Hello~~~! When is it ever a good thing and a point of pride that a slowly decaying piece of carcass is served up as steak, regardless of how much it’s decayed and how fast it is decaying? This is what BHO and his lib/soc allies want us to celebrate and revel in, can you believe this? Their excuse of a policy is founded on the principle that we are so much better off than everyone else and have so much wealth we should squander as much as we can and as fast as we can in the name of humanity — I’m assuming that most libs/socs are trying to be decent human beings as opposed to the lib/soc politicians that are the maggots feasting off of the decaying carcass.

Here’s what so amazing about BHO and his lib/soc allies. Why is it that these people — some of them reputed to be very intelligent — can’t learn from the mistakes and the lessons that Europe is going through now, that South America did pre-1990s, that the UK did pre-Margaret Thatcher (one of the last great leaders of our times), that Cuba and North Korea are currently going through? What is so damned difficult about understanding what these other countries did/do and just avoid their mistakes? Why do we have to go down the same path that these idiots are going/did go through? It’s inconceivable that some of these people are Nobel laureates, famed economists, successful investors, and renowned policy wonks! It is truly inconceivable and very highly puzzling.

There should be nothing difficult about learning from other people and countries’ mistakes. It is crystal clear that socialism has destroyed many countries and we are headed in the same direction, so why do these people insist on doing the same thing? When confronted with this “inconvenient truth,” do you know what the typical response from these socs/libs are? We are not a socialist country, and we don’t have socialist policies! Some people say this with massive condescension, some say it with puzzled, quizzical looks, and some say it with anger and indignation, but all say it with righteousness in their voices and minds. Then, starting with the definition of socialism, and confronted with policy similarities, denial and refusal to see the truth seems to be the order of the day. These socs/libs then try to turn it around and try to blame capitalism and individual freedoms for not only the decline of the US economy but also the increasing poverty levels and claim that their socialist policies are actually saving the country without providing any evidence to support their claims, and, in fact, while denying the truth.

The fact of the matter is that we are closer to socialism as a country than capitalism and more of a dictatorship than a democracy. It is getting to a point of absurdity that we call ourselves a capitalist democracy. Think about it: 1) People talk about how the rich don’t make their own money, but the poor do? 2) The vast majority approve of the so called rich paying way more taxes (top 10% pays 70% of income taxes) than the poor (bottom 50% pay 2% of the income taxes) and the middle-class, 3) people routinely talk about how the rich don’t pay their fair share, which proves that these people are either ignorant or have no concept of Justice, 4) they decry the widening poverty gap, but couldn’t save the poor to save their own lives, 5) don’t realize that in a successful capitalist economy the poverty gap must widen for the benefit of all, 6) what’s important isn’t the poverty gap, but that the quality of living for everyone rises, and 7) they have no idea that they are causing the decay of the economy, but continue to push their poisonous agenda.

The solution isn’t that complicated. We have to stop our socialist policies and go back to the roots of our country’s foundation. By the way, education isn’t a social program. However, all other socialist programs should be terminated, including welfare, medicare/medicaid, social security, food stamps, earned income tax credits, etc. These should all be privatized, tax rates for the rich dropped dramatically and give everyone the choice to spend their money the way they want to. This is Just and fair.

So, here are the real truths: 1) Everyone, and I mean everyone, the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor, everyone who makes money makes it on their own, for their own and in their own way, 2) when one group of people are forced to spend their hard-earned money to support another, even if it is only a penny, this is not only unjust, but also tantamount to indentured servitude, 3) the widening wealth gap between the rich and the poor is a natural progression of a successful capitalist society and must continue to widen, 4) as mentioned previously, the important thing isn’t whether or not the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but whether the quality of life is improving or not for everyone, 5) when we take away the incentive to survive, we reward the lazy, unmotivated, and incompetent at the expense of hard-working, productive and innovative people, 6) there are far better ways to help the poor than to give them something for nothing, including free money, 7) the important thing to note is that a burgeoning, thriving and innovative economy is the root to prosperity for all, 8) the only way to create a burgeoning, thriving, and innovative economy is to invest, 9) to maximize investments, a country must minimize taxes for those that have the ability to invest, 10) second chances should be over when people become an adult, and if children don’t learn then as adults they must be allowed to suffer, 11) when someone is born into difficult circumstances, it should not be the responsibility of others to bring them out of their difficult circumstances, i.e., why are the unfortunate circumstances of any individual my problem when I’m not in any way shape or form responsible for their difficult circumstances? 12) education is the key to a burgeoning, thriving and innovative economy, 13) defense is the key to protecting our burgeoning, thriving and innovative economy, 14) infrastructure is the key to low-cost, dynamic, mobile and fluid economy, and 15) therefore, the government should spend money only on self-defense, infrastructure and education.

Why is this so difficult for BHO and his soc/lib allies to understand? It’s remarkable that such a simple lesson is lost on these people and that we have to pay the price for their stupidity and blindness. Instead, they celebrate the fact that we are better than everyone else in the world, which isn’t saying much because it’s like a high school athlete competing against a grammar school athlete and crushing them in competition; big deal! Our standard cannot be a relative standard, it must be an absolute standard. We must achieve the levels equivalent to that of a world-class athlete irrespective of what the rest of the world achieves. Then and only then will we have achieved that which justifies our great potential. Instead, BHO and his soc/lib allies tout the fact that we are better than others and put forth that as a reason to do even more stupid things. It’s ridiculous!

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