Think about this:  If everyone in the US were billionaires, we’d all be very poor.  If the US government were to print $300 quadrillion (that’s $300 followed by 15 zeros or 17 zeros in total) and give out $1 billion to each individual in the US, we’d all be poor very quickly.  And, this is the only way that we could all be billionaires.  It is IMPOSSIBLE TO DO IT ANY OTHER WAY.  The primary reason why it could not be done any other way is that the US economy is worth no more than $15 trillion or so.

What about in athletic events?  Should everyone get the gold medal?  What about at school, should everyone be given an A?  This is communism.  How would we all feel if we worked hard in school to get an A-average then find out that the laziest and most depraved students were also given all As?  Imagine what this would do to student morale.  Who would study?  More to the point:  No one would need to study.  And, therefore, no one would learn!  If this happens our economy would not develop nor grow.  This is communism.  Therefore, even if communism could be realized in its purest and idealistic form, ALL of us should resoundingly REJECT COMMUNISM!

People who believe in communism in this country are often confused by the notion that “all men are created equal.”  This is absolutely true, but it doesn’t mean that all of us are equal.  No one would argue that Hitler is equal to Sir Winston or that Osama Bin Laden was equal to general McChrystal.  But were these men all born equal?  Yes.  However, like anything in nature, as the person grows they develop into individuals and as individuals they become different people.  Differences in people make them naturally unequal, and this cannot be changed nor must efforts be made to try and change it.

However, communist ideology not only ignores the natural differences in people, but also aims to reward everyone the same way regardless of the person’s ability, educational accomplishments, intelligence and, most importantly, their Six Pillars.  This is the perversion of communism:  That it would seek to throw Justice out the window, throw right and wrong into a conflagration, and make a joke of good and bad.

Communism makes it impossible for hard-working, educated and intelligent people that should get ahead from doing so, and if they do find a way to succeed their success is taken away and given to others that did absolutely nothing to create this incremental success.  So, no one in communist societies is incented to work to create incremental wealth.  This means that eventually everyone looks to do less not more because what any individual gets is the same whether or not they do more or less.  This leads to lower and lower production and smaller and smaller distributions.  Furthermore, imagine if such a society had a growing population to boot!  So, it is no wonder that communist countries always have shortages and lines for everything.  And, it shouldn’t shock anyone to learn that North Korea had lost (i.e., they died) at least 2 million people due to famine caused by shortages over the last two decades; this from a population of less than 28 million to begin with.

Also, if a small group of people had the absolute power to tell everyone else how much each individual can spend on their basic items (like food, clothing and housing), but also had the right to look into everyone’s bank account and tell them how much they will take from each individual’s bank account and distribute to others, there isn’t a person dead or alive in the US that would agree to that.  However, again, this is what every communist country in the last almost 100 years has done to its citizens.  Understanding what communism really means, I refuse to believe that there is a single human being left anywhere in the world that would still support communist ideology.

Now, some people have argued that reality is different than idealism and that the so called communist countries in history were not true communist countries but another form of dictatorships.  Yes, certainly historically communist countries have been dictatorships and current remaining communist countries (e.g., China, Cuba and North Korea) are still dictatorships.  But what most people don’t realize is that communism can only be implemented in a dictatorial society, because the basis of communism is theft.  Certainly, to the extent that a communist society has to achieve real equal wealth, the government has no choice:  It must do it by force, i.e., literally at gun point.  This means that any communist government must forcefully steal wealth from the rich to give to the poor.  So, the argument that such societies as Cuba and North Korea are not true communist countries is a fallacy when it comes to the economic system.

Regardless, my point is that even if the ideal communist society could be established with a wave of a magic wand, it would not be a society that any one of us would want to live in.  At least not the ones in our society that are honest and morally upstanding.

But let’s imagine such a place, and further, let’s assume that everyone is a billionaire.  Many people have commented how wonderful such a society would be.  OK, so let’s say that such a society existed.  Is that it?  Is that the end to the development of this society?  Does everyone live happily ever after?  If anyone thinks that that would be the case, they are very foolish and most likely not very good at thinking beyond the tip of their nose.

Think about what happens next in such a “utopian” society.  Let’s take two different models.  The first is a capitalist society (remember that everyone in this imaginary world is a billionaire).  What happens next?  Overtime, people will spend their money differently, but regardless the price of everything must rise dramatically.  Initially, we’d all be able to afford big expensive houses, brilliant jewelry, multiple expensive cars, art works, and no one would have to work.  What happens to the price of housing, jewelry, cars, and other desired items?  Competition for it would be so keen that prices would go through the roof.  Add to this the fact that no one would need to work, they’d be no production and output, which then makes prices for everything go through the roof even higher and faster.  Imagine a society in which we’d have to spend a million dollars to buy a loaf of bread.  As the society develops a billion dollars would start to look like pittance.  Meaning that hyperinflation would destroy our economy much like it did Germany’s in the 1920s.  Anyway, hyper-inflation means that whoever can hold assets over a longer time period would be better off than ones who hold cash.  In addition, overtime, people would spend money in different ways, which means that the smart or the unscrupulous would take money from the dumb and the naïve.

Overtime, in a capitalist society, after much painful disruption of the economy and our society, wealth would be redistributed assuming that the government wouldn’t interfere.  As some become poorer, these people would look for a job to make ends meet, while the wealthier would hire and expand their business, and we’d go back to a more typical capitalist society with one caveat; we’d be like Brazil of the 1970s.  Of course, I’m grossly abbreviating the sequence of events, but my outline hits the highlights.

The second scenario assumes that the government will interfere to control hyper-inflation and periodically rebalance wealth.  Still, initially, no one would work given that prices would be under strict control and a billion dollars would go a very, very long way.  However, this means that no one would work anymore, so no one would create the goods that we’d all need and no incremental wealth would be created.  More to the point, if we are all wealthy and prices for all goods and services are low and controlled by the government, no one would want to or need to work.  This means that the government would have to force people to work in order to produce even the most fundamental goods that a society would need to survive, such as food, clothing, shelter and medicine.  Thinking about which jobs would get assigned to whom would lead to many headaches, in and of itself, but let’s say that we are all honest people and so we all go back to doing the same jobs that we did before becoming instant billionaires.  Even so, no one would actually do the work that is required of us; we wouldn’t have to.

Regardless, whatever the scenario that one can come up with there is no question that the end result would be massive shortages in any communist country.  Therefore, to compensate, the society would have no choice but to develop a black market for anything and everything that is essential to society, mostly food items.  Due to black market activity, without government interference, prices for even the most basic items would shoot through the roof, especially drugs, because this could literally be a matter of life and death.  Other essential items like food and clothing would have to escalate dramatically too.

And, to achieve true equality, the government would have to equalize housing which means that everyone must live in mansions or slums.  Of course the government would build slums, because it is the cheapest option and the quickest, so all of the big mansions and houses would have to be confiscated and torn down.  But then how does the government compensate the people whose houses have been confiscated.  For now, let’s jast brush this issue under the carpet and continue on with the analysis.

So, what good would it do to have a billion dollars and no place to spend it?  Yes, for sure, some people would participate in the black market, but items purchased in the black market would be extremely expensive and a billion dollars wouldn’t last very long.  Therefore, presumably, people either spend all of their money in the black market and end up poor again or they’d be a billionaire without anything to purchase and they’d be de facto poor.

Also, because the government would have to force people to do the job that they did before, no one would be productive.  Shortages would alleviate some because they’d be at least some production, but the black market would still have to exist to fulfill all of the demand; however, black market prices would not be dramatically high, but probably 2x-10x or more depending on the item and abundance in the main economy.  Regardless, for the government to maintain fairness and increase the main stream supply, they’d have to shut-down black market activity, which means shortages will continue.  So, even though prices are low – because they’re controlled by the government – they’d be virtually no supply and luxury items would be non-existent for sale given that even staples are in short supply.  Again, this means that people would have a billion dollars, but no place to spend it.  So, again, people remain de facto poor, because their standard of living would be meager or they’d have to risk getting punished for participating in the black markets.  Even so, people are unlikely to be able to get all of the staples that they need let alone any luxury items.  Either way, again, they’d end up poor.  So, no matter how people try to structure a communist society, it cannot help anyone outside of the elite few and it will never be an ideal society.

The bottom-line is that in reality communism can only be a dictatorship governed by the few deciding what the many should do, have and earn, and people living in communist countries will be de facto poor regardless of how much money they have, where they live and what they do for a living, unless they are part of the elite and privileged few. Otherwise, the vast majority of the population would be poor, perhaps starving — like North Korea — they’d be no economic growth, economic and financial stagnation would be typical and technology would be unattainable. In addition, any kind of scientific or technological innovation would be non-existent, other than perhaps for military applications, which would be used to plunder wealthier neighbors. Lastly, Justice would be non-existent in a communist society, by definition, since the foundation and maintenance of the society would have to rest on stealing, or what some of the PC idiots refer to as “redistribution of wealth.”

So how is communism in any way, shape or form an ideal society? People who promote communism as an ideal society are either very, very naive, very, very stupid, completely incapable of thinking beyond the tip of their nose or incredibly unscrupulous and immoral — look at Mao (he killed millions and had sex only with 12 year-old virgins or so I’m told) and Stalin (he killed millions too), for example. Otherwise, it would be incredibly difficult for a rational human being to conclude that communism is anything but an idiotic and less than childish fantasy.

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