Imagine how embarrassed people that opposed the civil rights movement in the 1960s are today? Every time they see a movie about the civil rights, and they see the antagonists or common, average, ignorant people vehemently, even violently, opposing the protagonist/hero of the civil rights, how would they feel? My guess is that the ones that are truly bigots wouldn’t regret anything that they did or think; however, those people that were just following along with what they perceived as the majority opinion or actually believed that the civil rights activists were wrong, but later found out that they were mistaken in their beliefs, these people must be dying of humiliation and embarrassment. This is what the libs/socs face in the future. When they come to realize how immoral their position is and how ill conceived their thoughts were, they will feel the same humiliation that the anti-civil rights activists feel today. Because, it is inevitable that in our country wrongs are eventually “righted” and immoral laws are eventually overturned. It may take a while, but eventually it will happen. And, if faith is to take hold on human affairs, I believe that this is one of those rare times that faith in something is justified. I just hope that I live long enough to see the injustice of forced charity overturned and see our nation look back on these times and be equally incredulous that it existed like today we look back 200 years and we remember with shame and incredulity that there were some in the country who once had slaves and they didn’t think anything immoral about it. One day, I hope to see the libs/socs hang their heads in shame for advocating theft and trying in vein to justify something that which is immoral and highly indefensible.

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