Think about the meaning of liberal and conservative. Liberal comes from the word to liberate, while conservative comes from the word to conserve. In the BHO-era, who’s trying to conserve what and who is trying to liberate the people? It should be pretty clear that the pre-BHO-era liberals are trying to conserve their immoral stance of stealing from the rich and subsidizing the poor, while the pre-BHO-era conservatives are trying to free us from the immoral and bankrupt philosophy being perpetrated by BHO and his insanely thoughtless cadre of immoral bullies. So, how is it that pre-BHO-era liberals are still called liberals and the pre-BHO-era conservatives are still called conservatives. Going forward, the established group will no doubt be the ones who want to steal more and more money from the rich, while the group that represents the movement for change will be the ones who want to end slavery in our country once and for all. So, going forward, pre-BHO-era liberals should be called conservatives and the pre-BHO-era conservatives should be called liberals.

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