It’s funny how people use the phrase, “but we’re family,” to justify all manner of ills. Pretty much everyone that I know believes that being family means that they can do anything to anyone in their family and it’s OK, because they’re “family.” Of course, when I put it this way to people, everyone denies it, but their actions speak way louder than their words. So, what’s with that? I can not only not relate, but also can’t understand why people think this way; it’s very bizarre to me.

To me, what makes any family a family isn’t the ancestry, isn’t the genes and certainly it isn’t because people live together. What makes a family a family is their core Six Pillars: Morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor and honesty. Because family members have the same parents or have a filial relationship, they share or are taught the same Six Pillars. This is vitally important. Imagine a world in which everyone has the same Six Pillars as you do. How would such a world be? Of course. They’d be no war, no major disputes, everyone would understand everything that you do without having to explain it and everyone would be friends.

Given that one’s family are most likely to have the closest Six Pillars for any given individual, protecting and helping to insure the well-being of family members would benefit any person. This is why, in theory, when our backs are against the wall, we are taught to gravitate towards our siblings and our parents, and we are taught to help our siblings and our family members when they are in trouble, precisely because we are supposed to share our Six Pillars and the prosperity of people who share our Six Pillars should benefit us in the long-run.

However, what happens if one or more of our family members don’t share our Six Pillars? In fact, what if they are the antithesis to our Six Pillars? Certainly, these family members would not only not be helpful, but also a major hinderance in our life, particularly if they are actively sabotaging our lives or living off the generosity of our nature. Then, why should such people be given any consideration? Just because they have common ancestry and genes with us? No, this cannot be and it would not be right. If “family” is worse than your worst enemy then there should be no consideration for this so called “family” member. This is Just and fair.

In contrast, even if someone has no common ancestry with you, if they share your Six Pillars and are a support to your life, all consideration should be provided and given to the stranger, because they will be of help and support to you and your life and vice-versa. This person, though unrelated, would be more “family” than the family member whose a drag in your life.

The bottom-line is that being “family” is no excuse for being an ass with the “ones that you love” and it isn’t a license to do whatever you want with your family. And, family isn’t family if you don’t have common Six Pillars, because it is the Six Pillars that bind you as family, not your genes. Why? Because without common Six Pillars, blood doesn’t mean much.

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