Who in the world would be happy about paying 63% in taxes to any government? It doesn’t matter whether one person makes $10,000 or $1,000,000,000 per year, 63% in taxes is ridiculous! Never mind the fact that there is no justification for anyone else determining what one deserves to keep of their earnings, even if it were true that we don’t make our money on our own, how much do the liberals/socialists think this service is worth? Keep in mind that teachers, public works people, military personnel, etc. get paid for what they do and that the rich and the wealthy did not force the poor to have children, force them to not study, force them to drop out of school or graduate with little-to-no skills, which then leaves them with no way to make a reasonable living in a world where innovation and technology continues to make their skill set (what little they have) more and more obsolete. And then the liberals/socialist turn around and make it the responsibility of the rich and the wealthy to subsidize the poor, why? What responsibilities do these people have for the fate of the poor? Many have argued that we’re in the same boat, so the rich and the wealthy should help the poor. I don’t necessarily disagree, but it must go both ways. And, helping others must not be used as an excuse to be immoral. Meaning, if the act of morality starts with one that which is immoral then the moral act cannot be so. For example, if a mafia don steals and murders all of his life and then late in his life he gives away his fortune everyone would agree that the mafia don isn’t all of a sudden magically transformed into a saint. Forced charity does not belong in the USA and it is not moral. What our government is doing is nothing short of running an extortion racket and using wealthy and the rich people’s desire to make more money to extort and get re-elected. This is disgusting and incredibly immoral. We must privatize all government charity programs and let individuals decide how to best spend their own money. This is moral and Just.

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