People are so worried about the bottom 99%, they forget what made and continues to make America great. In short, I can say with absolute 100% confidence that what made and continues to make America great has never been, isn’t and never will be the bottom 99%. In fact, our bottom 99% isn’t that much better than the bottom 99% in other industrialized countries, and in many respects they are worse, as an example, just look at math, science and reading scores of our children compared to the rest of the industrialized nations.

No, what made America great and continues to somewhat make America better than other industrialized nations is the very, very rare few that have innovated and created great industries and technological revolutions. These men would include people such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore (founders of Intel Corp.), Thomas Edison, and the like. Despite this obvious fact, many have argued that without labor none of their inventions would have mattered and that the common and average American had as much to do with the economic success as the inventors. This is such bullshit, I don’t even know where to start. It seems to escape the stupidity of these revisionists that without invention labor is immaterial, meaning labor cannot hold anything hostage without the invention. Also, labor is bountiful; if the US labor force were unwilling to cooperate with the inventors, UK, French, German, Canadian, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, or Russian laborers, among others would easily step in to replace American labor and the benefits of the invention would go to the country and the people that are willing to work with the inventors and benefit from their imagination and creativity.

Also, if anyone took the time to study, even superficially, the economic history of the US, it would not be difficult to realize that the average American has and will continue to benefit greatly from the imagination and the creativity of the inventors. Think about this very carefully. The most important conclusion one can draw from the realization that average Americans benefit greatly from the genius of inventors is that if labor were to refuse to work with inventors and hold them hostage then the ones that suffer the most would be the average Americans. Which means that labor would be hurting themselves more than anyone else. Look at the impact of the following inventions: Cars, refrigerators, gas and electric stoves, washing machines, computers, cell phones, the internet, airplanes, containers, container trucks, railroads, steel, etc. Inventors have clearly benefitted, but as a whole who has benefitted more, the investors or the average American? Who’s lives have improved most? Again, it’s not difficult to understand and conclude that, collectively, the average Americans have benefitted far more than the people who’ve invented and invested in these products.

So, again, the only proper conclusion that one can draw is that America’s greatness comes from the very few handful of inventors that have propelled the growth of our economy and catapulted us to the top of the economic food chain. And, therefore, in order to preserve this economic leadership, we must focus on developing new innovations and technological break-throughs. Therefore, our educational system must focus on helping to develop and encourage innovation. This means that our emphasis on standardized test scores is absolutely the wrong thing to look at and focus on.

Look at the Japanese and the South Koreans for example. They have excellent standardized test scores, but what have they innovated or developed in the last fifty years that has revolutionized the way we live? The South Koreans haven’t had any such innovation and it is debatable what the Japanese have invented: Perhaps the Walkman? I would argue that miniaturization is not an innovation; the innovation is the creation of the tape player/recorder itself. So, how much good has great standardized test scores helped Japan and South Korea? Not much! So, why are we so focused on it?!

The greatness of America doesn’t come from the 99%, it won’t come from standardized test scores being raised, and it won’t help to spend our money to try and fit our children in preconceived “molds” or “tracks.” We need to make sure that our children have the opportunity to maximize their creativity and innovative capacity. We need to raise them well, guide them, and trust that they know what they’re good at and follow that path to success. The problem, believe it or not, is that the trusting part is easy; the difficult part is raising them well. There are too many Americans that don’t know how to think, have no semblance of a rational set of Six Pillars, and wouldn’t know Justice, if it bit them in the ass! So, instead of trying to work on our children’s standardized test scores, we need to re-educate the adults. And, this is no easy task.

The first order of business: Teach people why social programs are immoral and why government intervention in our lives is NEVER the solution.

The other critical factors to the long-term economic success of our country are better and fairer business regulations, elimination of corporate taxes and the lowest taxes possible for every individual living in the US. I won’t expand beyond this, since these subjects were covered in other posts.

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