First, believe it or not, Blue Tigers actually do exist. They’re sometimes referred to as Maltese Tigers. Obviously, these animals are extremely rare and they are GORGEOUS. They actually have a blue hue to their fur, but sometimes it looks grey-blue.

Anyway, I’m obviously making an analogy. Blue Tigers are very, very rare and precious. If you are as rare and precious as a human as a Blue Tiger is rare and precious as a tiger then why are you trying to deny that you are a Blue Tiger? Because you’re not normal? Let me tell you something about normal people: Most normal people can’t tell you the name of the Vice President, let alone more than one or two cabinet members and certainly couldn’t name a single Supreme Court justice. Normal people, by definition, have an IQ of 100, aren’t exceptional in anyway, typically unaccomplished, may or may not have any education past high school, generally ignorant of most things, can’t think beyond the tip of their nose and very insecure. So, why should anyone that is exceptional try to pretend to be normal.

From a relationship point of view, how will you attract another Blue Tiger, if you act like a regular tiger? And, if you pretend to be a regular tiger, how will another Blue Tiger recognize you as a compatriot? More to the point, if you act like a regular tiger all the time, can you really claim to be a Blue Tiger? If you are a Blue Tiger, be proud and be loud. Advertise it, live it and ignore those that try to knock you down; they’re jealous and can’t stand that they cannot be a Blue Tiger, just don’t have the intelligence or depth of thought to understand and appreciate you, or have to tear down greatness to feel better about themselves.

From a career perspective, being a Blue Tiger is a huge advantage, but you have to know how to present and package yourself. Use your unique personality and thought process to bring a new understanding to problems and issues and bring new perspectives to solutions and projects. Don’t be afraid to shine, but do so while keeping an eye towards people’s reaction to your presence and your ideas. Learn to observe and read facial expressions and body language and what they mean. Then learn to manage these “feelings” before they get spun out of control. Know who your friends are, but conquer your enemies with your power of persuasion and charm. And, occasionally, let them run with the Blue Tiger. I’ll let you figure out what that means, because truly people management has to be very personal and very individualized.

Bottom-line: If you’re special, don’t hide, don’t try to be normal, and don’t worry about who’s thinking what about you. The key is finding a way to relate to others and have others find a way to relate back. Most of the times, if you are truly special and someone has an aversion to you, it’s because they don’t understand you or they think they do, but they’re wrong. So, use your power of observation and persuasion to make them understand you. You’ll find that those that really don’t like you no matter what aren’t worth it and those that are persuaded will be great allies, friends and, potentially, lovers. You will find that you have nothing to lose, if you show your true colors. So, I’ll say it again, if you’re special and exceptional, be proud and be loud.

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