I have had many conversations about politics, taxes, governance, the Constitution and social programs with hundreds, if not thousands of people all over the world, and it never ceases to amaze me how there is such a paucity of new ideas and how many people make such irrational arguments. Even the most intelligent people say some of the dumbest things, it’s quite shocking. Many of these people are Ivy League (or equivalent) graduates and have doctorate, masters and other advance degrees like JD, MBA, etc. What’s even more astonishing is how many times I will not only shock, but also render speechless these very well-educated and intelligent people with my ideas, which they find different and, reluctantly rational.

I hear all the time from people: How did you come up with these ideas? I’m intrigued, can you tell me more? How is it that I’ve never heard these ideas before? Why didn’t I think of your ideas, it makes so much sense! Then there are those that get it in their heads, but can’t accept my ideas on an emotional level and say things like: You’re right, but …; I don’t know, it seems like there ought to be more, but I can’t come up with anything; I don’t want to agree with you, but I can’t say why! You can’t be right!

Regardless, the fact of the matter is is that I always find myself in the position of always having to listen to the same things, while I’m always presenting new ideas to people. This is what led me to write my books. So, if you want to listen to radical, but rational ideas that will change the way you think, as I have changed the thought of many others, please read my books. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it. Thanks in advance for buying my books, and I hope you have the opportunity to read my other posts.

“… Under the New Constitution with Liberty and Justice for ALL,” available at http://www.CreateSpace.com/3978962

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