupidity to multitudes, and ignorance to plethora of denizens of the USA. More to the point, from a logical viewpoint, there is no reason why gay marriage and assisted suicide should not be allowed. It is primarily because of religious doctrine, which forbids those acts, that we have a faction in our society that wants to prevent others from exercising their freewill and impose on everyone an irrational philosophical doctrine. Basically, the religiously faithful want to force their philosophical doctrine on everyone whether we believe in their morality and code of Justice or not.

As for the other issues, clearly there is a moral justification for why women should have the freedom to choose an abortion, why school prayers should be kept out of schools, and why government funded social programs are immoral and should be all privatized. Yet, those that support any of the above will be more than willing to impose their will on everyone else. This is precisely one of the reasons why the separation of church and state makes so much sense. Regardless, there is no justification for one group in our society imposing their Six Pillars on others, yet it happens all the time in our society.

Therefore, it is imperative that we, as a society, finally lift our heads-up and stop all of the bullying that this country takes for granted. We must focus on that which is moral, that which is Just, and on as much freedom for every individual as possible, instead of fighting to see how we can impose our will on others. This is critically important. We must allow every individual the freedom to practice which ever philosophy they subscribe to — assuming that it is not harmful to others — and in order to do so, our government policies must be completely devoid of influences from one philosophy (including any religious doctrine) or another. Therefore, we must create a minimalist approach to legislation, rules, regulations and the like. This also means that we must allow each individual as much freedoms and choices as possible. So, of the five previously mentioned voter issues, we must allow choice, gay marriages, and assisted suicide, but no school prayer or social programs.

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