I’m going to take the liberty of interpreting “Love thy neighbor” as I’ve heard it being used by those that would have us suspend our judgments: Love everyone blindly. People say to me all the time, “Who are you to judge?! Love thy neighbor!” They say this with such moral indignation and haughtiness that you’d think it was the most valuable and brilliant piece of philosophical lesson and advice that one can ever abide by and practice. But, is it? The short answer is, HELL NO!

There is nothing great about blindly loving everyone. In fact it is a very poisonous and deadly philosophy because it is telling you to suspend your judgment. The philosophy of “Love thy neighbor” (LTN) is one of death and decay. It advises you to not think about whether someone deserves your love or not, it just commands you to love. How does this benefit you and how does it help you live your life as a better person? In fact, it does exactly the opposite, because it requires that you suspend judgment and blindly love. This means that whether the person is a murderer or a self-made billionaire whose philanthropic activities are well known, you should love them equally. This is absolutely and terribly wrong! Yet people spout this poison as if it’s the most precious and valuable piece of advice that one can give to another.

To reiterate, what’s so great about suspending one’s judgment and loving everyone equally? If you were to actually do this, it would imply that you should love the murderer of your children the same as you did your children. You should love the dictator that wiped out millions of his own people the same as you would your parents. Let’s forget for the moment that you are actually loving everyone the same way, what does it say about your love for your children or your parents? From my perspective, I’d say that your love for your children and your parents isn’t worth even dried up dog poop laying on the ground waiting to decay and blow away in the wind. In fact, I’d say that not only do you not love your children and your parents, but you don’t know the meaning of love. On the other hand, if you do love your children and your parents greatly then you are completely dishonoring and disrespecting your children and your parents, if you truly love the murderer of your children and the butcher that killed millions the same way you do your children and your parents. Then what does that say about you as a human being? I would say that you are one of the most vile and despicable things on the face of the earth — to call you an animal would be an insult to animals.

So, why this awful and poisonous saying? It is a way to control the masses and, to some degree, avert chaos. Imagine a world in which everyone acted as arresting officer, judge, jury and executioner. This would be horrible for societal order. Therefore, by taking judgment out of the hands of the masses and concentrating it into the hands of the “elite” few, a society can avert chaos, which would lead to the disintegration of any society. However, in modern societies this concept is absolutely antiquated and completely useless. The problem is that our society, in many ways, has evolved well beyond such antiquated generalities, but our philosophical underpinnings have not. This is a very dangerous and problematic situation in our society. We need to quickly move past these antiquated underpinnings to our philosophical framework, and catch-up to the technological, scientific and historical understandings and advancements that we have achieved over the last 200 years or so.

The bottom-line is that we need to all re-learn how to truly think and think rationally for ourselves instead of basing our behavior on ridiculous, outdated, and self-contradictory edicts imposed on us from couple of millennia ago when most humans could not, did not nor would not attain even a basic education including reading and arithmetic. We are so beyond that and past that it is extremely silly to continue to hold on to teachings that are less than childish. Think of it this way: An average college graduate knows more about science, technology, and history and are more knowledgeable in general about everything in life today than the so called wisest of the wise from two millennia ago, so why are we listening to what would amount to kindergartners giving advice to adults?! Would you take philosophical lessons from a kindergartner, no matter how wise and smart the child was? Of course not, yet many of you insist on heeding the advice of and practicing the philosophical teachings of people that in today’s world would amount to morons! Why?! It doesn’t make any sense, and yet here we are in the 21st century, still clinging on to the philosophies and ways of the past which has little to no resemblance to today, let alone the future. Really, is that all we’re capable of?

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