Everyone in America should pay for three things that the government should do for its people: 1) Self-defense, 2) infrastructure, and 3) education. 1) & 2) are obvious. Why education? Aside from the fact that 1), 2) & 3) parallel life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness clause in the Constitution, I think education is actually an infrastructure program and not a social program. By allowing those that qualify, and I can’t stress this enough, those that qualify to go to school and get a higher education should be afforded the opportunity to do so. This does not mean that their education is without conditions or returns. On the contrary, I propose that whoever got federal assistance to get an education pay back their federal subsidy after they graduate and provide a return to the government. So, for example, anyone making more than $50,000 must pay the greater of $5,000 or 5% of their pretax income annually back to the government until they provide a rate of return equal to the borrowing cost of the federal government plus 5% — at today’s rate it would be about a 7% interest rate.

By allowing people to draw on their future income today, no one has the excuse to say that “I never had a chance.” Therefore, any rebellion or insurrection of the poor can be treated as such with absolutely no reservations. Not only does everyone run out of excuses, those that are actually capable of escaping poverty can and will and become a far more productive citizen, which helps to reduce the clamoring and the need for social programs. It also creates a class of citizens that would be more charitable with their own money and time, at least in theory. Also, and perhaps, most importantly, this maximizes the country’s opportunity to have a more highly educated workforce, which is what we need as a whole to maintain our technological leadership and, therefore, economic power and leadership.

Additionally, we should allow discounts to the payback, if a student successfully completes certain programs that naturally feed into career paths that are in need of people such as engineering, nursing, skilled technicians and operators, scientific research, and the like. Also, those that get grades of 3.5 out of 4.0 or better or 87.5 out of 100 or better in certain majors should also get a break (engineering, nursing, scientific research, etc.), while those that get grades lower than 3.0/4.0 or 75.0/100, regardless of majors, should be assessed a penalty. However, the rewards and penalties should be dependent on the school that the individual attends. Meaning, the more competitive the program to get into and graduate, the higher the bonuses will be and less competitive it is to enter and graduate, the harsher the penalties. And, the penalties should be harsher than the rewards.

Also, those foreign students that show strong aptitude in a particular field of study such as engineering, sciences, technology, medicine, etc. should be given an expedited path to citizenship in our country and not just for the individual, but also give the option to the individual’s parents, siblings, spouse and children. The only caveat is that the siblings will have to have the ability to earn a living in the US, while the parents will have to be supported by the individual or have the ability to earn a living in the US as well. In addition, the spouse’s siblings and parents would also be allowed into the country, but must be independently wealthy or have jobs/careers in the US.

In principal, there is no reason for anyone to be a slave to another, and the way that I’ve outlined the educational program, it will not be. Everyone that partakes in this program will pay for it themselves. Those that never make more than $50,000 per year will have been subsidized for free, but that is the cost of doing “business” and can’t be avoided. This is one of the reasons why the government has to charge an interest rate; in my example, we’re assuming about a 5% default rate.

Bottom-line is that education is not a social program from a strategic point of view. It is actually an infrastructure program, one that is vital to maintaining then extending our technological leadership. Therefore, it must be one of the three pillars of government support to its citizens that is vital to the long-term vitality of the economic prowess of the US.

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