People who say the following are naive, uneducated, stupid, pretentious, zealous, or don’t know how to think and, generally, are very dangerous people, especially if they have money or power:

1) Everything is relative;

2) The universe is grey;

3) You shouldn’t generalize;

4) Money is the root of all evil;

5) The universe is only 5,000 years old;

6) We’re all equal;

7) Communism is an ideal;

8) You didn’t make your money on your own;

9) Love thy neighbor;

10) Bird in hand is better than two in the bush;

Among others. Reasons for why these things are signs that the person is naive, uneducated, stupid, pretentious, zealous, or don’t know how to think:

1) The person just contradicted themselves;

2) The universe is black and white, humans want it to be grey because it’s easier; it’s easier because you can never be wrong; BTW, if the universe is grey how do we have such definitive moments like death, life, 1st place finishes, any results for that matter?

3) You just did;

4) So, I heard that if you take a $100 bill into a dark closet at exactly midnight on December 31 of any year, it will tell you all these evil things that it did and confess its evil ways to you, so that it can have the moment of absolution before it goes on to do more evil things by talking to people and convincing them to do evil … oh come on, really? Can money talk? Can money physically walk around committing murders, thefts, etc.? If anything is the root of all evil, it’s religion not money! Money is inanimate, but religion is the basis of most people’s Six Pillars (morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor and honest), and it is people, based on their Six Pillars, that do evil.

5) If the universe is only 5,000 years old then how do we see star light? Think about it! Stars are thousands to millions, sometimes billions, of LIGHT YEARS away. If the universe is only 5,000 years old, we wouldn’t be able to see any stars in the sky because the light wouldn’t have had time to reach earth! C’mon people! Also, if the universe and the earth by extension is at most 5,000 years old, it would be mathematically impossible to have gone from 2 people (Adam and Eve) to 7.2 billion.

6) Obviously, we’re not! Read this post! The confusion is the difference between being equal vs. born equal. Yes, we are born equal, but like everything in nature, we all grow up differently, therefore, we grow up to be different people AND this then produces people that are better than others, and I don’t mean money, power, or societal status, but one’s Six Pillars.

7) Just read this post, it’ll explain what you need to know:

8) Wow, where do I start? From a literal sense, of course you do, but from a figurative sense people talk about those that have helped you to get to where you are like teachers, parents, etc. Teachers got paid to do what they did, parents do it out of love and others like the military, police, firemen, EMS people, etc. do it because they get paid, but mostly because they want to; it is their choice. No one forced them to do it. The rich don’t go around pointing guns at these people and say, “teach,” “be a policeman,” “join the military,” or else! That’s what the poor do to the rich and the Democrats do to everyone else!

9) Another idiotic statement, equally appalling as #4) all because of religion. See explanation #4) and

10) Another dumb saying: Opportunities are had and great things are done by doing exactly the opposite of what this proverb says/suggest that you do.

Wake up! Stop taking these things on faith and start thinking about what these things really mean and what results they lead to. Many of these sayings ARE the root of all evil in the world or, at the very least, cause great confusion and chaos. Learn to think for yourself, really, truly, think for yourselves!

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