Think about it! Money is an inanimate object and more to the point it is a tool. Specifically, it is a tool of trade. Money can’t talk, it doesn’t have a moral disposition or stance, and, again, it is an inanimate object, i.e., made of mostly linen. So, how can money be the root of anything?! Then why do people insist that money is the root of all evil? Evil or good can only come from beings with the ability to think and make choices and decisions well beyond just survival. So, again, how can money, an inanimate object and a tool, like a hammer, be the root of all evil?

If detailed inquires are made about how it is that someone thinks that money is the root of all evil, it comes down to the fact that these people believe that people are tempted by money and, because they are tempted, will do anything to acquire it, even great acts of evil. And, I agree. People are tempted by money, but money itself is not the one that tempts people. It is the way that people think that make them think about money in such a way which makes them unscrupulous and act in ways that are dubious at best, and greedy, unscrupulous and immoral at worst.

Then the question becomes, what makes people think and, therefore, act the way they do? Think about it: No one is born a criminal and no one growing up says I want to be a greedy, unscrupulous and immoral individual. Most of these people are misguided and are taught things that end up distorting their moral compass. Then, as a young child trying to process conflicting and nonsensical guidelines from adults they get confused and disoriented because nothing makes sense to them. So, they do what’s expedient, because that is the only thing that makes sense. Overtime, these self-perpetuating negative decisions and behaviors start to become second-hand and one bad decision leads to another and another until all that these people know how to behavior is to perpetuate bad decisions and behaviors by making more bad decisions and behaving badly. And, this is how they become bad people doing bad and immoral things. So, where do the people who taught the bad things to the child get their screwed up morals and values? From whomever tried to teach them, of course, and the cycle can be traced back generations after generations. So, the question isn’t one that is specific to a single individual; at the heart of it, it is a societal question, because most individuals are not individuals but duplicates of each other to a very large extent.

Then where does the foundations of our society’s morals and values stem from? At least in America, the origination of the morals and values for the vast majority of the country stems from the judeo-christian (jc) religious teachings. This jc moral philosophy has permeated so far into our society and is so blindly and widely accepted by such a super vast majority that very few, if any, dare even question the validity and the moral justice of the teachings. This is not a judgment of the jc moral philosophy, but a statement of fact. However, the fact of the matter is that the jc moral philosophy has broken down because of its inherent nonsensical and self-contradictory edicts and philosophical underpinnings (some specifics of how they are self-contradictory and nonsensical have been presented in previous posts, but the best source for these issues is my book, “… Under the Constitution with Liberty and Justice for ALL,” available at One example that discredits the existence of the jc god and creates confusion and havoc among the ignorant and ill-educated can be evidenced from the book of genesis in the jc bible. Through the book of genesis, the jc bible claims that its god created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh. Forgetting about the fact that it took more days to create earth than the rest of the universe,  and that given that the jc god is supposedly triple-o (omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent), it should have been able to create the entire universe in an instant, the fact of the matter is is that the mass of the universe is constant, which means that the universe could not have been created. This obviously completely negates the book of genesis’ version of how the universe was created.

Throughout history, humans — through scientific observations and discoveries and rational thought — have laid bare the many irreconcilable points and assumptions that completely discredit the moral premise of the jc philosophy and negates its position as the singular and absolute truth. Then is it any wonder that people have completely lost their way? Of course not. And, without a new moral philosophy that is rational and just for people to migrate to in the absence of such startling revelations, people have no choice but to be in a state of chaos and confusion. And, the more the devotees of the jc philosophical construct try to impose their will on the entire world, the more rebellious the world will become, because living by the jc moral construct is not only impossible, but also futile, and, in many ways, immoral.j For example, the jc faithfuls’ attempted imposition of the ban on gay marriage is immoral.

Therefore, in the lost world that we live in, human morality can only decay into confusion and chaos, which then translates into increasing immoral behaviors. Thus, if anything is to be the root of all evil — given that money cannot be — religion, specifically, the jc religion is the only suspect left, at least in the USA.

Please note that I believe that the people that created the jc religion did not create it with the intent of doing evil or seeing it become the rudder of evil, but the nonsensical philosophy itself leaves no room for doubt what effect it will end up having on the very people that it is supposed to help. Also, I don’t necessary believe that there must be a root of all evil. This post was written to show that money cannot be, and that if there must be then it can only be that which drives human behavior, i.e., our moral philosophy, which in the western world can only be the jc religious moral philosophy. Therefore, this post is not designed to offend or disrespect; I know many that believe in the jc philosophy that are good people, misguided perhaps, but good people with good intentions, but, as a jc saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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