When confronted with the inconvenient truth that the poor get way more benefits from the government (~50% of federal spending) than the rich while only paying 2% of the income taxes, the libs/socs yell at the top of their lungs in righteous indignation that the rich can afford to pay ever more taxes, while the poor cannot. Of course, this statement implies that the poor pay any taxes to speak of to begin with but that’s besides the point, and I digress. So, getting back to the main point, libs/socs will have us all believe that it doesn’t matter who spends the money and who benefits from the spending. If this ridiculous thought is actually allowed to continue as the basis for human interaction then why not take it further. Why not strip the rich of everything but $5,000,000 of their assets and take all of the income that the rich make other than $50,000 (pretax), which is what the average American makes. Certainly, if the affordability argument is valid then there is no reason why the rich should have more than $5,000,000 or be allowed to keep more than $50,000 (pretax). What would happen? NO ONE would ever accumulate more than $5,000,000 and bother to make more than $50,000 per year. If the majority of Americans think that this is fine then we deserve to go down in flames. Enough said.

The other thing that comes to mind is that if affordability is the measure of fairness then libs/socs are advocating for the establishment of communism in the US; another route to utter economic disintegration of the US. When one advocates for the rich to pay more relative to the poor, what the libs/socs are saying is that we should price everything according to percentages. For example, 2 bedroom condo will be 1000% of one’s annual salary, a car mid-size standard car will be 60% of a person’s salary, a hamburger, fries and coke will cost 0.02% of a person’s annual income, etc. So, someone making a million dollars would be forced to pay $10,000,000 for a two bedroom apartment, while a person making $50,000 would pay $500,000 for the same apartment. Most of you are thinking why not? The problem is that no one would bother making more than a few dollars per year, because making more than that doesn’t benefit the individual. Do you know what this will do to our economy? It will destroy it faster than you can say, “help!” Also, this is no different than communism, and all historical evidence would indicate that communism is bad for any society.

Also, why should people that had nothing to do with creating the wealth have a say in what someone else can and cannot afford to pay? How is that justified? Because we vote? So, if the majority of Americans vote to bring back slavery that would be moral, right?

Affordability cannot be the measure by which we judge fairness among humans. Justice is the only way to determine fairness when it comes to human interaction. If you use it, you must pay for it. Therefore, we must all pay the same amount of taxes for the same services provided by the government. And, the only things that the government should provide us are the following three items: 1) Self defense, 2) infrastructure, and 3) education. Also, all social programs must be privatized, which gives each and everyone of us the ability to determine for ourselves the best way to use the money that we earn. This is the way our society should function and the only fair way to conduct tax policy.

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