People are so insanely stupid it’s unimaginable that they have any kind of exposure to mainstream media! Some one that has great public exposure said, why can’t we have a military that is 25% of the size of our military of the 1970s, just like the UK? The reason why is because the UK ceded control of the seas to the US, because the US has maintained such a large and effective naval force, and because the UK can depend on the US to police the oceans and the seas. Under such circumstances, the UK is more than happy to save a lot of money and reduce its military, in particular, its navy.

Yet, these liberal talking heads spout off such nonsense as if it is something that we should emulate, implying that we can then use the savings to reduce our deficit! OUTRAGEOUS! This is code for: Let’s save the money and spend more on social programs. Don’t be fooled by these dumb assertions.

This is no different than why Europeans can have cheaper medical care than we do, especially in pharmaceuticals. We, Americans, subsidize their medical care because we do most of the R&D necessary to create new medical equipment, procedures and drugs. Then the Europeans “steal” the fruits of our labor, passing on the savings to its people. And, the fact that libs/socs mouth-off about socialization of medicine as being a good thing only demonstrates their ignorance and underlying evil agenda.

If people truly want to know where the US is headed, it doesn’t take much: Take a look at Europe, especially Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, just as a start. We are clearly headed in this direction, because the bottom 50%-75% of our population believes that stealing more money from the rich is not only justified, but also highly moral. This is the state of our country’s decrepit morals and values. How can we expect to dig ourselves out of our problem? We can’t.

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