From the Declaration of Independence:  “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
The text of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the USA:  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
It isn’t rocket science, if you understand the text of the Declaration of Independence (DoI) and you read the Second Amendment in light of the DoI then it is pretty clear that Congress does not have the right to regulate what weapons ordinary citizens are allowed to have or not have. Yet, Bloomberg and others like him continue to show their ignorance and pursue a course of action that is contrary to the letter and the spirit of the 2nd Amendment. This is completely outrageous!
It isn’t the only reason why our founding fathers put in the 2nd Amendment (note that it was the 2nd Amendment and not the 10th; this implies that it was that universal and that important to our founding fathers), but they put in the 2nd Amendment to make sure that if and when the federal government became a tyrannical institution that the citizens of the USA had the means to overthrow the federal government, and by force, if necessary. Therefore, if the federal military is armed with assault weapons each citizen should have the right to those same weapons, so that if and when the time comes to overthrow the federal government, the citizens have access to the appropriate arms to be able to do so. Just in case, let me make one thing perfectly clear right now: I am not currently advocating for the overthrow of the US government, and certainly not by force.
Moving on. The implication of what I said must include other military weapons such as tanks, fighters, bombers, mortars, howitzers, naval vessels, etc. However, these must be generally housed in a central location for maintenance and care as well as for the sake of an efficient and well-functioning infrastructure — Imagine tanks and planes parked in driveways and being used to commute to and from work or a howitzer parked in someone’s garage and towed around town. Not exactly conducive to a well-functioning society.
However, assault weapons or military weapons don’t have to be housed centrally. Also, placed under proper lock and key at someone’s personal residence, these weapons aren’t going to disrupt anybody else’s rights. Meaning, military-style weapons can be kept at an individual’s home and not disrupt the proper functioning of society. Also, just because the Supreme Court said that the government has the right to regulate firearms, we can’t use this as a clear indication that the Supreme Court meant that we can restrict the access or ownership of military-style weapons.
However, I do agree that we, as a society, must take care in properly regulating and administering the use of the military-style weapons among our citizens. Certainly, anyone that is mentally unstable must not be allowed access, let alone ownership of such weapons. Clearly, anyone with a past record of violence should not be allowed access or ownership to such weapons, either. However, anyone who is cleared to own such a weapon must go through a training course on the use and care of such weapons and must provide safe and protected housing for such weapons, whether at their personal residence or at a centrally located storage area like the local gun range or a separate housing site on or next to the local police station.
Regardless, the main point is that the 2nd Amendment provides for the citizens to have the means to fight back a tyrannical central government, when and if necessary. This means that if the central military is equipped with assault weapons then its citizens must have access to those same weapons. And, at the rate that we are going, we may need them. [DISCLAIMER: Again, let me be perfectly clear in saying that I do not see the necessity to overthrow the federal government today or in the near future. And, I still believe that democratic processes are still alive and well in the USA and that these are enough to effectuate a change in government to correct any injustices or redress grievances. Some may think I’m over-reacting by putting in this disclaimer, but this is not a joking matter.] All I’m saying is that the 2nd Amendment is there for our protection and the protection of democratic processes. However, Bloomberg and his short-sighted and dimwitted allies want to take this right away from us, because THEY believe that we are all incapable of being responsible and must be treated like children. This is outrageous!
As tragic as all these shootings in recent years have been, what Feinstein and Bloomberg are advocating for is not the way to go and all it does is weaken the rights of ordinary and responsible citizens. If a mad man/woman wanted to effectuate a massacre there are many ways to do so without using a military-style assault weapon, e.g., home made bombs (e.g., Oklahoma City), poison gas, chemical agents, IED, etc. So, what next, are we going to make it illegal to have bleach or fertilizer at home? Come on, let’s be sensible! There are right ways and wrong ways to do things and Bloomberg and Feinstein aren’t even on the wrong path; they are on a completely different mission than trying to make our society safer and better.
So, everyone, wake-up and smell the coffee and make sure that everyone else does too. Remember, the 2nd Amendment isn’t about gun ownership, but giving citizens the power to over-throw a tyrannical central government, if and when necessary. And, given the current state of military equipment, if the soldiers have assault weapons then ordinary citizens must have access to the same. Period, full-stop, the end.
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