Never mind the fact that the poor receive more benefits from social programs than the rich, even among the only basic three services that the government must provide, the poor benefit disproportionately more than the rich. So, let’s start with public education. Clearly, the rich don’t need it as they have the wherewithal to send their children to private school. This is a gigantic benefit given to the poor, given that in our society the path to financial prosperity should start with a good education.

Let’s examine infrastructure. Many libs/socs argue that the rich benefit more than the poor because the rich are the ones who make use of roads to take vacations and travel, use airports to go on vacation and use highways to ship goods and merchandise for their businesses and investments. On the flip side, the poor use the subways, buses, trains, and other public transportation that the rich don’t use or need. So, who benefits more? The solution is easy. Let’s get rid of all publicly maintained roads, trains, airports, and transportation. How do the rich survive and how do the poor survive? Worst comes to worse, the rich can buy a farm and have produce and meats delivered to them in a private truck over private roads or they could live on a farm and provide for themselves. How do the poor survive? By trying to farm, somehow, taking arms and killing each other for scraps of food or raiding farms that the rich own. From this very basic, simple and clear analysis, it should not be difficult to conclude that the poor benefit far more from public infrastructure investments than the rich.

Finally, self-defense. This is far more difficult to analyze. On the one hand, the military protects everyone equally and if life has infinite value then self-defense is a draw as to to which group benefits more. However, if we take into consideration assets and wealth then obviously the rich have more to protect than the poor. Now let’s look at crime and crime rates. There is no question that crime rates are the highest in poor neighborhoods and, therefore, not difficult to conclude that the poor benefit more from a police force rather than the rich, even though from a materialistic point of view the rich have more to protect. However, if we look at relative value, then it is clear that the poor benefit more from police protection than the rich. Poor don’t have investments and bank accounts with high cash values that allow the replacement of goods and materials, and the poor typically don’t carry home insurance either. Therefore, for the rich, to replace lost goods and materials, it isn’t as big of a strain on their savings as it would be for the poor. So, again, we must conclude that the poor benefit more from police force, the court systems and prisons than the rich.

The bottom-line is that the poor benefit more from public investments in self-defense, infrastructure and education than the rich. So, why are the poor paying only 2% of the income taxes, while the rich pay for over 70%? This is definitely unfair to the rich.

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