Imagine this: If your favorite piece of jewelry does not change its mass, it means that it will last forever. Also, and by extension, because its mass is constant, one second ago its mass would be the same as it is now. Continuing with this sequence of logic then 2 seconds ago, a minute ago, an hour ago, a day ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, a decade ago, a century ago, a millennium ago, a million years ago, a billion years ago, an infinite years ago, by extension, the mass of the object would be the same as it is today. If this is true for a piece of jewelry, it is also true of the universe.

Most people who believe in a god (any god, christian, muslim, jewish, etc.) believe that the universe was created by their god. And, not only do they have a very clever argument as to why the big bang could not have been the start of the universe, but also, they have come up with fake science — so called “creationism” — to dismiss evolution. This clearly demonstrates that god-believers are desperate and have tacitly acknowledged that without the credibility of science, the story of genesis is farcical at best.

The argument for why the big bang cannot be is very elegant and highly compelling, but also very wrong. Here’s how the argument goes:

1) Can you create something out of nothing? No, of course not.

2) If the universe did not exist prior to the big bang, the big bang is the start of the universe and something cannot be created from nothing then where did the material for the big bang come from? A rational person’s answer is: I don’t know. Religious believers’ answer is god.

This argument is extremely compelling for people that are incapable of thinking beyond the next minute, which is the vast majority of people. However, it is a very clever trap designed to make even the smartest of individuals feel like science is wrong, forcing individuals to give up reasoning, and make people voluntarily walk towards the impossible and believe in it without questioning it. This trap also then lends credence to creationism for those who are convinced by the trap laid by religious people. As an aside, it is very hard for me to believe that some people actually still believe in creationism and reject evolution, despite the mountain of evidence against creationism and in support of evolution.

Also, the evidence against evolution compiled by supporters of creationism isn’t so much hard science, but they only ask questions to elicit doubt and use very dubious “science.” It constitutes statements like “carbon-dating is highly inaccurate,” “those dinosaur bones are actually modern animals’ bones rearranged to look like different animals,” “the earth is only 5,000 years old, so evolution could not be since it is supposed to have taken billions of years” etc.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Yes, carbon dating is inaccurate beyond a certain number of years, but even if it were off by a factor of 100, dinosaurs would have existed either 650,000 years ago or 6.5 billion years ago. Regardless a hell of a lot longer than 5,000 years. Next, anyone looking at dinosaur bones should not feel like there is something unnatural about the arrangement of the fossils. In addition, complete and in tact fossils have been discovered which verify the validity and voracity of fossil science. Finally, really? Earth is only 5,000 years old?! Carbon dating may be inaccurate for measuring billions of years, but not 10s or 100s of thousands. And, there are plenty of artifacts and historical evidence that would indicate that the earth is WAY, WAY more than a mere 5,000 years old. Not only that, it is impossible for the human population to go from 2 people (Adam and Eve) to some 7.2 billion in 5,000 years, IMPOSSIBLE! (for more on this subject please read:

Anyway, the reality of the matter is is that the universe couldn’t have been created, because the mass of the universe is constant. So then how does the big bang fit into the formation of the universe? The simple truth is that the latest big bang is only one of an infinite number of big bangs that have occurred in the infinite past and will continue to occur into the infinite future. This means that the materials needed to create the latest big bang always existed and are the materials from the previous iteration of the universe. And, big bangs are the universe’s way of reorganizing itself in a radical fashion on an occasional basis; think of it as the universe doing a radical makeover of itself.

Therefore, the only conclusion that a rational person can reach is that the universe was never created, couldn’t have been created and, therefore, the notion that a god, any god, created the universe is absolutely and utterly nonsense. Obviously, this has some very interesting consequences for religious doctrine, especially those that purport that the universe was created by a god. This means that even if a god did exist, it did not create the universe, which then brings into question the need and necessity to obey this super-being or even to consider the supposed philosophy espoused by this super-being.

Also, given that the mass of the universe is constant, this means that the story of genesis in the bible is 100% dead on arrival (DOA) and any other story claiming to explain the creation of the universe is equally 100% DOA. However, the book of genesis does give us a lot of insight into who created the bible and the judeo-christian god. Like all other religions, the judeo-christian religion was likely created by men to control society and to bring order. It also allowed divine anointment of the leaders who could interpret the so called god’s will. We also get clues into who may be the creators of the judeo-christian religion and what more subtle objectives they may have wanted to achieve. For example, if the judeo-christian god is omni-potent, omniscient, and omni-present, why does it need any time, let alone six days, to create the entire universe? And, why does it take more time to create the earth than the rest of the universe combined? If the leaders of the society wanted their people to work six days and rest one then it makes sense that the judeo-christian god was attributed with the creation of the universe in six days. This allows the leaders to say, “if it’s good enough for god then it’s good enough for you.”

Regardless, if the judeo-christian god is really omni-potent, omniscient and omni-present then it should have created the universe in an infinitely short period of time, i.e., instantly. As for why it took more time to create and decorate earth than the rest of the universe in the genesis fable, the answer is two-fold, in my opinion. To the casual observers 5,000 year ago, the stars were nothing more than specks of light in the sky, the moon was a simple disk in space and the sun was just a bright source of light. So, compare that to what the creators of the bible/god would have observed on earth, which would be far more complex than simple specks of light in the sky, a disc and a simple light source, it would make sense that they would think of god needing more time to create earth than the rest of the universe combined. So, obviously something that seemed more complicated would require more time, at least from the viewpoint of simple people with simple minds some 5,000 years ago. The second reason is that the creators of the judeo-christian religion probably wanted people to view themselves and their society as the chosen ones, which necessitated them to be the center of the universe. What better way to convince people of such a thing than by focusing their god’s effort on the creation of the earth?

The bottom-line is that the universe could not have been created, which then brings into question the need to even follow the will of the so called judeo-christian god, even if it did exist. And, in this regard, Pascal’s theorem is incorrect in its assumption that we cannot correctly determine the existence of god. If you did believe that it is not possible to determine the existence of god then Pascal’s theorem is absolutely correct. However, it is possible to determine the existence of god, as I have done/started to do (depends on your perspective and level of religious belief) here. And, in so doing, we can soundly reject the choices laid out by Pascal.

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