What does it mean to be American? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a straight or good answer to this question. Most people say something to the effect of, “if you were born in America or legally immigrated to America, you are American.” So, what about the terrorist that was born in America, but then goes overseas to kill American soldiers? Are they American? I don’t think that anyone would question that that terrorist is not an American. So, I think it is clear that being an American has little or nothing to do with where you were born or how you got to be living in this country.

Then what does it mean to be American? Before I answer that let me point out how other countries define who their people are. In the vast majority of cases other countries define their people by their genetic disposition, in a small number of instances a country may define its people based on religious belief or both genetic disposition and religious belief. This is not how anyone in our country, who are true Americans, would define who an American is or isn’t. And, anyone who does is not an American. So then, back to the original question: What constitutes someone being an American?

It is our philosophy that binds us and holds us together. This is unlike any other country in the history of mankind. We are the only country throughout history that does not rely on genetic make-up, creed, ancestry, religion, birth location or other superficial category to define its people. This is a very big deal! Because, for the first time in history being or becoming a part of a county, in this case an American, is attainable by anyone and everyone. This is why immigrants to our country have been so successful and are likely to continue to succeed — unless we go off the cliff on the lib/soc wagon. And, by extension, it is the main reason why our immigration policy has been so successful and such a huge benefit to our country.

So, what precisely am I talking about? What is embodied in our philosophy? The basis of our philosophy is embodied in our Constitution, and more specifically, inalienable right, individual rights and freedoms that the Constitution allows. By extension, the philosophy embodied in the Constitution allows for capitalism as the economic model to be employed by our country, and no where in the Constitution does it imply or logically justify anything remotely resembling so called “progressive taxes.” In fact, we can make the logical argument that the federal government should be very lean and collect very little in terms of taxes, because the United States of America envisioned by the founders of our country had at its core a weak central government with strong state governments. And, therefore, again by logical extension, come to the conclusion that the federal government should only provide for the minimal of services that is best managed centrally. These things would be at least self-defense and infrastructure, and I would argue education as well, even though a very effective argument could be made for the states providing educational services.

Regardless, what makes someone an American has nothing to do with one’s skin color, race, creed, ancestry, philosophical/religious beliefs, genetic make-up, sexual orientation or any other superficial metric. It has to do with only one thing: The belief in Americanism, i.e., the philosophical construct embodied in the Constitution. So, then everyone in this world can only be categorized into two different buckets: Either someone is American or isn’t. And, in defining an American, their race, creed, philosophical/religious beliefs, ancestry, genetic make-up, or any other superficial or distinguishable attributes do not matter. Then, how can we have an African American, Irish American, Italian American, Chinese American, etc.? More to the point, if being an American is defined by our belief in Americanism then what does it matter if we have ancestry that goes back to another country or not? This is especially quizzical and puzzling in the sense that everyone, other than native American Indians, have some lineage that they can trace back to another country. So, again, what meaning does it hold to be an African American, Irish American, Italian American, Chinese American, etc.?

If you are an American then you are an American; other sub-categorizations do not matter and are irrelevant. The quicker everyone realizes this, understands it and lives by it, the quicker we will end divisiveness and other stupid acts and actions, including quotas. More to the point, we can stop wasting time, effort and money on idiotic things and focus on things that really, truly matter to the future of our country, such as educational philosophy and direction.

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