How many times have you heard people protest violent movies as the culprit for increasing violence in our country? What is interesting about this position is that it is insanely stupid! Hollywood is in business to make money; and the only way to make money is to deliver movies that people want to watch. This means that Hollywood has to deliver movies that people would PAY MONEY TO SEE! In case it’s unclear what I’m saying, Hollywood is only trying to fill a demand, a demand for violent movies! Therefore, it is not Hollywood that is perpetuating violence, but, if there is blame to be dished out, it is people’s desire for violent movies that may be increasing violence. Why this is so difficult to understand, I have no idea, but I can assure you that the people who go around protesting violent movies are most likely the same people who say that children shouldn’t watch GI Joe cartoons, no one should ever under any circumstances use the “N-word,” “white” lies are good/harmless, the universe is gray, and guns kill people, instead of people killing people. In short, these people are “politically correct” individuals who are anything but correct. So, why do people give them any credence or time? I have no idea; I wish someone would explain it to me.

The problem is that the idiots that go around talking about the ills of Hollywood are actually the problem themselves. These people are all about the superficial and pretentious, and typically can’t think beyond the tip of their eyelashes — forget the nose. They go around pontificating about the ills of violent Hollywood movies without understanding the cause and effect for why violent movies exist. The problem is that many of these people are very prominent people that are well respected for one thing or another and command attention from others who are even more feeble-minded. To these feeble-minded people, it seems like a plausible argument: If people don’t see violence, perhaps they’ll be less likely to commit acts of violence. These people are easily confused by superficial and pretentious cues, which has nothing to do with intelligence nor knowledge, let alone wisdom — by the way, intelligence and knowledge help to acquire wisdom, but they are not and cannot be substituted for wisdom.

The problem with these people is that they don’t know how to think. Yet, many of them — because of their wealth, education, power or social position — wield enormous influence among the average and the mundane. It is this type of short-term, near-sighted thinking that justifies stupidity and stupid behavior, like getting drunk, using drugs, having unprotected sex, etc. It may also encourage violent behavior because people cannot think beyond the now; in this case, specifically, people cannot think beyond the act of violence or the consequences of violence.

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