It’s funny how people who have done things sooner than you or are older than you automatically think that they are smarter, more knowledgeable, wiser and better equipped to handle problems. Throughout my life, I’ve had people, both on a personal level and professional level, tell me, “wait ’till you [fill in the blank].” Some of these things would be “grow up,” “have a significant other,” “get a job,” “get married,” “have children,” “get promoted,” “have to negotiate,” “manage others,” “have to fire someone,” et cetera.

These comments came up throughout my life when I would posit that someone was doing something wrong, and after discussing at length when these people have nothing to say to defend themselves, they’d utter the infamous words, “wait ’till you [fill in the blank].” This was infuriating to me, because what could I say to that? I knew better than that, but still there was nothing that I could say at that moment that would refute their stupid argument. So, for years, I’ve been waiting until I “[fill in the blank].” As it turns out, they’re still wrong and ignorant. At the very worst, it’s a tie, but this would be stretching it.

Whether it is a situation involving significant others, marriage, jobs, careers, friends, children or something else, I have found that people spout “common wisdom” as well as their “experience” as if it were gold and that I would be the great beneficiary of their knowledge. Bullshit! Regardless of whether it’s “common wisdom” or “wisdom” from personal experience, the validity of that “pearl of wisdom” rests on one premise: Is it rational or Just? If it is neither rational or Just then it is wrong. This seems to elude or escape a lot of people.

Some “common wisdom” that I’ve found to be idiotic are comments like: “The world is gray,” — please see previous posts for explanation as to why this is crap — “everything is relative,” “I’m not really lying to my children because it’s a white lie,” “it’s not worth it, just do what your wife wants,” “just pretend your husband’s the king of the castle,” “if you don’t yell at them, they don’t listen,” “you’ve never done the job before, so someone else who has done it is more qualified,” “you should hire someone with prior experience,” “it doesn’t matter the circumstances, firing someone is the most difficult thing in the world,” etc. What I’ve found is that these people were wrong then and they’re still wrong now. Having gone through all of the experiences that these people supposedly had before I did, I can tell everyone with utmost confidence that what doesn’t make sense, doesn’t make sense no matter what one has or has not experienced. This is one of the key tenants of my philosophy: Experience matters naught! Even after I’ve proven people dead wrong, I still get this crap; so when or how will these people learn?

Is it any wonder that we are in a state that we are?

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