We are not gay, and we would never agree to having an abortion nor would we advise any of our progeny to have an abortion. As a matter of fact, the thought of having a lesbian or homosexual encounter really makes us nauseous. Having said this, as a matter of law and legality, no one should object to homosexuality and gay marriages nor to others choosing to have an abortion. There are many levels to the argument: Philosophical, religious, personal, social, political and scientific. I will address these below.

From a philosophical, religious and personal point of view, no one has the right to impose their philosophical, religious and personal view on another, and the argument really should not be allowed to go beyond this. This is not to say that one’s philosophical, religious or personal view is unimportant or trivial. On the contrary, to each individual there is no more importance than these matters. However, as Americans, we have to abide by our Constitution and our Constitution guarantees our religious (which would also include philosophical and personal view too) freedoms. Therefore, from a governance and political point of view, the imposition or dominance of one religious view over another must not be tolerated nor even entertained. This then naturally leads to the conclusion that both gay marriage and abortions should be a personal choice and should not be overruled by the views of any groups of people, no matter how large and important this group may be. However, there is the matter of the so called, “god’s rules” versus the Constitution. This is a matter I will deal with last.

From a social point of view, there is no reason why either gay marriages nor abortions should be restricted or banned. Gays and lesbians don’t hurt heterosexual people and don’t interfere with their lives, so why should any heterosexual people interfere with homosexual and lesbian people’s lives? And, it isn’t like our society must depend on every human being including homosexuals and lesbians having to procreate. And, as a matter of fact, homosexual and lesbian couples could well be the beneficiaries of children that would otherwise have been aborted.

Speaking of which, a major study showed that some half of the reason why crime rates have come down is because of abortions. Meaning, as Roe versus Wade was ratified and women were allowed to abort unwanted children, crime rates, including murder went down dramatically. So, as many anti-abortion activists would claim that abortion is murder, abortions actually saved lives. This contrasts with the vagueness of scientific evidence as to when abortions are murder, because scientists seem to be incapable of coming to a definition of life. Additionally, before Roe versus Wade, it is a documented fact that many women died from illegal or botched attempt at abortions, which is death, regardless of whether it was murder or not. So, from a scientific and social point of view, there is no reason to ban abortions. It then only comes down to the religious objections and again, so called “god’s rules” versus the Constitution and individual rights. Again, this is a matter that I will deal with last.

Regarding gay and lesbian marriages, just to make it clear, there is no social, philosophical, scientific or personal reason why it should not be allowed, and, as a matter of fact, the only reason or grounds for objection is religion. So, let’s explore this issue for both gay and lesbian marriages and abortions. First, gay and lesbian (G&L) marriages.

Religious people believe that G&L marriages are a sin against their god (whether it be christian, jewish, muslim or otherwise). However, as stated before, it is against the rights outlined in the Constitution to bar someone else from practicing their religion (which includes philosophy and personal beliefs) and religious beliefs. Therefore, the imposition of G&L marriage ban would most definitely be unconstitutional. Therefore, the only question to be answered is which should prevail: So called, “god’s rules” or the rights guaranteed by the Constitution in the 1st Amendment, i.e., right to religious, philosophical and personal freedom. Let’s say for now that the so called, “god’s rules” should be the one that must be obeyed. If this is the case then we have to go back to the issue of free will versus the will of god, which is it that governs our lives, because it can’t be both as I’ve proven in a previous post.

To be complete, let’s examine both. First, let us assume that everything is the will of god. This means that gays & lesbians were also created in the image of god and that god created gays and lesbians and it is his will that they be gays and lesbians, so why are religious people objecting to gays and lesbians? This is very, very strange. By the way, just as a reminder, if everything is the will of god there is no exception by definition. Meaning, one can’t say that everything is the will of god, but gays and lesbians. It is either everything or it isn’t. And, if gays and lesbians are not the will of god then we must wonder what else is not the will of god, and I don’t think that many religious people are going to want to stray down that road, because this would mean that god is not the “alpha and the omega” or the three-Os (omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent).

Then let us examine the free will thing. Let us assume that again we are all created in the image of god. This must include gays and lesbians. Further, let us then assume that we were all given free will and somehow a small segment of our population chose to be gay or lesbian. As an aside, most gays and lesbians will tell you that being gay or lesbian was not by choice. But for argument sake, let’s assume that they made a choice, because if it wasn’t a choice then we have to assume that god made them that way and gays and lesbians being a creation of god, no man or woman may set asunder the will of god and the argument for why religious people object to gays and lesbians die on the spot. So, again, for now, let us assume that the gays and lesbians made a choice to be gay or lesbian. So, if gays and lesbians made the choice to be gay or lesbian is this a good enough reason to rule that gays and lesbians are anti-god and therefore should not be allowed the same rights, freedoms and choices that the rest of us enjoy? Anyone who argues so cannot be called an American, nor objective, nor in reality a faithful servant of god. Why you may ask?

If free will was given to us by god, and we all make choices accordingly, then those choices cannot be against god’s will because he is the one that gave us the ability to choose, and those choices were only made possible by god giving us free will to begin with. So, even if god gave us free will, and gays and lesbians chose to be gay or lesbian this has to be viewed as being the will of god. So, again, there cannot be any religious objection to gay marriage.

The same arguments can be applied to abortions. It may be the will of god that a woman conceived a future baby, but then why is it not the will of god that the woman chooses to abort the same future baby, if everything is the will of god? On the other hand, if we all have free will given to us by god, then again, exercise of that free will cannot be against god, since god is the one that granted us the ability to exercise free will.

Now, some have argued that free will is a test from god. Meaning god gave us free will to test us to see if we make the right choices. If this were true then by definition god cannot be omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Think about it. Why would god have to test us if he is triple-O? If he were truly triple-o, he’d know exactly what choices that we’d make, when and what the consequences of those choices would be. On the other hand, if he doesn’t know what choices we’d make, when and what the consequences of those choices would be, he cannot be triple-0. So, which is it? Also, what kind of a sadistic bastard would smite someone for making the wrong choice after giving the individual the option of making that choice? Really, is god really that sadistic? This would fly in the face of the argument that god is benevolent. Who wants to contradict that god is benevolent?

The problem is that people just don’t think. If we were to carefully think about the situation, we’d come to the conclusion that there is no reason for anyone to object to G&L marriages and to abortions. We each have to make the choices that we think is best for us and then we have to live with those choices. On the other hand, if the way we live our life is not a choice, but part of our genetic make-up then what can we do to change it; more to the point, how can we change it? As I said before, I will never permit anyone in my family to have an abortion and the thought of having sexual relations with a same sex person as myself is a very uncomfortable thought. However, as a true American and as a rational human being, I cannot come to any other conclusion than that which I’ve drawn here when it comes to gay and lesbian marriage and abortions: Each of us must have the right to choose our own life style and life without interference from any other as long as we do not interfere or harm any other.

This then brings me to the second to last point and something that which only applies to abortions. To quote myself I said, “… as long as we do not interfere or harm any other.” Many have argued that this phrase is a self-contradictory statement that negates my stance on abortion. And, admittedly, based on my own personal belief, it would seem self-contradictory. However, it is not. Here’s the simple answer: The fetus is not just a life, but a parasitic life. And, this what makes all the difference in the world. Second, the scientific community cannot determine when the fetus becomes an independent life. Based on these two facts, I can only conclude that abortion of a fetus, particularly at an early stage, cannot be viewed as murder in any way, shape or form from a legal point of view. Also, by virtue of the fact that the fetus is a parasitic life, we can only give the right to terminate the pregnancy or to carry to term to the mother. And, if the mother decides that the future child cannot be properly cared for, and it is best for her and her family not to have the future child then the mother should have the right to terminate her pregnancy. This is especially true in view of the study that showed that legalized abortions are responsible for the precipitous drop in crime rates, including murder.

The final point that I want to make is that why does anyone want to be the instrument of misery for another? If it doesn’t harm you, and it doesn’t harm society, why would anyone stand in the way of other peoples’ happiness? This makes no sense! How can anyone say that they are a good person, if they are causing misery to others? Because it is against the will of god? If that is so, and god does exist and god judges and punishes appropriately then you don’t have to get in the way of anyone, god will take care of those that violate his will, and you don’t have to stand in their way. BTW, aren’t the meek supposed to inherit the earth? You’re not being meek, if you actively campaign against others. This means that you’re not inheriting the earth, whatever that means.

So, whichever way you dice it, slice it, cut it, break it, or chop it, there is no reason to object to G&L marriages and to women’s right to choose. So, stop making others miserable; support legalizing G&L marriages and women’s right to choose from a legal viewpoint. This doesn’t mean that you have to be gay or lesbian or that you condone abortions in your own life or family, but it does mean that you are an American, and, as such, you are showing deference and respect to your fellow Americans by supporting the Constitution.

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